From snoring a special ring to wear onlittle finger

Update: February 2019

Before Christmas, the leader among Christmas gifts in Europe
стало колечко на little finger, под названием «Спокойной ночи».
The uniqueness of such jewelry is that if you wear it on
little finger, it has a magical effect – reduces or even
completely relieves the host from snoring.

Briton Michael Carter Smith – saxophonist, invented such
accessory. The ring of snoring acts on all known principles.
acupressure. Traditional ancient Chinese practice
asserts that communication is established through meridians
specific organs with points on the human body and with the activation
Special points can cure the patient from various diseases.
Conversely, when clamping, blocking of this connection occurs
deterioration of health and diseases occur.


To reduce such unpleasant discomfort as snoring, which
millions of people are affected, it’s enough to have an impact on just 2
dots that are located at the bottom of the smallest finger
arms. Ring, invented to reduce snoring, created in
according to these points on the inside surface of the jewelry
specially made 2 bulge. According to the theory of acupuncture, to
the person stopped snoring, his nasal breathing improved due to
expansion of the nasal passages should exert pressure on the specified
points and the person will breathe through the nose, not the mouth. To have an effect
ring should be worn overnight.

кольцо от храпа

In order to confirm the action of the ring of snoring, it was produced
a study in which 20 volunteers participated, strongly
snoring at night. Ring of snoring experiment participants
требовалось одевать не только на little finger, но и на указательный и
ring finger to eliminate self-hypnosis, placebo effect. Have
85% of participants, that is, 17 people when sleeping with a ring on his little finger
there was a noticeable decrease in snoring intensity. The experiment was a success and he
proved that the impact on the points has a positive effect.

�”Good Night” – ring snoring is quite expensive, 30
pounds, that is almost 50 dollars, is made in 3 sizes and
quite beautiful, many consider it very elegant. Payment
the experiment was paid by the manufacturer of the ring, but the study
was carried out by employees of an independent test lab
Aspen Clinical.

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