Forty second week of pregnancy


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The ending of your pregnancy is very close – you are waiting for the appearance baby, and he, too, is fully prepared to appear outside. His weight and height have reached the norm, all parts of the body and internal organs formed.

It is possible that the date that doctors have already passed predicted for birth. And you all wear and wear, walk and walk with your stomach. Start to worry? Calmly, without panic!

42 weeks pregnantThe skeleton of the baby has become hard and tight. Body height should be 53-57 cm, body weight within 3.5-3.7 kg. In connection with the final ripening of the fetus, some concerns about whether childbirth will be painless and lungs, will the baby suffer during the passage of the birth canal.

Statistics show that approximately 5% of newborns are at risk of cord entanglement (the reason is a sharp decrease amniotic fluid) or the risk of birth injury (and the mother to rupture birth canal) due to the high weight and high bone density a child. One must be prepared for difficulties of this kind, but In no case do not get hung up on them ahead of time.

By the end of 41 weeks of pregnancy, the question arises of why the long-awaited child has not yet been born, but as before lurking in my mother’s stomach? Many women show about this anxiety.

However, for all obstetric indications, the 42nd week is not at all is shifting. That is, your pregnancy is not postponed is an.

Obstetrics and gynecology clearly distinguish pregnancy prolonged (that is, a delay in the baby in the maternal womb has natural causes) and postponed. Transferred pregnancy forces doctors to stimulate childbirth or apply cesarean section method, and is determined by the following criteria:

  • The cervix is ​​immature;
  • There are no cheese-like flakes in the amniotic fluid lubricants;
  • The amount of amniotic fluid decreased sharply;
  • Amniotic fluid is unclear, with a greenish tint;
  • There is an aging of the placenta;
  • The density of the bones of the skull of the baby is increased;
  • There are no “front waters” that fit the child’s head;
  • In the amniotic fluid, there is baby feces (meconium).

What are the reasons for overloading an infant? Them some:

  • Hereditary factor;
  • Deficiency of hormones responsible for normal birth activity;
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Psycho-emotional overload;
  • Impaired fat metabolism;
  • Chronic diseases in the female genital area;
  • Fears of the mother and her loved ones (husband, relatives) about upcoming birth.

In transferred children, the following symptoms are observed:

  1. Folds are formed;
  2. The nails are too long;
  3. The skin is peeling, dry, has a greenish tint.

However, these signs are not visible until the baby is born. And without reliable diagnosis cannot be qualified with certainty the situation.

If a woman has a menstrual cycle longer than 28 days, it is characterized by late ripening of the fetus during pregnancy, and the child will be born completely healthy and full. Besides childbirth after 40-41 weeks make up only 10% of the total number of births. Of the number of “transferred” about 3/4 cases – incorrect calculations in determining the duration of pregnancy.

Be that as it may, you should not worry and cheat yourself. It is better to be closely monitored by a doctor and be prepared for childbirth in any moment, tune in to a positive wave, do not spray emotions and save strength.


The main problems characteristic of the 42nd week of pregnancy:

  • Overweight;
  • Moral and physical fatigue;
  • Low mobility;
  • Hemorrhoids;
  • Diarrhea or constipation (causes – hormonal disruptions, violation bowel function, dysbiosis);
  • Puffiness throughout the body (more than 65% of pregnant women suffer from it women reaching this term).

Despite the fact that you patiently went through the whole pregnancy, after 40th week you would like to give birth and enjoy a new status “Mama”. Therefore, if childbirth has not yet occurred, inevitably there is emotional decline, nervous overload, disappointment.

To prevent negative conditions from becoming depressed, distract yourself by reading good books – bright love stories about animals, about children and parents. Literature on Upcoming Births and about caring for a baby is never superfluous. In addition, she will help you distract from tense thoughts.


Watch your weight. In the desire to get rid of constipation or diarrhea preferred natural methods (diet, recruitment products), medications are undesirable.


Eat more often, but in small portions. Include more in your diet cereals, fruits and vegetables, baked goods made from coarse flour grinding, plant fibers, bran.

Remember the importance of protein and calcium – both mom and baby. Be sure to eat dairy products, probiotics contained in them will improve metabolism, give good nutritional base.

42 weeks pregnantDoctors Approve Some Methods self-stimulation of labor:

  • Nipple stimulation (manipulation increases the content oxytocin in your blood) – massage the nipples 3 times a day for 10-15 minutes
  • Sexual intercourse with orgasm (contraction of the uterine muscles will help the uterus “wake up”, and the leukemia are a source of prostaglandins, softening the cervix and leading to its contraction);
  • Bowel contraction followed by emptying (possible enema with castor oil).

In the later stages, full readiness for delivery at any time. Therefore, always carry the necessary documents – exchange card, birth certificate, passport, etc. Also must be ready set of children’s things in advance collected for childbirth.


At the 42nd week, the stomach reaches huge, if not giant sized. The child is absolutely ready to enter the world, his the skeleton was heavy due to increased bone density.

The closer to childbirth, the closer the baby is in the stomach, the less he there is room for maneuver in the amniotic fluid. Man does not mind to move, and all these tremors give mom an inconvenience.

For longer periods, it is very difficult for women to move around and find comfortable postures for sitting, lying, sleeping. Already impossible fasten and remove shoes yourself, put on stockings / tights etc.

Be prepared for the feeling that the stomach is growing and growing with each in the afternoon. The fact is that the stomach fell to an extremely low level, it could not affect your feelings. Also don’t be surprised if you feel the so-called training contractions: belly as if petrified – this is quite painful, and often occurs on at night.

Ultrasound scan

While the baby is inside, the task of a professional doctor – determine whether a woman is shifting a due date or has not yet has come. Usually, a 42-week ultrasound is prescribed only for the purpose to determine the internal state of the fetus – its location, amniotic fluid transparency.

In addition to ultrasound, it is also recommended to do other survey:

  • Amniscopy;
  • Cardiomotor monitoring of the fetal heartbeat;
  • Dopplerography.

After receiving the examination data, the doctor will be able to determine whether to wait independent childbirth or it is necessary to stimulate them, resort to Caesarean section, etc.

Risks of the need for stimulation of the birth process:

  • Amniotic fluid deficiency;
  • The presence in the amniotic fluid of meconium suspension;
  • Pathology of the placenta (“child’s place”);
  • Other individual features.

Pain, bleeding, discharge

With normal pregnancy, discharge from the genital tract should be light and moderate, have a uniform consistency, neutral or slightly sour milky smell.

If you notice that curdiness, foam, strange color or bad smell – be sure to report it to the doctor. An infection develops in the body. On the eve of childbirth it will be necessary to take preventive measures so as not to infect baby when born.

It should be especially wary if noticeable in the discharge bloody inclusions. There is a risk of placental abruption either fetal presentation.

Timely access to a doctor will eliminate the threat to the life of the mother and to kid. Well, it’s very important to properly respond to watery discharge: 99% of the 100 that you have started giving birth. Urgently in maternity hospital!

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