Fourteenth week of pregnancy


  1. What’s happening
  2. Feel
  3. General recommendations and tips
  4. Stomach
  5. Ultrasound and other examinations
  6. Pain, bleeding, discharge from the genital tract

Since pregnancy is divided into three semesters, the 14th week is the beginning of the second of them. A kind of momentous moment a certain conditional stage of transition from one state to another, more close to the expected goal – the birth of the long-awaited baby.

It should also be remembered that the 14th obstetric week is the same as the 10th week from the onset of menstruation and the 12th a week from the fact of conception.

What’s happening

14th week of pregnancyWhat interesting happens on given time span? Experienced mothers who already have more than one birth, they say: the second trimester is the most pleasant of all 40 weeks allotted by nature to bear the baby. The future mother self-confidence as well as in the successful finale of the upcoming childbirth.

If the pregnancy is more or less normal (without special pathologies and complications), then from the 14th week in a pregnant woman noticeably improved overall physical condition. Toxicosis is no longer harasses as in the previous period.

The body is even more accustomed to what is now its proper provide nutrients to someone else – small man hiding inside. By the way, he also does not lose time in vain and begins to grow rapidly.

The average weight of the baby is 30-50 g. Growth from the sacrum to crown – about 12-14 cm. Now it is finally formed the placenta, and it becomes one with your baby.

The future man will form the following weeks at week 14 individual characteristics:

  • Fingerprints;
  • The rudiments of milk teeth;
  • Hair on the head and on the skin of the body;
  • Facial features (they become clearer, more noticeable in them roundness appears – nose, forehead, cheeks);
  • Blood cells in your own bone marrow (the process begins their development);
  • The work of the ureters and kidneys (the baby learns to “go to the toilet” and in amniotic fluid flows urine, because the ureters began to work and kidneys);
  • Ovaries in girls (they descend from the abdominal cavity into hip area);
  • The boys have a prostate.

The most touching thing is that the baby at the 14th week already hears and sees. This is proved by numerous facts and observations.

Namely: if you are near a bright source light or near you loud music sounds, the child’s movements in the abdomen becomes more active.


  1. Exhausting nausea goes away, returns and normalizes appetite.
  2. Now there is no irritation to tastes and smells, they are perceived easy and without excesses.
  3. The chest is also enlarged and rounded.
  4. A very important point: the load on the lungs and heart increases. The reason is that blood circulation is increasing. If appear discomfort in the area of ​​the heart and shortness of breath – be prepared for this, do not panic.

General recommendations and tips

14th week of pregnancyIf you were still a homebody, it’s time to go out, namely to do gymnastics for pregnant, and preferably not alone, but among “colleagues fortunately” (as pregnant as you).

Find an opportunity to enroll in some good courses for expectant mothers. The best option – courses and clubs, where together with a woman provides for the visit of her husband (dad expected baby).

Be sure to inform about your condition at work – to withhold already it makes no sense. Now sewn in a bag you can’t hide. On the contrary, it’s time for everything the world to know that you are expecting a replenishment of the family.

Carefully monitor the weight – there is a risk of its fast, difficult controlled set, because the appetite returned and took up his business: fill the body with a variety of substances, not always useful. In other words, filter what you eat. Empty calories off, only useful in the diet, consistent with the policy of rationalism.

In this period, it is extremely important to supply the body with iron. Fe-containing foods are required (red meat, red fish, liver, dates, apples, buckwheat, pomegranates).

Please note that you can not abuse the liver, because it contains a large amount of vitamin A, which is unsafe for pregnant. It is recommended to eat no more than 35-50 g of boiled liver in one day.

Try to fill your diet with vitamins, and preferably of natural origin. If observed a propensity for vitamin deficiency, take a special vitamin complex for expectant mothers (which vitamins to buy in a pharmacy – consult a competent physician).

High probability of constipation. Try to drink to avoid them. more water, and also consume as much fiber as possible (with it rich in large-fiber vegetables – such as cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, celery, kohlrabi cabbage, etc.).

