Fourth week of pregnancy


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According to obstetricians, in the fourth week the fetus begins move to “your house”. This path is not easy for him, he reaches its place is far from immediately. After that happens a bubble begins to form in which the embryo will live the remaining 8 months.

The biggest danger of the fourth week is the probability ectopic pregnancy. It can happen if if the embryo does not have time to reach the right place and begins to grow in birth canal.

4th week of pregnancyIn such a situation, doctors record ectopic pregnancy. This happens quite rarely, therefore worry not worth it. It’s best to focus exclusively on pleasant thoughts and rejoice at every moment of his pregnancy.


Very common situations where a woman does not even suspect about being pregnant. The fourth week falls just on the last week of the menstrual cycle, so it’s hard to feel pregnancy, especially without additional symptoms.

Among them, excessive fatigue, weakness, frequent desire to sleep. Also, women during this period may differ excessive irritability and sudden mood swings.

Some girls during the fourth week of pregnancy there are periodic discomfort near the mammary glands. The breast itself increases in size and acquires a large sensitivity so strong that even touch bras can cause discomfort.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Due to breast enlargement and swelling of the nipples, do not worry worth it is normal and natural. Painful sensations too norm.
  2. Drip and mild pain below the abdomen is also not a deviation from the norm. If the discharge became profuse, or persistent pain and quite noticeable, recommended go to the doctor’s office.
  3. During the fourth week of pregnancy, it will be best as You can sleep better, relax more. No need to be scared drowsy and weak state, it is quite normal for this period.
  4. If you are in doubt whether you are pregnant or not, take a test or go to the clinic and donate blood for hormones, they’re for sure will show the result.
  5. Read articles on toxicosis in advance, adjust your nutrition if you have morning sickness.
  6. Read articles on what exercises are allowed for first trimester of pregnancy, you can begin to perform the most lungs of them. Do not lift weights, try to avoid nervous disruptions, drink vitamins.
  7. In no case do not smoke or drink alcohol!

Ultrasound scan

4th week of pregnancyAt this time, you can already see the yellow pregnancy body. It feeds the embryo, constantly increasing, to the moment of formation and functioning of the placenta.

It also takes part in the production of progesterone. This hormone helps maintain pregnancy. Ultrasound machines can identify the fetus even at this short time.

At such an early stage of pregnancy, ultrasound is very rare. Pregnancy is most often determined using a test.


At such an early date, spontaneous interruption is capable of cause even a cold due to the weakness and defenselessness of the embryo. To panic and fear every breath of air is definitely not worth it because panic and stress can only make it worse.

For the fetus, only high temperature is terrible. The common cold can be cured effectively and without consequences.

With a cold, you need to drink tea with honey, rinse your nose with saline a solution for coughing will help drugs based on licorice root. To prevent colds is not recommended while epidemics in crowded places.

The embryo is adversely affected only by a temperature above 38 degrees, as it can even cause a miscarriage. If you have a cold, don’t self-medicate.

See a doctor immediately and follow it regulations. To strengthen immunity, drink vitamins.


If pregnancy is normal, then sex will not cause absolutely no harm. If there is a threat of miscarriage, or uterus increased tone, then without consulting a doctor can not be engaged having sex.

It is worth noting that women who are not yet aware of their situation, will not notice any difference in sex. There are situations when due to emotional experiences and mood swings of a woman on This period of pregnancy does not want sex at all.

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