From what age can a baby sleep oncushion

Когда ребенку можно спать на cushion

Baby – baby spends most of its time in
dream, of course, that for such a holiday should be created
comfortable and safe conditions for health. Crib selection and
the mattress does not cause much difficulty, parents often think
над другим вопросом — когда ребенку можно спать на
cushion и как ее выбрать правильно среди многочисленных
goods for children.

Crumbs for crumbs – at what age to use

Normal pillow with large volume and natural
pediatricians advise not to put the first ones in the baby’s bed
years of his life – preferably up to 3 years!

After birth, there is a danger that the baby, tossing and turning
dream, can bump its nose, so when using a large
pillows there is a chance of termination of normal breathing. Still
one complication that you can get by falling asleep on such
bedding is the development of allergic reactions.
Therefore, doctors advise a place under the head in the crib.
arrange as follows:

  1. Put a soft diaper rolled up several times. This way
    Allows at any time to replace the dirty roller for the head with
  2. Raise the mattress and place a rolled towel under it.
    Many of the mothers choose this method – the baby will not be able to
    duck, no need to change or correct the diaper infinitely, but
    the angle of inclination can be made any (but not more than 30 degrees).
  3. Purchase a flat pillow from hypoallergenic materials
    the height must match the shoulders of the child, usually it is one –
    two centimeters.

A small tilt angle is needed in order to normal
the blood circulated in the brain regions, and the neck did not numb.
The improvised pillow ensures the safety of those babies
who often regurgitate. It is necessary to raise the head end
a mattress and in those cases when a baby’s nose is stuffed
ease nasal breathing. Closer to the first year of life you can
purchase and special small pad. But everything is strict
individually, if the baby is getting enough sleep, not trying
put a pen or a toy under your head, then you can purchase
to postpone.

Статья по теме: как и какой выбрать матрас

Baby and pillow video


Necessary situations for the purchase of pillows baby

There are a number of acquired or congenital
diseases and conditions in which the pillow is extremely
is required.

  • Congenital torticollis requires correction in the first months, success
    treatment depends on the correct location of the head. Attending doctor
    will be able to recommend certain models of orthopedic
  • Abnormal formation of the bones of the skull. It so happens that the baby
    from birth gets used to sleep in a certain position, while
    the soft bones of the skull undergo deformations. Correct position
    You can buy a pad with a convenient notch that helps the head
    keep exactly
  • Orthopedic pillow when hypertonus is detected or
    muscle hypotonia serves as an auxiliary treatment method.
  • With frequent regurgitation, you need to purchase a product that holds
    crumbs head on its side.

According to indications, orthopedic pillows can be used with
maternity hospital on the recommendation of a doctor. Modern enterprises have developed
and anatomical pads for children to ensure normal
physiological body position. Решать когда ребенку спать на
подушках нужно, ориентируясь на его здоровье и на то, сможете
Do you purchase a quality product in your city? If so
There is no possibility, it is safer to use a diaper for sleep or
raised edge of the mattress.

Criteria for choosing a children’s pillow

On a regular product with dimensions of 40 * 60, the baby can
fall asleep after a year. Until that time, pediatricians advise choosing
pillow, focusing on the following characteristics:

  • Sizes and shape. Pillow for the crumbs of the first months of life should
    be flat choose a product that raises the head
    can not.
  • You can choose holofiber, comfort,
    synthetic winterizer, their only drawback is poor ventilation, therefore in
    hot days baby’s head can sweat. Perfect filler
    buckwheat husk is considered, it perfectly passes air currents,
    does not cake, takes the desired anatomical shape. But u not also
    there is a drawback – an unpleasant rustling that annoys at first
    all moms. In orthopedic pillows the best filler
    Lyocell is considered to be soft fibers made of wood.
    eucalyptus. When choosing natural fluff, preference should be given
    Only quality products, the manufacturer of which holds
    antiallergenic and heat treatment of the filler.
  • Exterior styling cushion provides comfort during sleep.
    It is advised to give preference to natural fabrics with flat or
    inner seams.
  • For babies of the first weeks of life special pillows are produced.
    with a spongy filler. Buried in them, the baby will not suffocate, so
    as a perforation sponge provides free passage
    of air.
  • Available cushions of different models with straps,
    intended for fixing it to the bed or mattress. Having bought
    such a product, mom does not have to worry about the fact that the child
    will push him at night.

Photo of pillows for children

Детская ортопедическая подушка
Вариант детской подушки
Удобная детская подушка
Ортопедическая подушка для детей

С какого возраста малышу спать на детской cushion каждая мама
must decide on their own. Will help determine the choice and
the behavior of the child in the early days. If the kid likes to fall asleep on
tummy or rolls over it in a dream then you need to ensure
a small raising of a mattress or to buy a spongy product.

Pillow for baby video

Crumbs, which constantly spit up, suitable pillow,
fixing the lateral position of the body. Some of these models are equipped with
elastic bands that do not allow the head to slide down from the main

Buying a pillow for your child, be sure
read all the information that should be labeled
A reliable manufacturer indicates the type of filler,
for what age the pillow is intended, type of model –
orthopedic or anatomical, washing conditions. You need to buy that
pillow, which can be washed regularly, and its filler quickly
dries up. It will not be superfluous to determine the smell, not quality
products have a foreign flavor. Save on baby
It is worth it, since, preferring cheap models, you can
provoke the occurrence of allergies.

On the topic of sleep:

  • Choose a bed for the baby
  • Teach the child to sleep in his bed separately from his mother

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