Frequent diseases and skin problemsnewborns

Ну вот  вы с малышом и дома. Now on you
lays the responsibility for his health. And since the body
the baby has not yet adapted to the environment, skin crumbs
very sensitive, it is good to know what skin problems
may be waiting for you. The most important thing is to recognize the problem in time and
refer to a pediatrician.

The content of the article

  • 1 Acne Newborn
  • 2 Jaundice
  • 3 Erythema: physiological and toxic
  • 4 Sweat fever
  • 5 Seborrheic dermatitis
  • 6 Diathesis
  • 7 Food Allergies
  • 8 Eczema (or atopic dermatitis)
  • 9 Diaper Rash
  • 10 Diaper dermatitis (candida)
  • 11 Purulent infection (staphylococcus)
  • 12 chicken pox


Acne newborns

In the first days after birth on the face of the baby can be observed
small pink specks or pimples. This is the so-called acne
newborns. It is not dangerous, it is the result of the fact that in the body
crumbs are still maternal hormones. Within one – two
weeks everything goes by itself. Главное организовать правильную
hygiene and child care. Acne can be confused with allergies, therefore
better to consult a pediatrician. About acne


Many years have passed, but I still remember my horror when
I saw a swollen newborn daughter: her whole skin was yellow –
of red color! Fortunately, the doctor immediately calmed me. It turned out
желтушка newborns, она совершенно безвредна (если мы
говорим о физиологической желтушки)
. Yellow skin color causes
large amounts of bilirubin in the baby’s blood. It is quickly displayed
with urine and feces, so often crumbs attach to the chest. Through
one and a half – two weeks the skin of the baby will find its usual color. If a
jaundice is more pronounced, it is necessary to turn to
to the doctor. Это может быть патологическая желтуха. Everything about

Erythema: physiological and

The skin of the baby is actively adapting to others.
conditions. Shortly after birth, the baby’s skin may turn red,
and the redness can be both general and individual
plots. This is physiological erythema. She does not require treatment.
redness itself passes in four to seven days.

Physiological erythema in case of overheating can turn into
toxic. It is manifested by the appearance of pimples (or bubbles).
Special treatment also does not require. Short-term help
air baths.

Prickly heat

If a вы слишком кутаете ребенка, он потеет, то на отдельных
small red rash may appear on the skin. Sometimes rash
the whole body is also covered. These are manifestations of prickly heat. Board
there is only one – wear a baby for the weather, keep in
The room has an optimal temperature for the baby – about 22 degrees
тепла, чаще купайте, делайте air baths. About prickly heat

Seborrheic dermatitis

The main manifestation of dermatitis is fatty yellowish peels (there are more
called milk) under the hair on the head of a newborn. Rip off
they can not be, you can bring the infection in the wounds beneath them. Grease the crusts
baby cream (it softens them), redeem a child, only after
This gently comb the crusts.

Severe dermatitis can also occur in other places.
baby’s body — in the groin, behind the ears, on the skin of the baby’s arms and legs, and
complicated by diarrhea, general malaise of a small body. AT
In this case, you must immediately call the district child
a doctor. About crusts on the head


Enough frequent skin disease in infants – diathesis.
ATызывается он непереносимостью детским организмом отдельных

The main sign of diathesis is acne on the body of the infant.
Diathesis is dangerous due to the fact that inflammatory processes are manifested in
internal organs. It is necessary to find out the reasons as soon as possible.
diathesis to conduct the necessary treatment. Usually enough
follow a diet, eliminating foods – allergens.

If a же диатез не лечить, он может приобрести более тяжелые
forms – allergies, eczema.

Необходимо обратиться к to the doctor. About diathesis

Food allergies

If a диатезная сыпь держится длительное время, кожа малыша
itchy, peels off, then we are talking about food allergies.

How to distinguish a rash in this case from other types of rash? ATысыпания
allergies form a lot of small pimples (sometimes large
red spots that protrude slightly above the skin), but acne and blemishes do not
merge with each other. They do not have a specific location,
the rash can be either in separate places or located on
whole body baby.

Be sure to show the child to the allergist, make the necessary
тесты на аллергены, выполняйте рекомендации a doctor. Otherwise food
allergies can trigger other types of allergies
(лекарственной, респираторной и др.) О пищевой аллергии

Eczema (or atopic

The development of eczema is most often due to heredity. If a в
family has allergies, then your baby is at risk.

ATас должно насторожить появление на щечках и подбородке малыша,
as well as in the anus, perineal red scaly spots.
They itch, the crumb combs them sometimes to the blood. If a не проводить
treatment, then the spots turn into coarse crusts, capturing
gradually all large areas of the child’s body.

After treatment of advanced eczema, scars remain on the skin. So that
do not postpone the visit to the doctor, strictly follow all recommendations,
completely exclude products causing such a small reaction
organism. Existing Atopic Dermatitis Medicines
It is necessary to select individually. If a не помог один препарат,
the doctor will prescribe another.

For external treatment there is a cream that relieves itching, cleansing
red peels, healing damage to the skin of the baby. Are valid
they quickly, the child stops experiencing discomfort almost
immediately after the first application. On the second day the spots brighten,
and after 4 – 5 days, a maximum of a week, disappear.

Diaper rash

The problem of diaper rash faces almost every mommy.
It is worth overheating the baby, not changing the diapers in time, and
please – tender skin of the armpits, in the groin, under the knees, on
buttocks already reddened and swollen.

Prevention and treatment measures will change the diaper every 4
hours, the use of baby cream to handle problem areas,
frequent air procedures for 6 – 8 minutes, maintenance in the nursery
air temperature in the range of plus 20 – 23
degrees On diaper rash

Diaper dermatitis (candidiasis)

One type of diaper rash is diaper dermatitis. is he
develops, if not time taken remedial measures against
diaper rash, and in their place candidal fungi multiply. The edges
inflamed areas become uneven, as if fringed,
outlines, rash appears with white purulent tips. Being treated
candidiasis by special antifungal creams prescribed
a doctor. ATажно: наносите лечебные крема только на пораженные
skin patches.
If you get such a tool for a healthy
skin can go irritation. About diaper dermatitis

Purulent infection (staphylococcus)

It manifests itself with various purulent skin rashes.
newborn baby. It is better not to engage in self-diagnosis and self-medication
need to. Contact your pediatrician to conduct
survey. About Staphylococcus


У newborns ветряная оспа встречается крайне редко.
It can infect the child if the mother is in the period just before the birth
got chickenpox, or the mother didn’t have chickenpox at all, but
the baby was in contact with the sick after birth.

Relieve the suffering of the kid will help drink plenty of lubrication
external blisters Fenistil – gel or brilliant green, acne on
oral mucosa – sea buckthorn oil or agent

ATетрянка в возрасте до одного месяца протекает тяжело, могут
severe complications arise
обязательно под наблюдением врача! If a ваш доктор
offers to go to the hospital, settle for
hospitalization. Everything about ветрянке

The skin of the newborn is very delicate, easily damaged and
annoyed. Daily care for her, do air
procedures, use a baby cream, change the diaper in time,
make sure the clothes do not rub the skin. If a же вы заметили сыпь,
redness, other skin lesions in an infant, do not engage
self, and show the baby to a specialist doctor. Only he
will be able to make the correct diagnosis and assign

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