From what age can you give children cranberries andcranberry juice

Cranberry is a healthy berry, thanks to which you can
strengthen the immune system and avoid many viral diseases.
To make it only useful for your child, you need to know how
correctly enter it in the children’s diet. How old is the child
can I give cranberries? In what form is it offered? How to calculate
daily portion of berries for the baby?


Cranberry is very important in baby food, it is traditionally
used to strengthen the immunity of children, to excite
appetite, increase vitality, as well as during
recovery. Cranberry helps to improve digestion and absorption
food. In small quantities, apple-cranberry juice is recommended.
give to young children to improve their appetite (from 6 months).
Cranberry is good because it can not only strengthen
antibacterial effect of other drugs, but also produces
pronounced therapeutic effect. Cranberry juice, for example, retards growth
and development of Staphylococcus aureus, anthrax bacillus, Proteus
and E. coli.

Cranberries in the diet of the baby – at what age is it introduced into

What is the use of cranberries?

  • Cranberries are rich in vitamins C, A, E, K, PP and B.
  • It contains macro and micronutrients, such as potassium,
    calcium, iron and phosphorus.
  • Cranberry is a powerful stimulator of immunity, it strengthens the protective
    body functions, helping to prevent colds
  • Cranberry increases the child’s defenses with colds.
    diseases (ARI, ARVI, influenza, adenoviral infection).
  • Cranberries have a diaphoretic effect, so it’s good to eat.
    при температуре — уменьшает интоксикацию детского
  • This berry removes toxic substances.
  • With angina and bronchitis, cranberry juice along with honey is
    at the same time powerful antiseptic and expectorant.
  • Cranberry kills bacteria due to its high content.
  • The diuretic effect of these berries allows you to apply them with
    diseases of the bladder and kidneys, including bacterial
  • Pectins in the cranberry fruit excrete poisons and
    radioactive substances.
  • Pectins perform another function – improve the process.
  • Cranberry fruit drinks and jelly can quench your thirst very
  • Cranberries are also helpful with liquid stools – they have astringent properties.

Are there any contraindications to cranberries?

  • Cranberries are not recommended for people with liver disease.
  • In diseases of the stomach caused by high acidity, –
    gastritis and ulcers, cranberries can not eat.
  • If you often eat cranberries, acid can weaken the tooth
  • Sometimes cranberries cause children allergies.

At what age do children first get cranberries?

Different berries are usually introduced into the baby’s diet when
already accustomed to cereals and mashed vegetables. So do with
. Usually this period falls on age 6
months for babies who eat mixes, and 7-8 months for babies,
feeding on breast milk. Children with a tendency to allergies for the first time
offer cranberries no earlier than a year.

In what form is it right to give cranberries to babies of different

Kids up to 1 year old are given a cranberry that has been heat treated.
A few berries dipped for 2-3 minutes in boiling water, fray through
sieve or cheesecloth, and then add to the already familiar baby mash from
vegetables or fruits. Можно приготовить ребёнку cranberry juice,
compote or jelly.

Baby treat cranberries 1-2 times a week. Daily portion for
a child aged 1 to 3 years is 10-20 grams of berries.
Fresh cranberries can be eaten from the age of three. She is served
with sugar, add to various desserts or juices and drinks.

If you have allergies?

When you offer cranberries to your child for the first time, watch the reaction.
organism 1-2 days. If during this time you discovered on
the body of the baby red spots, rash, runny nose or signs of swelling
on the face, is a manifestation of allergy. In this case, the cranberries are removed from
child’s diet. Consult a pediatrician or allergist for
antihistamine prescription. You can try again
enter the cranberry into the children’s menu no earlier than a year.



Как готовят cranberry juice?

To make a useful cranberry juice, you need to take a half liter.
water and half a kilogram of berries. Cranberries are washed, and then squeezed juice.
The remaining cake need to fill with water and boil. Add to
cooked sugar or sugar (to taste) and boil again. When decoction
cool, mix it with cranberry juice. How much Morse can be given
to kid? Multiplying the baby’s age (in months) by 10, you
get the value in milliliters, which is the daily portion
Morse for your child.

How to cook cranberry syrup for

1 liter of cranberry juice, 1 kg of sugar, 1 liter
water. Prepare sugar syrup by dissolving sugar in boiling
water, and pour them squeezed cranberry juice. The mixture boil for 3-5 minutes,
then pour into sterile jars and cork. Cranberry Syrup
it is convenient because it is cooked once and used for a whole year. Him
can be added to tea, compote, diluted with water.

How to cook jelly with cranberries?

  1. Rinse the berries thoroughly (4 tbsp. l.), pour boiling water over them, and then
    mash them.
  2. Boil water (2 glasses). Cool 1/4 cup boiled
    water, and then dissolve in it starch (2 tsp.).
  3. In the remaining water in the pot, add the cranberries, boil, and
    then strain.
  4. In the filtered broth, put sugar (2 tbsp. L.) And pour
    cooked starch.
  5. Put the pan on a small fire and stir until the jelly
    does not thicken.

How to choose good berries?

Cranberries ripen in the fall. This is the right time to buy.
berries Fresh fruits are usually elastic, they have a bright color. Not
buy soft and shriveled berries.

How to store cranberries?

Fresh fruits should be stored in the refrigerator for no longer than seven days.
In a closed container mold may form, so leave
berries open.

Harvesting berries for the winter

To pamper your baby with cranberries in winter, you can save the berries
different ways.

  1. Frost. Cranberries are not washed, but only clear of visible
    garbage, then sent to the freezer.
  2. Drying. In order to dry the cranberries for the winter, first it is dried on
    sun a few hours. Then the berries are transferred to the oven or
    dryer for fruit.
  3. Cranberries, ground with sugar. This method is simple and allows
    store berries in the refrigerator for a long time. Grind cranberries with
    sugar, keeping the proportion of 1: 1, berry puree put in
    sterilized jar.
  4. If the cranberries are harvested before the first frost, you can save it in
    the fridge, if you pour it with syrup or water.

 Baby eating cranberries :)

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