Frequent burping during pregnancy: what is the reason unpleasant symptom?


  1. Physiological causes of belching in pregnant women
  2. When is belching a symptom of a disease?
    1. Concomitant symptoms
    2. Pathology Diagnostics
  3. Treatments for burping
    1. Prevention of belching in pregnant women

During pregnancy, approximately from the 2nd trimester, a woman can to experience so-called belching with rotten eggs. The main reason symptom – a violation in the digestive tract. Remember how long you ate junk food – spicy, fried, too greasy, smoked or fast food? Perhaps the cause of discomfort is how times in the wrong diet. But if burping is constant character and accompanied by bouts of heartburn, without consultation specialized specialist can not do.

Physiological causes of belching in pregnant women

There are several reasons for burping pregnancy within the physiological norm. As you grow and uterine enlargement occurs mechanical compression of organs gastrointestinal tract. As a result of displacement of the stomach in his excess air accumulates in the cavity, which is discharged out through the esophagus, and then the oral cavity through belching. When a certain amount gets into the lower sector of the esophagus gastric juice, belching acquires a sour taste.

Caution: in the early stages, burping sometimes becomes a messenger pregnancy, while a specific reaction is possible as already familiar foods and exotic dishes.

Hormonal burping during gestation adjustment. So, the hormone progesterone, which during gestation the child is produced in an increased volume, significantly slows down digestion processes. Low metabolic rate leads to increased gas formation and, as a consequence, frequent belching. In addition, the hormone somatostatin produced by endocrine system, reduces muscle tone of the digestive tract valves. As a result, the valve remains ajar and the contents of the stomach enter esophagus.

digestive tract diseases

When is belching a symptom of a disease?

Above we have listed the reasons that explain physiologically due to burping. However, in some cases, frequent belching can be a symptom of gastrointestinal tract pathologies.

Constant belching during pregnancy indicates a violation the composition of the gastric secretion. The symptom develops against a background of gastritis, caused by Helicobacter pylori. During gestation due a natural decrease in immunity the bacterium becomes especially active and provokes an exacerbation of chronic diseases.

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The taste of rotten eggs in the mouth after burping is also alarming. sign. It can indicate the processes of decay, fermentation of residues food in the stomach. The reason for the prolonged retention of food in the cavity stomach can become:

  • pathology of the structure and functioning of the digestive system;
  • intestinal obstruction.

Often such an eructation occurs due to:

  • violations of the outflow of bile;
  • gastrointestinal tract lesions with salmonella, intestinal lamblia;
  • pancreatitis.

In the early stages, belching during pregnancy can cause reflux syndrome. The main cause of pathology is inflammatory processes in the esophagus. If treatment is neglected, there is a risk the formation of ulcers and the spread of foci of inflammation.

Concomitant symptoms

burpingTraditionally, in addition to burping, dysfunctional gastrointestinal disorders are accompanied by a number of symptoms. Often pregnant women complain about the development of:

  • heartburn;
  • vomiting
  • nausea
  • bloating;
  • constipation or, conversely, diarrhea;
  • high temperature;
  • pain in the epigastric region.

When frequent, severe belching occurs during pregnancy, it is important contact your gynecologist immediately or gastroenterologist to identify its cause and, if necessary undergo treatment.

Pathology Diagnostics

In the standard list of instrumental diagnostic techniques detection of gastrointestinal pathologies includes, first of all, fibrogastroscopy – FGS. The procedure allows for a complete examination of organs digestion. The advantage of the FGS technique is to obtain the most accurate screening results.


The duration of fibrogastroscopy does not exceed 10-20 minutes. AT a flexible tube is inserted through the mouth through the esophagus, at the end which is located the lighting device. To eliminate pain sensations the oropharynx is pre-treated with an anesthetic, approved by pregnant women.

In case of suspected pathology in the process of FGS taken stomach tests and biopsy is performed – tissue sampling for further research under the microscope.

Next, let’s talk about how to get rid of belching during pregnancy without harm to the baby.

Treatments for burping

If during the diagnosis it is established that belching is a symptom of a serious illness, special therapy is prescribed, usually in a hospital setting.

Attention: most often during gestation is diagnosed gastritis, for the treatment of which they use developmentally safe fetal drugs, for example, Maalox or Rennie.

In other cases, it is advisable to reduce the risk of burping diet correction. Almost completely from the daily menu exclude products that enhance the processes of fermentation in the stomach:

  • fresh muffin;
  • some sour fruits;
  • White cabbage;
  • sugar;
  • sausages and stuff.

power correction

As for the frequency of meals, it is optimal to eat fractionally, in small portions, up to five times a day. It’s important remember that food should be chewed carefully, as large pieces are digested longer. In order not to overeat, 30-60 minutes before The main meal is useful to drink a glass of clean water.

If you are a supporter of folk recipes, then to get rid of unpleasant burps during pregnancy are advised to drink tea with mint or lemon balm. Herbal tea not only relieves stomach cramps, restores normal digestion, but also has a beneficial effect to the nervous system. Flax broth is also suitable for these purposes, oat jelly with anti-inflammatory and enveloping action.

Prevention of belching in pregnant women

If you suffer from chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal a path, it is optimal to undergo examination and treatment before pregnancy. In other cases, to prevent permanent burping with a taste of rotten egg it is important to observe simple recommendations:

  • do not overeat, especially at night – to satisfy the hunger before going to bed, drink a glass of kefir;
  • drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day;
  • do not drink carbonated drinks;
  • try not to eat dry food;
  • limit your diet to protein, enrich consumption of non-acidic vegetables and fruits;
  • give preference to boiled, stewed, steamed food
  • After eating, do not immediately take a horizontal position body, walk better;
  • Wear comfortable, non-abdominal clothing.

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Please note that these tips help get rid of not only from acidic, “rotten” belching, but also from heartburn with pregnancy. You can get more recommendations from your gynecologist or at a appointment with a gastroenterologist.

Frequent belching, heartburn in pregnant women is a common occurrence. After giving birth, you will forget about these unpleasant symptoms. However, if the eructation was caused by pathological reasons, additional treatment or monitoring may be required the work of the digestive tract.

Today we tried to tell how the most effective and safe to get rid of belching during pregnancy. Apply our advice in practice, but remember that any treatment, even the most harmless, in your opinion, must definitely get approval from the attending physician.

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