Friendship – the result of genes

Update: February 2019

Have you ever thought that we often treat our own
close friends, like brother, sister or mother. They become
so close to us in spirit and life interests, that it is as if
are real relatives. Perhaps today
this phenomenon has received weighty evidence, because the Californian
scientist James Fowler claims a certain DNA similarity

The researcher together with an organized group took up
studying the possible causes of such close relationships in
friendly couples. To obtain a reliable result, scientists
happened to revise about two thousand genetic codes of residents
USA. In general, the experiment covered about five hundred thousand markers from
genetic codes of the test population. Duration of work
James Fowler made about a year.

The results of the experiment were impressive even for
researchers. Thus, similarity was found in the DNA chains of relatives
friends of 0.1%. It would seem that the figure is quite insignificant.
However, it is precisely on this value that we are native to our present.
second cousins ​​or brothers.


Commentary by James Fowler did not keep himself waiting: “Those
the information that we were able to learn is actually amazing. we
they are surprised that our contingent under study is supposedly united by common
great-great-great-grandmothers and great-great-great-grandfathers! “

that in the modern world there are almost no people left who would
really interested in his family tree. Many
they don’t know at all who their second cousins ​​are
speaking of more distant kinship. And people will choose in their circle
communication mainly those who are close to nature
genetic memory.

It is also curious that close friends almost always have
common predilections for smells or tastes. Perhaps this is
the reason for visiting common coffee shops, tea shops, specialty shops and
similar institutions. In some cases, friends share a love for
similar colors.

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