For how many months are the first teeth cut andwhat sequence

The first months of life your baby was smiling toothless smile.
And suddenly a small whitish bulge becomes visible on the gum. it
означает, что у ребенка начинают резаться зубки, сначала
first, and in two or three weeks the next will follow. (To three
years baby “get” all the teeth of milk.)

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  • 1 When first teeth are cut
    • 1.1 Signs and symptoms of teeth
    • 1.2 Scheme and terms of eruption
  • 2 How to help a child
    • 2.1 Care of the first teeth
      • 2.1.1 Cool Calendars
      • 2.1.2 Video

When first teeth are cut

У ребенка режутся зубы

Наступление того самого момента, когда у ребенка начнут
to cut the first teeth depends on several factors:

  1. Heredity.
  2. Baby food. Does enough calcium flow into
    small organism.
  3. Climatic living conditions. In children living in hot
    climate, the teeth erupt before.
  4. Gender baby. In girls, teeth are cut earlier than in
    мальчиков (между 6 и 7 месяцем)

В том, какие зубы режутся первыми, педиатры единодушны —
это нижние резцы. Although there are cases that in the first
all other teeth are bursting through, and there’s nothing wrong with that
because every organism is completely individual.

Signs and symptoms of teeth

у ребенка режутся зубы признаки

Frequently asked question “how to know / see / understand what a child has
teething is a rhetorical question. By state and behavior
baby everything will be immediately visible:

  • there is redness and swelling of the gums, they itch and
  • salivation increases;
  • sour breath is produced due to decomposition
    particles of the mucous membrane;
  • cheeks swell;
  • the child pulls everything in his mouth and scratches his gum;
  • irritability and tearfulness appear.

Sometimes appear more
тревожные симптомы
, ведь иммунитет ребенка к
this moment is decreasing. That immune protection that mother gave,
the baby has already used, and his own immunity is just beginning
produced. Teething – bounce
body and may be accompanied by the following

  • rash on gums in the form of red bubbles that contain
    fluid, after the appearance of the tooth rash disappears;
  • fever caused by gingivitis should not
    last more than three days;
  • diarrhea due to the presence of foreign objects in the mouth
  • lack of appetite caused by painful gums;
  • worsening sleep;
  • runny nose

With a long-term deterioration of the child’s well-being, during
teething, нужно вызвать лечащего врача для
exceptions other reasons. Maybe the baby really got sick,
since such symptoms are not directly related to eruption

Scheme and terms of eruption

  1. The first four teeth (upper and lower incisors) appear by 7-10
  2. The next four incisors come out on their first birthday.
  3. The first molars from above and below will appear from year to
    one and a half years.
  4. Fangs erupt in the second half of the second year of life.
  5. The second molars finish the row of milk teeth to the third


во сколько месяцев режутся зубы

Baby teeth teething scheme: 1) lower
central incisors 6-7 months. 2) upper central incisors 8-9
months 3) верхние боковые резцы 9-11 months 4) lower lateral incisors
11-13 months 5) верхние первые моляры 12-15 months 6) lower first
моляры 12-15 months 7) клыки 18-20 months 8) вторые моляры 20-30 мес

По списку видно, что сказать точную дату прорезывания
зубов невозможно.

Most often, the first teeth begin to appear around seven
months, but this is not a postulate.

Late teething should not be a reason for panic.
It used to be considered to be the late appearance of teeth as a sign of rickets.
or lack of calcium. Modern pediatricians consider delay
teething is normal for quite healthy

Some atypical periods of tooth appearance may
to be indirect symptoms of disorders in the body

  • teething later by two months or more may be
    an infectious disease, metabolic disorder or
    bowel dysfunction.
  • teething of the first tooth for two months may speak
    about endocrine disorders.
  • teething outside the gums is the result of improper
    the position of the axis of the tooth.
  • having a baby with teeth occurs, although rarely; these teeth
    removed, so that mom was comfortable to breastfeed.

However, only a thorough thorough examination of the child will confirm
the presence of certain violations.

If a one-year-old child doesn’t start growing, teeth should be treated
to the dentist. Most often, on examination, the doctor will detect swollen and
reddened gums. You just need to stimulate the appearance of teeth.
massage In rare cases, the diagnosis is adentia,
подтверждающий полное отсутствие зачатков teeth.

какие зубы режутся первыми

схема прорезывания всех молочных зубов

Как помочь ребенку

как помочь ребенку во время teething

В этот непростой период надо знать, как помочь
child, ease his pain and discomfort. The ways are simple and
produced over the years:

  • Massage gums relieve pain. Spend
    it must be a finger, before that, thoroughly washing his hands. Massage hold
    Careful not to injure the gum.
  • To give baby teether toy. Selection
    such rubber, silicone or gel accessories are large and
    приобрести их можно в аптеке или детском магазине (читаем о
    прорезывателях для зубов)
  • Cold helps relieve itching and pain of gums. Need to
    soak a soft cotton napkin in cool water
    put it in the fridge and give it to the baby. You can instead of water
    use a decoction of chamomile, it will help relieve inflammation. Also
    You can cool the gel teether or pacifier.

Old, proven methods can be supplemented with modern
pharmaceuticals. Now in pharmacies a large selection
special gels and during pain in a child, you can
choose any and grease them gums:

  • Dentinox;
  • Holisal;
  • Calgel;
  • Baby doctor;
  • Kamistad;
  • Dentol-baby;
  • Pansoral.

Подробно о гелях читаем: ТОП — 7 гелей для

Dental gels do not affect the process itself.
прорезывания teeth. They only relieve pain,
since such agents include lidocaine and menthol. With
the use of these funds it is necessary to monitor the reaction of the child, so
how they can cause an allergic reaction. Action gels
lasts no more than 20 minutes, you can use them no more than five
once a day and no longer than three days.

With возникновении сильной боли можно прибегнуть к
anesthetic. Before giving medicine to your baby
You should definitely consult with your doctor.

Abundant salivation irritates the baby’s delicate skin.
the chin. It is necessary to constantly wipe the saliva and lubricate the skin.
baby cream. During this period, it is necessary to remove from the environment
baby all small and fragile items. The baby pulls everything in his mouth and
may be hurt, swallow the object or suffocate. All toys
the baby must be sanitized for the same reason.

Care for your first teeth

The first baby teeth require new responsibilities from parents. Even
one tooth should already be cleaned – this is a hygienic necessity, and
формирование полезной привычки заботиться о чистоте teeth. For
This special buy silicone nozzle on your finger or
use wetted in boiled water bandage. The procedure is carried out
regularly: after breakfast and in the evening, before bedtime, thoroughly rubbing
teeth, gums and tongue.

Читаем подробно: когда начинать чистить зубы
child and how to do it right

A little later, begin using a baby toothbrush with a soft
bristles and toothpaste with a minimum fluoride content. Change
Brush need every month. It must be used carefully, because the enamel
the first teeth are thin and its integrity can be easily broken.
Parents should brush their teeth, only after two years a child can
start brushing your teeth yourself, but only when you control adults. Important
immediately teach your child to regularly and properly brush their teeth – this will save
him and his parents from many dental problems in the future.

Withкольные календарики

Print out your favorite eruption calendar
teeth and do not forget to fill :)

календарь teething у грудничка


kalendar' prorezyvaniya zubov

kalendarik prorezyvaniya zubov


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