From gastritis and stomach ulcers will helpyogurt vaccine

Update: February 2019

In China, at Guangzhou Medical University, scientists were
A recombinant live vaccine has been developed that can
to resist the reproduction of Helicobacter pylori – bacteria that
considered guilty of the onset of gastritis, as well as cancer and ulcers
stomach. This vaccine is nothing more than yogurt, which includes
included modified bacteria, in the genome of which there is a gene
Hp0410 helicobacter adhesin.

It has long been established that the main cause of gastritis (see
superficial gastritis – treatment, symptoms), and also stomach cancer and
duodenal ulcer (see the first signs of gastric cancer)
is human infection with Helicobacter pylori With
the occurrence of provoking factors, there is an active growth
колоний патогенных бактерий, вызывая заболевания stomach. Today
most cases of duodenitis, gastritis, lymphomas and stomach cancer
one way or another associated with this infection (80% of cases of gastric ulcers and
90% duodenal ulcer).


From gastritis and stomach ulcers will help yogurt vaccine

And when a super-vaccine enters the stomach,
acidophilic lactobacilli, there is activation, stimulation
producing antibodies against these pathogenic bacteria. For
confirmation of the effectiveness of the funds received were made
testing on mice. Experiments have shown that after taking
yogurt rodents, the concentration in the stomachs of animals was sharply reduced
Helicobacter, compared with a group of rodents that did not take

Chinese experts hope that such an invention can
стать альтернативой антибиотикотерапии в борьбе с Helicobacter
pylori Indeed, in recent years, H. pylori develop resistance to
antibiotics, and every fifth patient has not high
the effectiveness of the treatment of gastritis and ulcers with known antibiotics. TO
тому же бактерии рода Helicobacter  — единственные
microorganisms that easily survive in an acidic environment and form
powerful colonies in the gastric mucosa, now on fighting it
regular yogurt can stand with the right bacteria.

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