From what age can you enter into the diet of the childcherry? What happens if a baby swallows a bone?

With the onset of summer, there is an opportunity to replenish
stock of vitamins freshly ripened fruit. Loving moms so
want to pamper their babies some juicy and tasty
berry, for example, cherry. But is it possible to introduce it into the diet of the child
up to a year? Can a cherry be dangerous for small children? how
to hold the first acquaintance of the child with the useful

The content of the article

  • 1 What is useful cherry?
  • 2 What is harmful?
  • 3 From what age are cherries introduced into the child’s menu?
    • 3.1 How to give?
    • 3.2 how правильно ввести в рацион?
  • 4 how выбрать?
    • 4.1 What happens if a baby swallows a bone?
    • 4.2 Allergies?


What is useful cherry?

  • Cherries are a source of carotene. It contains folic acid
    acid and many other vitamins – E, C, PP, B1 and B2;
  • This berry is a real storehouse of micro and macro elements, it
    rich in copper, zinc, iron, iodine, fluorine, cobalt and
  • The pectin contained in the cherry in sufficient quantities, displays
    from the body of harmful substances;
  • Cherry is a source of organic acids needed by children
  • This berry is good for the heart, blood vessels and hematopoietic.
  • Cherry fruit pulp contains substances that inhibit
    pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms;
  • Although the cherry has a bright red color, this berry is not

What is harmful?

  • Doctors do not recommend eating cherries for peptic ulcer
    gastroenteritis, as well as with liquid stools;
  • Do not use it for diabetics;
  • If you often eat cherries, tooth enamel deteriorates;

At what age are cherries introduced into the baby’s menu?

Fresh fruits are introduced into the children’s diet, starting with a year.
Вишнёвый сок можно давать уже с 10 месяцев
. Better to take
juice, which is designed specifically for baby food. Give away
preference for well-known brands and manufacturers, well

сок детский из вишни

In what form to give?

The very first acquaintance of a baby with a berry is better to hold,
offering him a small amount of cherry juice. It is added to
juices that the child has already tried (for example, apple).

Babies who are already 1 year old can be given
свежие ягоды
. They must be well washed and cleaned.
pits and divided into two halves. If you need to remove from the berries
thin skin, fruit scalded with boiling water.

A child from one and a half to two years old cherries are added to
повседневные блюда
– можно испечь пирог, слепить вареники,
make a casserole or make a cocktail.


how правильно ввести в рацион?

The very first portion offered to the baby should be completely
small – half berries. It is better to give during
breakfast, then during the day you will be able to watch
the reaction of the organism, whether there are rashes.

If there are no signs of an allergic reaction in a baby, you can
continue to increase daily servings of berries. Gradually bring
its up to 40-50 grams. Kids aged 3 years with no
signs of intolerance can be given 100-150 grams of cherries

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how выбрать?

When buying berries on the market, inspect the product well, make sure that
there are no signs of rot and mold on the fruits. Cherries should not be mint.
Since these berries do not ripen after harvest, buy
only ripe fruit. Well, if the cherry is torn from the stalks.

When purchasing frozen products, pay attention to whether
inside the package is a lump of berries. If you find it, then this
Cherries were frozen several times, refrain from buying.

What happens if a baby swallows a bone?

If a child accidentally swallows a bone, it’s okay
will happen, it will soon be released from the body naturally.
The danger is a large number of pits caught in
stomach – they can cause intestinal obstruction and constipation. Harm
pits is also in their contents – they are
hydrocyanic acid that can cause poisoning, so children are given
peeled berries.

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If after a child ate a cherry, he developed a rash,
redness on the skin, itching, runny nose without signs of disease, it is worth
remove these fruits from the children’s menu for 1-2 months. After the lapse of
this time, you can try again to treat the baby berries. If a
allergy will manifest again, introduction to the menu of the child cherries is recommended
to postpone until the baby is three years old.

Informative video about cherry – how to choose it, how
store and how to eat. Cut from the program “Live
Great “:

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