Forecasters reported weather capable of freeze the spread of the virus

Forecasters talked about the weather, which inhibits the coronavirus

Forecasters called the timing of the arrival of weather that can slow down spread of coronavirus.

Although studies on how exactly this or that weather affects coronavirus, not yet, but scientists have found that in certain conditions the virus the virus survives worse: high temperature, low Humidity and high solar activity.


Academic SupervisorHydromecenterRoman Wilfand He said that it is worth waiting for such conditions to be created. June.

– If we talk about the temperature of 25-28, then it is in the south of the European territory is set in early June according to climatic data. Of course, there are separate days with such a temperature, but on average climate is the beginning of July, said the supervisor Hydrometeorological center.

He added that in Moscow the average July temperature is 23-25 degrees, but up to 23 degrees the temperature may rise as early as May and June, however, this is only on certain days.

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