From how many months can boys be planted

When can you sit down boys decide to после how its overall development will be noticeable.

When can you sit down boys decide to
после how its overall development will be noticeable.

Долгожданное событие случилось, и в семье появился маленький
heir and future man. Tiny baby first months only
lies and learns the world from a horizontal position, but later
in a few months he will get stronger, and he will already be making quite
conscious movement. All parents want their baby faster
gained relative independence and therefore many of them
волнует вопрос – во сколько месяцев можно присаживать
мальчиков и какие условия необходимо всегда соблюдать для thatго
so as not to harm his health.

In order to fully disclose this question you need to know
the anatomy of the musculoskeletal system of the little man and
carefully observe its overall development.

Вот ссылка на статью об общей информации — Когда ребенок
starts to sit? In this article we will discuss separately about the boys.
и когда можно начинать присаживать именно мальчиков.

Stages of infant development

All babies are born with a spinal column intended only for
horizontal position. In the spinal column of a newborn
the child has no natural curves like an adult. Kyphosis and
lordosis is formed gradually, and they are responsible for normal
posture while the person is walking or sitting. At baby
the spine is not stable and there is no necessary muscle frame, therefore
previously sitting down is fraught with curvature of the vertebral
Influenced by this process and its own weight
the child will suffer not only the whole motor system, the bones and
muscles, but also the main internal organs, and this will negatively affect
their functioning.

Когда можно присаживать мальчиков решать необходимо после
how its overall development will be noticeable. Strengthening muscles and
the spine depends on when the baby starts to roll over,
lift the head, actively move the arms and legs. All these
insignificant for an adult person actions for the crumbs are
very important and lead to the gradual and necessary strengthening of all
organism. It is believed that the required anatomical formation
support – ligamentous apparatus is achieved by about six months of life
and until that time to attempt to plant the boy not
worth it.

At what age do you need to sit down a child

How to determine that the boy’s body is ready to sit

Not indifferent parents every day fix any changes in
the behavior of the crumbs and compare its development with generally accepted


Some babies are naturally phlegmatic, reluctant
roll over, indignant when they turn over on the tummy.
This means that their muscular system and the bones of the spine are not
receive active load and strengthened more slowly. Such
crumbs should not be planted before six months.

Other infants, on the contrary, are mobile since birth,
independently begin to roll over, turn the head in all
sides, waving their arms and legs, under the influence of these movements
укрепляется и позвоночник, таких малышей аккуратно и
for a few minutes you can sit down closer to 5

А вообще, время когда можно сажать мальчиков вам подскажет
experienced pediatrician after a thorough examination.

The decision to sit down on your own can be made in the following

  • The child is actively and easily turned from the back to
    tummy and back.
  • The kid confidently holds the head, lifts it out
    horizontal position.
  • Baby staying confidently holding his hands.
  • The kid tries to climb independently, and
    holding your fingers can take a vertical position.

Со скольки месяцев сажать сына нужно решать и
paying attention to his physique.
Thick babies with
It is recommended to seat more weight as much as possible – their weight
body negatively affects the immature spine. Skinny
boys tolerate sitting down on their hands and in five months.
Pediatricians are advised to put a long time child after he already
start crawling well – baby is standing on all fours
правильному формированию позвоночного pillar.

Sit down on time and correctly (video)

What to consider when sitting down boy

It is necessary to take into account that a sharp transition from a horizontal
provisions for self-sitting are not allowed. That is, you can not
immediately put the child in the pillows and leave him in that position on
half an hour or an hour, the load on the motor system and ligaments should
be gradual.

Рекомендации педиатров (правильный присаживание)

Pediatrician recommendations (correct

Соблюдение основных рекомендаций от педиатров позволит период
adaptation to the child’s body to sit down to move without
negative consequences:

  • Присаживать на руках малыша можно с трех – четырех
    The position of the child’s body should be
    half-seated, and the legs should not be strongly bent.
  • First sitting attempts are limited to a few
  • If the kid does not make active attempts to turn over, it’s bad
    keeps upright on legs, does not want to crawl, that
    sitting in pillows or on a high chair must be postponed.
  • All the first months of life need to be strengthened.
    muscular frame. Для выполнения эthatго условия подойдет легкий
    massage, daily gymnastics, putting the baby on the tummy,
    stimulation of turning and raising the head.
  • The first attempts to sit down are recommended to do on
    mother’s lap.
    In this position, the baby’s back is
    зафиксированной, а копчик не упирается в жесткое основание, поэthatму
    so sit much safer. Plant on
    колени можно начинать с пяти месяцев на несколько

Некоthatрые малыши совершенно не хотят сидеть на стульчиках или на
диване ни в пять, ни в семь months. If the baby is crying, trying
лечь, that сажать его не сthatит – ребенок сам захочет в определенное
time to see the world from a different angle. Many babies first
начинают ползать, самосthatятельно вставать и thatлько затем комфортно
себя чувствуют в сидячем положении, эthat совершенно нормально и
беспокоиться совершенно не worth it.

Читаем далее: Когда можно
присаживать девочку (будет ли вред от раннего
sitting down?)

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