From 55 to 100 and back: my history of losing weightafter childbirth

I began to lead a quiet life in the “eat, sleep, eat” mode.
Of course I didn’t forget about walks, I spent a lot of time on
the street. Walked through the parks or simply was on the nursery
playground with young moms listening to different stories and tips. But
it didn’t affect my appetites, I’m all pregnant
continued to eat a lot. I thought I was doing everything right
despite the doctor’s warnings about the need to control
weight, closing my eyes to the fact that in the 5th month of pregnancy I
did not fit almost in one thing from the usual wardrobe and
the arrow on the scales showed 90 kg with height of 165 cm and age 22
of the year…

It is believed that 18 – 20 years old is the best age for a girl.
At this stage, you can achieve in life very much. I managed
create a beautiful foundation: I have already managed to get a specialty,
find a permanent place for an interesting and well-paid job.
In addition, there was a beloved man nearby, and I was already proud of my
wife status.

похудела со 100 до 55

It always seemed to me that life should go on as usual
a specific plan. And I developed my own algorithm, I was able to
do right up the steps. Passed the period of study, then began to build
your career. At the same time, I did not forget about my personal life, about my family.
When two years of happy life with a beloved man, we
spouse made a decision: it’s time to have a baby.

Fortunately, I quickly became pregnant. Pregnancy
proceeded quite well. My beloved husband thought that
must leave work early. Byэтому я так и сделала, хотя срок
pregnancy was still relatively small. My husband is perfect
convinced that various factors have a significant impact on
correct development of the baby, for a good course of pregnancy.
Of great importance here is a calm atmosphere, home
атмосфера, ощущение уверенности и гармонии с by myself. Surely
a serious factor is the right balanced diet,
walks in the fresh air and a healthy lifestyle. We tried
do everything right to end up in the world managed
appear truly healthy, strong child.

With health, I always had everything in perfect order (and from the scales,
by the way, too). I watched the general condition of the body, the weight.
Always stayed taut, athletic girl with slim
figure. However, due to the pregnancy still began
Corresponding hormonal changes in the body. In addition,
I developed a huge appetite. It seemed to me to limit myself
in the diet is definitely not necessary, because I want to eat not myself, but my child
:) In the end, all this played a cruel joke on me, because
violation of the diet and a sharp decrease in activity bring their

So, my life has moved to a new unusual format. I became
lead a very regular life, I spent a lot of time eating and
to sleep Practically, I spent all my free time on rest, walks,
sleep and gastronomic pleasures (life in the “eat,
slept, ate ”). True, in the fresh air, I still spent
достаточно много of time. Regularly walked through the parks, went to
playgrounds. There it was possible to spend time for useful
communication with young mothers who told a lot of interesting things
gave advice. But это никак не отражалось на моих аппетитах, я
всю беременность continued to eat a lot.

Unfortunately, I ignored the doctor’s warnings, though
He also said that the weight must be controlled without fail. AT
I was finally 22 years old, was the fifth month of pregnancy, and
weight has already reached 90 kilograms. It is worth saying that growth
My is only 165 cm.

Childbirth on the background of obesity

Finally, I waited for the very moment when I should have
see your baby soon. At the same time, my weight indicator was already
impressive. Yes, the scales confirmed that I now weigh 120
kilograms. Experts were amazed, because the weight was already
clearly exceeded. ATрачи спрашивали, как такой момент могли упустить в
consultation. True, I myself lowered my weight indicators when
came to female consultation. And it didn’t bother me at all
since I thought that the most important thing is to eat well, give birth
strong and healthy baby.

ATрачи в шоке: «Как же так»», «Куда смотрели в консультации!» и
other shouts from specialists of the maternity hospital №5. And for me, everything
simple: I was sure that I did everything correctly and on weighings
during pregnancy, she told doctors numbers, much less than real
result. I reasoned like this: “I’m a mother, I’d better know that
good and bad for me and my baby. “

Despite the apparent obesity, childbirth still went well, for which
I must say thanks to the excellent hospital staff. ATыписка тоже
was wonderful: relatives came, the husband, there were flowers and joy.
ATроде бы, все прошло великолепно, как и у всех. With this in
I saw a warning note on official papers stating that
my birth took place against the background of obesity first stage.
But this did not upset me at all, since everything was
concentrated on the child. And again I just hoped that
then everything will by itself come back to its former form, but for now, it’s not to worry
about what. Of course, I did not give up my habit of eating a lot,
not limiting yourself in anything, also during the feeding period

Point of no return

At some point, I did realize that everything was already very
badly. There was once a case that a woman, about 10 years older
me, just allowed myself an insult, emphasizing my

�”Dairy cow, spit out one somehow and builds himself
mother heroine! “

And I suddenly looked at myself as if from the side. It turned out that I
I already look 10 years older than I really am. Yes I
appreciated her appearance and came to the conclusion that he became just
repulsive. Hands became full, pouty and folds, as if
sumo wrestler. Sharply manifested second chin. Of course, legs,
the stomach also significantly transformed. And it all looked
quite ugly. It was just disgusting to see my reflection in
the mirror. I could not understand how I waved so hard on
myself hand that entered into the weight of 100 kilograms, although until then weighed
total 55.

And at that very moment a peculiar point was set
countdown. I firmly decided to lose weight. My spouse
professionally engaged in bodybuilding, works as a coach.
Of course, he was able to provide me with invaluable assistance. We made up together
detailed program for further training, as well as identified
maximum balanced diet. And now it has begun
progressive movement to my main goal: to return to the former
fitness form, again weigh 55 kilograms.


