Food Allergies in Infants: Signsreasons how to treat

ребенок с симптомами пищевой аллергии

Food allergies in infants

The spread of allergic reactions affects not only
adults, but also babies – this is, first of all, about
food allergies. Since the course of allergies in
It’s much harder for babies than for adults
the question should attend to immediately. Many, for example, try
breastfeed babies, but remember
что пищевая аллергия у грудничков может быть
provoked by breast milk.

Causes of predisposition to allergies:

  • If a parent of the child is allergic
    Reactions – the chance to be allergic to a child increases. Usually
    the inclination of one of the parents with a probability of 37% leads to
    allergies in a child, and the predisposition of each of the parents
    raises to 62%.
  • The next important factor is the use of the future mother.
    during pregnancy the following foods: bright fruits and vegetables
    flowers, milk, chicken eggs, chocolate, tonic drinks,
    nuts, honey and mushrooms. Pregnant mother use of these
    products increases the chances of formation of allergenic background in
    baby Smoking, as well as the use of antibiotics by the mother during
    pregnancy adversely affects the inclination of the unborn child to
  • Diseases suffered by a child in infancy or hypoxia during
    время беременности влияют на формирование allergies. To such
    diseases include primarily intestinal infections and
  • Failure to follow the feeding schedule for nursing mothers and infants
    сильно повышает риск формирования allergies.
  • Unreasonable transfer of a child from breast feeding to children
    смеси негативно влияет на подверженность allergies. Regular change
    mixtures, feeding the baby with cow’s milk and eating cheap
    mixtures significantly increases the risk of allergies, because
    disrupts the work of the gastrointestinal tract in the baby.

In infants, the enzyme responsible for
digestion of food, so any new food or not digested
a child, or digested with great difficulty. More often
regular food exchange leads to rejection of their body
child, which leads to the rejection of products in the future.

Какие симптомы позволят распознать матери наличие
allergic reaction to your baby if it failed
to prevent?

Allergies can manifest themselves in different ways:
skin diseases, respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases

  1. Признаками аллергических заболеваний кожи
    покраснения кожи, сыпь, зуд, шелушение, обильное
    sweating, angioedema, urticaria.
  2. Respiratory diseases are usually expressed in strong
    allergic rhinitis.
  3. Diseases of the digestive tract are expressed in constipation, diarrhea, frequent
    regurgitation, gag reflexes, flatulence.


The most serious and life threatening of the above
diseases is angioedema. With this disease, some
parts of the body swell, suffocation, lack of
oxygen, the child quickly sits voice. In the case of
подобных симптомов необходимо быстро обратиться к

What foods are not recommended to feed the baby?

  • In 85% of cases, babies are allergic to
    eating cow’s milk (protein).
  • The next product (62% of allergies) is a chicken egg.
  • Gluten-containing foods, bananas, buckwheat,
    potatoes, soybeans, less often corn, even less often – various types of meat

При возникновении каких-либо симптомов аллергии маме
you need to show your child to a specialist to identify
product for which he has an allergy, and its exclusion from
рациона baby To do this, you need to have a food magazine,
which will bring the child to use various products
and his reaction to them.

Frequent cases of food allergies in a child can cause
that he will develop other types of allergies
diseases (not only food).


Treatment of allergies in a child up to a year

основные пищевые аллергены

Лечение аллергии, как правило, состоит в жесткой диете,
excluding from the diet the alleged allergen. Can give
несколько советов, какие продукты следует исключить кормящей
mothers from their own diet to protect their child from

  • Products containing artificial colors.
  • Preservatives.
  • Fried food.

Важная статья: что можно есть кормящей матери
(grocery list)

This should reduce the susceptibility of the child to allergies, because
most of the allergens are contained in the above

If allergy occurs as a result of artificial feeding
mixtures, you should go to the mixture, where the cow’s milk protein
split to the level of amino acids.

Such simple rules will allow your child enough
быстро избавиться от большинства аллергических симптомов.

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