Games that teach children kindness

All parents dream to raise their child good
and responsive. However, more attention is paid to development games.
intelligence and memory, the ability to read and distinguish colors. Is there any
Such exercises, which will teach the baby kindness, will help to raise
in him the desire to take care of others, the ability to empathize? Of course,
is, and they can be played from birth. Oh such good
entertainment and will be discussed in our article.


Children learn everything, including morality, by the example of
parents. Surrounding the child with love and tenderness from the very first minutes
his life, becoming for him the best example of empathy and
sympathy, you will make the first confident step towards the nursery

The second step is a kind word. Sometimes it helps
create a healthy environment and mutual respect in the family. It does not follow
skimp on courtesies and compliments for their household, but
remember that they must be sincere and fit

Well, the third step is the formation of moral qualities, including
and kindness in the game. This interesting activity will bring many
pleasant moments to you and your baby. Start from his very
of birth, and it’s not at all important how the child behaves, obedient and
he is gentle or capricious and aggressive. In any case, pay
more attention to raising the kindness and sympathy of the baby.

Games for children under one and a half years

  • �”Kisses”

Send baby kisses. Let them touch him
pens, tummy, nose and cheeks. Share kisses while standing with
him in front of the mirror. Be sure to teach your crumb to imitate your
action and return signs of love. Take the older child to
school and dad to work by sending kisses along with

  • �”Where does it hurt?”

Do not forget that kindness heals. If the kid hit or
fell down, have pity on him, blow on the abrasion and say: “Where does it hurt?
Everything, it doesn’t hurt anymore! ”When you hit, also ask a child
blow you on a sore point. Show compassion for toys,
which children often drop.

  • �”Treat”

When treating a baby, for example, a piece of apple, ask him
share with you. Eat a treat and very emotional
thank the generous child, not sparing gentle words. Invite to
a meal and favorite toys so that no one left offended.

Games for children from one and a half to three years

  • �”Little Helper”

At this age, it is already possible to attract a child to home
hassle. Small and uncomplicated duties will please him and teach him.
bring a little but good. Play mother’s
assistant. Show how to wipe the dust with a napkin, clean together
in the nursery, water the indoor plants. After all, the benefit is another
manifestation of kindness.

  • �”Festive bouquet”

Collect beautiful bouquets while walking. It can be
autumn leaves and rowan branches, wild flowers or willow twigs.
Let the child decide for himself whom he will give them – the neighbor girl,
grandmother or older sister. If you go to a birthday party,
buy one flower for the baby, so that he himself could hand the birthday man
precious gift.

  • �“Bring, please”

The game consists of requests to find and bring you or your brother some
thing. This may be the TV remote control you need.
grandfather Or a wallet that you “forgot” in your room. Each
When the baby fulfills your request, consider what it is.
brought, and warmly thanked for the successfully completed task.

Games for children from three to four years

  • �”Necklace”

Do with a baby for a grandmother or favorite teacher
magnificent necklace made of macaroni, strung on a string. During
creative process repeat all the good words that baby
knows Tell us how to give and receive gifts.

  • �”To help the birds”

Make together the simplest feeder (you can from paper
milk package) and hang it on a tree near the house. Not
forget to regularly pour seeds, bread crumbs and
watch the birds. Explain why the city of Ptakh need
feed, especially during the cold season.

  • �”Sad Bunny”

Find among the soft toys fluffy with a sad expression
muzzles. Read the kid a poem by A. Barto about the unfortunate
abandoned hare. Speak for a toy: “For some reason, no one
loves. And no one, no one plays with me. ” Child necessarily
grab and hold her to her.

Games for children from four to five years

  • �”Puppet show”

Create a real puppet theater at home by playing along with
kid a variety of good stories. Take Russian as a basis
folk tales, psychotherapeutic stories, suitable for
specific life situation. After the presentation, discuss the good
and evil characters. Specify who the child would like to be like.

  • �”A box of good deeds”

Cut out any figures from thick colored paper or cardboard:
hearts, flowers or circles. At the end of the day, offer the baby
throw in the box as many flowers and hearts as good
actions he committed today. If he finds it difficult,
try to find kindness in the smallest good deeds.

  • �”I am a hero”

AT Any developing notebooks can be found tasks on
the development of fine motor skills: mazes and drawing fences.
ATозьмите их на вооружение. For example, let the kid help the hedgehog
to get a tangled walk to get the apple to the house or draw a fence
to save the little mouse from the cat. Explain what you need in life
provide assistance to all who need it.

  • �”Call it affectionately”

Попросите своего ATанечку или свою Лизоньку называть так же
affectionately and their relatives, friends and, of course, you. As gently as possible
call a woman Katya? Granny Katya. And how he will gently call
your preschool friend Sergey? Seryozhenka. Try
remember all the friends of the child and change their normal names to

Suggest to name all surrounding objects diminutively:
cot, ball, teddy bear, etc.

Games for children from five to seven years

  • �”Tree of Friendship”

AT это развлечение можно играть одному или в компании
peers. From thick brown paper cut tree with branches
and place it on the wall. Make multicolored paper hearts
and on each write the names of the friends of the child. Let the kid with closed
eyes chooses the heart and, after reading the name, say one good thing
about this man. Then place a paper heart on one of the
sprigs of a tree, using, for example, plasticine.

  • �”Most kind”

Play together with the child or invite his friends. Throw in
hands the ball and suggest catching the person to name any person and
explain what his kindness is. ATаш малыш может сказать:
�“My older brother is very kind because he teaches me to play

  • �”What to do?”

Come up with a little story about a small accident.
For example: “Misha falls off the bike. What will you do? ”If
the child offers his help, ask him exactly how he can
help this boy. If he says he laughs,
ask what Misha feels at this moment. What would you feel yourself
child in his place?

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overcoming child aggression

In addition to games and a personal example, watch cartoons and read
books that bring up sympathy. Not пропускайте ни одного
aggressive act of the child. If mom gives baby the right ones
installation from birth, he will carry kindness through his
a life.

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