Funny tips how to conceive a child who (likenot strange) work

If the conception of a long-awaited child in the classical way is not
it turns out that people look at the most unusual tips. Not
important, funny or strange these ways, the main thing is that they work!

If you did not immediately get pregnant, you can try
below tricks.


Phallus Cave or Thai Princess of Fertility

On a luxurious Thai beach there is a cave where they come
pilgrims bring phallic symbols along with flowers
decorated with bright ribbons. There are tiny, huge, realistic,
conditional, wooden and from other materials – in general, one thousand
phallus. This wonderful fertility cave is located on the beach
Pranang, which is located on the southern side of the Riley Peninsula,
Province of Thailand Kraui. The spirit of this Indian goddess can perform
many desires, one of the most frequent – about the child. And we know for sure
one couple, whose gift from the goddess is already two years old, and his name is
Kirill. Coincidence or miracle is unknown, the main thing –

First horizontally, then vertically or miraculous

After unprotected intercourse wise grandmothers advise
raise your legs higher, and better – stand on the “birch”. Desirable
2-3 minutes, but you can half a minute. And after that, better calm
lie down, enjoy the film, and not run to wash off the traces
love affair

Build long-term plans, for example – a fitness subscription for

Strange, but very effective thing this “law of meanness.” how
only you will plan a parachute jump or a trip to the alcoholic
tour – your test will show two strips. But it is better to choose a lesson.
полезнее – купите сразу yearовой абонемент в спортзал. Then
the experiment is sure to end successfully – or the perfect figure
or overweight in the uterus area.

A carriage for a princess or a pumpkin – a storehouse of vitamins

Считается, что тыква полезна для будущих мам, а все блаyearаря
vitamin E. Tocopherols are very useful for normalizing hormone
background. The theory does not hold water. First, the orange pulp
contains still there are at least a dozen of useful substances, starting with
vitamin C, B1, A and ending with fatty acids plus
phytosterols. А во-вторых, витамин Е в больших
concentrations are in various oily products
(vegetable oils, seeds, nuts, olives and fatty fish varieties).
That is, the method is ambiguous, but useful, because pumpkin is
tasty, healthy and affordable!

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