Sour milk products must certainly appear on the menu, especially with bifidocultures and live lactobacilli. They will help intestines better cope with their tasks, create in digestive tract optimal microflora.

Tips for choosing a bra. Get the one that specially designed for enlarged breasts, has a supportive effect and properly tailored and stitched. Chest will still be increase, and it is necessary to provide her with a comfortable location – no squeezing or cutting joints.

14th week of pregnancyPediatricians and psychologists for adults are unanimously advised on a 14-week pregnancy as much as possible to read books, fun magazines and generally any positive literature. Chatting with people you like will improve your emotional background that will inevitably affect the baby in the best sense.


Avoid stress, irritation, anger, fears and phobias. Your the psyche is simply obliged to be balanced, oriented only to positive. The benevolent attitude to the world is transmitted baby.

If you follow these recommendations, your baby will be given it is these moods. If you become mired in the negative – the child absorbs negative emotions, and this will harm him the psyche.


The abdomen at week 14 is noticeably rounded and enlarged. Now already the fetus occupies the entire uterine cavity, and moreover, it rises higher (that’s why the tummy takes the form of a “slide”).

A dark streak appears on the stomach (legendary symbol pregnancy, which will now disappear only after childbirth).

The uterus increases significantly. It can be done without much difficulty. to feel. In size, it becomes about grapefruit.

However, due to an increase in the uterus, an unpleasant sensation in the lower abdomen, but do not be scared – it’s normal and soon pass, literally in one and a half to two weeks.

Ultrasound and other examinations

As practice shows, sometimes in the 14th week for women offer ultrasound (the recommendation may come from doctors in the place living pregnant, and from specialists from paid medical centers where the expectant mother is served).

However, an ultrasound scan is optional. If there are no deviations and you feel quite safe, you don’t need to do it. On the contrary, it is the 14th week that is one of the calmest and relatively serene. The fact is that all pathologies capable of lead to miscarriage, detected in the first weeks of pregnancy.

Better spend this time for a walk. Fresh air now necessary as never before. Only avoid the gazed cities.

Industrial smog poisoning the baby’s airways, so strive to get out of town or at least in intracity the green zone, which is closed from the “heavy” air by houses or located in a favorable wind rose.

If you drive a car yourself – drive out of town, but during trips do not open the window. Those women who are used to driving machine yourself, it is recommended that you carefully prepare a sitting a place:

  • Adjust the back and seat so that the back does not rounded off;
  • Place a small pillow under the lower back;
  • The shoulders should be relaxed and lowered;
  • Knees should be slightly apart and placed on level above the pelvis (tailbone);
  • Fasten your belt to protect your stomach from below and above.

You can use public transport, but only sitting, and not standing up. Avoid using public transport during peak hours.

The stomach has already become more convex than in the first weeks pregnancy. Therefore, in the crush it will not be so easy for you dodge possible shocks from the side.

Pain, bleeding, discharge from the genital tract

With a normal pregnancy during a 14-week period the nature of the discharge does not change. They must be moderate homogeneous, bright, with a slightly sour smell.

If there is curdiness, purulence, mucus – obvious signs that an infection is developing. Need to contact to the gynecologist. Most often in women at week 14 candidiasis is manifested. The reason is simple: local and general immunity decreases, hormonal changes take place.

In any, even a healthy vagina, a woman always has pathogenic mushrooms. Once immunity is reduced, pathogenic flora begins to multiply with great speed, up to to damage not only the vaginal mucosa, but also the external genital organs.

Signs of infection also (except curd cheese, mucous membranes and purulent discharge) become burning and itching at the entrance to the vagina. Candidiasis itself is not so dangerous for the fetus, but the danger comes when the infection is started and not cured properly way.

Then it becomes a favorable background for the development of more serious diseases that can penetrate deeper and create threat to the child. Papillomavirus cases are widely known. infections due to candidiasis.

Should I worry if there are bloody discharge? Yes. They talk about the development of cervical erosion (if there is no abdominal pain) or disruption pregnancy (if you feel a pull in the lower abdomen).

Both cases require the adoption of measures to protect the fetus. Contact your gynecologist as soon as possible.

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