I generally really liked that my spouse was treated with
great understanding to all the changes of my figure related to
pregnancy, childbirth, downed diet. On the other hand,
probably, if he did draw my attention to this, I would
started to take care of yourself earlier. But in any case, the brain is still
turned on. And I seriously got down to work
perfect yourself It is worth noting that I never used
no miracle cures, green coffee and teas,
which are now very widely advertised. I fully
focused precisely on her mode, on the training schedule and
proper, fully balanced menu.

I didn’t take any cherished pills, pills, teas,
green coffee and other advertised rubbish. I do not want anything
bad to say about these drugs – maybe they help, but, alas,
not in my case.

What helped to lose weight

It is important to note the key factors that really determine
weight loss. This is primarily a good workout with
appropriate physical activity and proper
balanced diet. By the way, I myself still shy
go to the gym, so my classes were held in
home conditions. But in my baseline nutrition program
became a special protein-cellular diet. Food was divided into five
receptions, while there were 2 snacks, and 3 stable basic receptions

Remember that all specialists pay special attention to drinking
mode. It is extremely important to drink a sufficient amount every day.
fluid. It should be high-quality drinking water, without aeration,
without all sorts of additives. I drank 2 liters of water per day.

Unfortunately, to get in good shape, and then maintain
a figure in such a sporty, fit state, it is necessary
constantly refuse the most delicious dishes. The most delicious of
ration leaves instantly: it is spicy and fried, salty with
smoked and sweet with flour. What can you eat?

The following dishes were constantly present in my diet

  • Boiled chicken breast. She prepares very simple. Need to
    bring it to a boil, then drain the first water, pour a new one and
    continue to boil;
  • Vegetables. They should be high in fiber. Their
    You can bake, and boil, steam. Roast
  • Buckwheat porridge is also very useful, it becomes a good dish.
    while reducing weight;
  • Low-fat fish is also recommended to include in the menu;
  • I cooked macaroni once a week. However, they must
    should be of wheat of a firm grade.

The whole menu consisted of steamed, baked dishes
or boiled form. The most difficult were the first 3 weeks, since
the body gets used to the new diet and is still trying to fight yours

And it was also very difficult to cook separately for myself, since
It was planned to prepare for three family members: for a husband, a daughter and
yourself – all different. The first month I ate separately from everyone. Was really
it’s hard to watch how everyone eats snacks, and you lie in your plate
white piece of chicken and buckwheat with cucumbers. I cooked dishes for my husband
mask, as the aromas of spices and roasted meat drove crazy. So that
avoid preparation and minimize costs
of time, I prepared very seriously and created almost culinary
A book with recipes for every day for yourself, beloved. Was also
purchased a slow cooker, which made life much easier. By
After the first month, I began to dilute my diet,
gradually adding other products also began to improvise
with spices and herbs to improve taste.


I trained at home on a specially prescribed
program: money was spent on the purchase of all
necessary: ​​dumbbells, elastic for training, hula hoop and
Special sports thermal underwear. They took a lot of energy and
of time. Three times a week for 1.5 hours I puffed over
reincarnation of such a geometric figure as a “ball” in a beautiful
female body. Training was not easy, the press did not end
at the expense of 10, and up to the state of burning of the abdominal muscles. Maybe someone
my training system will come in handy, so I’ll talk briefly about my
training program:

  1. Warm up I usually turned the hula hoop for 20 minutes. Or
    jogging on the spot for at least 15 minutes.
  2. Bleeding press. Two types: lower and upper, in 3 sets.
  3. Squats with weight: 30 times in 3 sets.
  4. Exercises with elastic to strengthen the internal muscles of the arms and legs:
    30 times in 3 sets.

The program was changed every two weeks, as the body gets used
to the load and stop perceiving the exercises. Say what was
it’s hard not to say anything. I sobbed in the bathroom and hated myself for
weakness and constant thoughts to quit and return to the former
life, and his hands and stretched to the refrigerator for sweets … But
when I bought jeans of the 46th size, I realized that there was no turning back –
you have to go ahead and fight for your beauty. Weight gain occurred
quickly, for some 9 months, but it took an exhaustingly long time.

The process of losing weight lasted more than 4 years! Getting my way to
Excellence began in 2011, and ended in 2015.
At first, I very quickly began to throw off the hateful kilos and
lose in volumes. But then the weight rose and did not move: I did not lose weight,
and did not gain. Despair came, because the goal was not achieved, and the weight
did not want to go anywhere! Then my husband helped me a lot – huge to him
Thanks for the long lectures on the structure of the body and the process of losing weight.
It was thanks to his support and knowledge that I overcame all the difficulties.
and complexity, never having broken either in nutrition or training.
This is not the end of my journey: now proper nutrition and
training is a principle of life. Yes I позволяю себе иногда
relax and eat a piece of cake or fried meat, but the foundation
My diet will remain forever PP.

The result I’m proud of!

And now in the yard in 2018, I am 29 years old, my beautiful daughter in this
year goes to the first class and my weight is 55 kg. I like myself looking
in the mirror, they give me compliments, I buy things in 42 sizes and
I know for sure that nothing is impossible – the main thing is to believe in yourself and
find the right path to your goal.

I will definitely give birth to the second baby and maybe even
Third, I do not know yet. But I’m sure that “Childbirth amid obesity
1st stage “more I am not afraid. As you know, on the same
rake does not come!

Girls, women, mommies, love yourself, appreciate yourself, watch out
by myself. And, most importantly, never, never say that to lose weight
impossible – perhaps if you really want to!


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