For the treatment of jaundice newborns willuse light blanket

Update: February 2019

Today, 60% of newborn babies after birth are 2-3 days old.
develop physiological jaundice, which in some cases
requires treatment – conjugative hyperbilirubinemia, jaundice
premature babies (see causes of elevated bilirubin in

For the effectiveness of therapy is widely used
several sessions of light therapy with special blue lamps –
phototherapy. To make such a procedure more convenient to produce 3
American students have come up with a built-in baby blanket
sources of light.

Such an invention may be useful to neonatologists and obstetricians in
any country, simplifying the process of treating the jaundice of newborns.
Physiological jaundice usually passes in babies through 2-4
weeks, however in recent decades due to the growth
adverse course of pregnancy and childbirth, most
newborns the yellow one is delayed and the bilirubin values ​​reach
to high numbers.

And since the babies livers themselves are not able to
deduce bilirubin from the body, neonatologists help them by
intravenous procedures as well as phototherapy. Today, lighting specials.
lamps can be made in the hood or in the open crib (when
the child is naked, which increases the risk

For the treatment of jaundice newborns will use light blanketAT
the state of Michigan, students at one of the universities created
�”Light”, which can carry out lighting spelenatogo
baby From the inside of the blanket using fiber optic
cable, the inventors installed the backlight waves of the desired length.

This project was named Swaddle-mi-Bili, it became one of the top 5
student projects in the competition of this university (among 84 new
development). Этот проект в мае 2014 года будет представлен  в
Iega (Brigham) State University in an international competition
Business model.

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