Free education: the pros and cons

In the 21st century, interest in the upbringing of children by freedom was renewed. By
development centers are being opened throughout Europe and in a number of Russian cities,
kindergartens and schools by this method.

Some believe that free parenting spoils children, others –
which expands the boundaries of the child. Taking this or that
side, it would be nice to get acquainted with both. Byрой результат
exceeds expectations, and sometimes at the end we get far from what
I would like to. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of the liberal


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parenting: principles and regulations


  • There are no patterns and stereotypes. Not
    leveling, imposed behaviors: what and how should do.
    The child does not inculcate the gregarious feeling “To be like everyone else!” On him not
    affect communities, individuals with false beliefs and
    subjective assessments. A small person is formed personal
    position, world view and personal opinion.
  • Trusting relationship. In a family where there is no
    coercion, and weaknesses and shortcomings perceive as features
    character, friendly atmosphere, warm relations and complete
    the trust. There are no secrets, misunderstandings and offenses.
  • Freedom of choice. The child himself determines the mode
    day and leisure, how much to eat and when to go to bed than
    to engage and which circles to attend. Not давления. Baby is free in
    their preferences and chooses their own path of development. So
    it is easier for people in the future to find their purpose in life, because they are
    childhood experience independent decisions. Know their
    addiction and what they want.
  • Openness and interpersonal skills. Children,
    brought up by freedom, open to the world. In any situation, feel
    surely. Have an extensive vocabulary and feel free to express
    own point of view. Actively participate in speeches,
    disputes, competitions. Quite ambitious and initiative that
    does not go unnoticed. It will be easier for them to win recognition.
    society and make your way up the career ladder.
  • The development of creativity. This is an opportunity
    self-actualize. The lifting of borders and prohibitions, the elimination of the imposed
    choice allows you to fully reveal the abilities. Child
    independently determines his hobbies and interests, openly
    shows creativity. The makings of the mortgaged
    by nature.
  • A responsibility. Freedom of choice obliges children
    from an early age be responsible for misbehavior
    and errors. Child учится взвешивать решения, думать наперед, видеть
    consequences, solve problems on your own. This is an invaluable experience. AT
    future, he will not shift the blame on the shoulders of another, will not fall
    depressed at the slightest failure and will find a way out of any
  • Individual approach and respect. Every kid
    perceived as a unique personality. ATзрослый прислушивается к
    the views and desires of a little man. Methods of education and
    effects on the child are selected individually, taking into account
    features of character.
  • Not насилия. The child is not forced to do anything.
    ATоспитание свободой предполагает отсутствие каких-либо наказаний,
    instructions, teachings. The baby has a positive attitude
    to the people around him. Seeing cruelty and violence, he himself
    will be to show it.
  • Healthy mind. Byложительный
    the psychological climate and friendly atmosphere create a favorable
    the ground for the normal development of the child’s psyche. Child огражден от
    bans, screams, punishments. He is not disturbed by aggression, nervousness,
    fear. Baby grows emotionally balanced.
  • ATысокая самооценка. Participation in family matters
    the ability to express a personal opinion enhances your sense of
    dignity, significance. Developing a healthy self-esteem. Such
    children are self-confident, purposeful, focused on success. Have them
    there are no internal prohibitions and barriers. It is this factor
    allows you to move forward and achieve success.


ATоспитание свободой несет в себе существенные преимущества.
However, like any system, it has errors. With what
problems can face the child and what difficulties await
parents who have decided to raise the child of the liberal style?

  • Pampering Byскольку многое позволено и
    there are practically no prohibitions; babies often grow spoiled.
    If a parent and child could find a compromise within the family,
    then outside the house there are problems. AT детском саду, в школе, где
    established discipline and certain norms of behavior, child
    can meet harsh criticism and intolerance for his pranks.
  • Not требовательности к себе. In fact,
    children love the rules and requirements. For them, this kind of beacons
    which they are oriented in the world of adults and serious people.
    Often babies raised by freedom do not know how to be
    demanding of themselves and suffer from it. Confronted with
    prohibitions and severity, they do not understand what they want from them.
    Reality can cause aggression in them.
  • Difficulties in communication. Free person
    gets used to the fact that close people perceive him as he is
    there is. For a child, this is natural. is he convinced the whole world should
    accept and love him. ATыслушивать детские доводы и рассуждения,
    to reckon with opinion. Expecting a special relationship, a child
    faces resistance, has difficulty communicating.
  • Heightened self-esteem. Baby on a par with
    adults – it can play a cruel joke. Confidence without difficulty
    grows into self-confidence. Overestimating your own
    opportunities often leads to collapse in endeavors. The result is
    lack of recognition by society, misunderstanding, frustration,
  • Not for everyone. There are children that rules
    just needed. is heи плохо чувствуют границы «хорошо-плохо».
    Disorientation leads to pampering, whims, childish tantrums,
    misunderstanding. Byскольку нет одинаковых детей, насколько оправдано
    use of the “free” method of education for all without
  • Parents – not authority. It’s hard for parents
    maintain credibility in the eyes of the baby. Equal rights of an adult and
    child erase the boundaries of what is permitted. ATедь дети и балуются, и
    they fight, it means you can behave like this with an adult: disobey,
    ape, hit. However, to scold and punish a child is not
    соответствуют методу свободного education. Reach an agreement
    in the good does not always work. How to be?
  • Expensive. Private gardens and schools operating
    This technique is more expensive than usual. Hire a tutor at home
    also expensive. You can educate a preschooler yourself, but
    then you have to sacrifice the income of one of the parents.
  • Difficult to implement. Absence or distance
    specialized educational institutions impede the implementation of this
    method. For example, a preschooler can raise parents. But further
    he has to go to school. State educational institutions
    Sample work by another method. Specialized schools
    not enough. Independently fully realize free
    upbringing will be possible only for those parents in whose district they function
    �”Free style school”.

It is necessary to understand that the uniform for all kids method of education
it can not be. Byмимо того, что дети разного пола, они еще
differ in temperament type: melancholic, phlegmatic,
sanguine, choleric, plus their various combinations. Is impossible
create a universal way to solve the problem. How can you think of
a book that everyone would read, a film that would satisfy
interests of the whole society.

Shy and shy need more freedom, nimble
choleric people need rules, naughty guys need borders.
Byскольку дети разные, то и метод, и приемы воспитания будут

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parenting: principles and regulations

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