For what reasons do children bite their nails?


  1. Causes
  2. Effects
  3. What to do?
  4. Conclusion

The habit of biting nails causes disgust and irritation in surrounding. This problem is faced by many parents.

Most children bite their nails in early childhood. Sometimes an unpleasant habit manifests itself in 6-10 years and later. Why do children bite their nails? How to fix the situation? let’s to understand.


Psychologists and pediatricians believe that in most cases an irresistible craving for nail biting – a consequence of stress situations and emotional disorders. The baby is nervous and trying distracted in such a strange way.

The main causes of a bad habit:

  • Stresses arising from a change in the familiar environment (camping in kindergarten or school, relocation);
  • Excitement and embarrassment about having to answer at the blackboard classroom;
  • Low self-esteem, internal conflict due to impossibility get what you want;
  • Nervous atmosphere in the family, frequent quarrels, tensions between adults;
  • Constant psychological pressure of parents or application physical strength for “educational” purposes.

Often leads to nail biting:

  • Boredom – the baby sticks his fingers in his mouth for nothing to do;
  • Health problems – fragility of the nail plates makes children constantly bring their nails to normal.

Often the parents themselves are to blame, who bite their nails and serve bad example to children.


Having discovered that children bite their nails, parents understand: the consequences bad habits can be very serious. Many start scold their child, float the belt, constantly pull and shouting at a son or daughter. Sometimes hands are smeared with a bitter mixture or cut your nails too short.

Such methods can only worsen the situation and inflict on the child serious psychological trauma. Parents need to understand the reason because of which there was a habit of biting nails.

Some adults do not pay enough attention to their children in for various reasons and do not consider nail biting as something dangerous. Remember! A bad habit can lead to:

  1. To infection with parasites or intestinal infections. Under the dirty the nail plates contain millions of germs, including pathogenic.
  2. To infection of the body. Through the wounds formed on the tender harmful bacteria can penetrate the skin.
  3. To the development of the inflammatory process on one or more fingers. Suppuration can spread under the nail. Treatment – prolonged, manifestations – painful.

What to do?

The girl bit her nailsHow not to bite your fingernails? Over parents should seriously think about this issue. Firstly they should be worried. Children most often do not experience remorse conscience and do not realize the harm from their habit.

How to act:

  1. Observe the child, calmly talk with him. He himself will tell you what is bothering him.
  2. If it was not possible to establish a contact, go to a good children’s to the psychologist. After finding out the reason, you will understand what to do next. Follow the recommendations of a specialist – and the problem gradually will disappear.

Learn about the 9 principles of leadership development – if their apply, the child will not bite his nails.

How to raise a child attentive, weaning him from harmful habits?

If your child is an athlete, read how to apply. him with special insurance.

Pediatricians, psychologists and parents who have overcome together with the child a habit of biting nails, recommend:

  1. Improve the psychological climate in the family. Calm tone, trust in a relationship will relieve the baby from the stresses that he is experiencing worried.
  2. Give your son or daughter more attention. Child, left to himself, involuntarily begins to do not what need to.
  3. In babies, the habit of biting nails often occurs during weaning from a dummy. Play more with the child, do not give him miss. Take your baby modeling, drawing, games in which fingers are involved. Even for one year old kids it’s easy to find non-toxic plasticine and special finger paints.
  4. A child aged three years or older can be shown pictures with the image of germs and bitten nails. Explain clearly that happens if he bites his nails. Unpleasant consequences impress children. Do not scare, but outline the severity of the situation. On for some children, these arguments apply.
  5. Girls can do manicure with a special varnish, not causing harm. Often the habit disappears, because beautiful marigolds are better to show off to girlfriends. Young fashionistas fast start to cherish a beautiful manicure.
  6. A bad habit arose after moving to a new home or moving to another school? Or did your baby go to kindergarten? Help him cope with a stressful situation, connect psychologist, if you feel that you can’t do it yourself. Do not laugh over children’s problems and fears, otherwise it’s up to a neurosis near. On the recommendation of a doctor, brew a child soothing herbs.


Show patience and tact, get ready for a long process getting rid of an unpleasant habit of biting your nails. Consult with psychologist and pediatrician. Joint efforts and your love will deliver baby from stress and their consequences.

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