Fun measurements

Measurement skills are necessary for everyone in everyday life.
of life. Therefore, it is important to familiarize the child with the concept of length and to teach
self-measure. You can start learning
preschool age, when the kid is already familiar with the basics of mathematics.
It will be much easier to master new knowledge in a game form.

веселые измерения

First attempts to measure

You can start measuring objects with their visual comparison.
For example, cut the base of carrots, put them in a row and ask
baby find the longest or shortest. Draw on a white sheet
line and put on it objects of different lengths (pencils, spoons,
tapes, etc.).

For the measurement of fixed objects fit the cubes of the same
size. Set them on top of each other to the level of the table top and on
height stool. Determine which item is higher by counting the cubes.
To measure the width, use cosmetic sticks, putting them
close along the sofa, chair, table.

The length of the room can be measured in steps. Count how many steps
get done in the kitchen or bedroom. Which room is longer? On
the street, measure the distance from the entrance to the sandbox or slide.
While on the beach, have the kid run several tracks to
by the sea. Let him count his steps in the sand and determine the most
short cut

Personal Measurement Album

When the child grows up, he will be interested not only
see your photos but remember how he was in different ways
age To do this, you can make an album of measurements of body parts and
various achievements. The longer such an album takes, the
It will be more interesting to consider it later.

Help your baby arrange the title page and
other album pages. Its contents depend on your imagination.
We offer several measurement ideas for filling it:

  • palms and feet. On отдельных листах сделайте
    imprints of the right and left palms, as well as the feet of the child. Onлейте
    paint a container of suitable size and dip the arms and legs in it
    baby (for these purposes it is convenient to use disposable dishes).
    You can make separate prints of each finger. Do not forget
    sign and put the date under their works;
  • growth. Diversify the traditional
    procedure for measuring the height of the child ruler. Use for these
    rope goals. Having measured growth by it, spread out the cut piece of rope
    on the table. Suggest to determine its length by palms, pencils,
    spoons or other items. Record the measurement results in
  • stomach. Similar to growth, measure the tummy
    baby You can do it in the morning and in the evening after a hearty dinner, but
    then compare the results;
  • family composition. Suggest child to draw in
    album of family members, pets, including the parrot and
    fish in the aquarium. Then calculate the nearest
  • sports achivments. Kids are very mobile and
    Will gladly support your idea to perpetuate the results. it
    there may be long jump or skipping rope, squats, jogging
    speed, tossing the ball, etc.

After measuring with symbolic measures, you can go to
the study of special measuring instruments. Onучите малыша
use a ruler, explain what the dashes mean on it.
Measure with a ruler the length of familiar items. Classes in the game
form will help the child to easily master the necessary knowledge and
skills. And their use in practice will push the baby to new

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