Folk ways to stop lactation and a listdrugs for quick lactation

Sooner or later it is time to stop
кормить ребенка грудью, и нужно как-то прекратить лактацию milk
And here there are certain difficulties. To wean a child from
Breasts easy (see how to do it simply). But how to make milk
leave? Unpleasant “chewing” sensations in swollen breasts, wet from
milk underwear – which women are not familiar with these feelings?

There are many ways to stop lactation. The best
– it is necessary to make this process slow, gradual,
natural. This will help prevent chest inflammation (and most
terrible – mastitis), stretch marks and sagging breasts.

Consider ways to stop lactation at home and with
using special preparations.

The content of the article

  • 1 Natural Ways
    • 1.1 Method of “reducing feedings”
    • 1.2 Is it possible to drag chest?
    • 1.3 Folk Recipes
    • 1.4 Compresses
    • 1.5 Видео: Как уменьшить количество грудного молока
  • 2 Pills stop lactation
    • 2.1 Why not take their own drugs?
    • 2.2 List of popular drugs
    • 2.3 A little about taking medication
    • 2.4 What not to do when weaning?
    • 2.5 7 tips on how to complete breastfeeding

как прекратить лактацию

Natural ways

The method of “reducing feedings”

The most ideal solution is to stop breastfeeding.
gradually, naturally. To do this, first reduce one
feeding. As soon as the child gets used, remove the other, then
the third. Between them, decant the milk, leaving each
time a little milk in the breast. Let it “burn out” gradually. Not
tolerate severe swelling of the breasts, otherwise painful
sensations. Stop feeding your baby completely at night (see how it is
to do).

After a while you will see that the milk rushes in the breast.
are made less and less. The very same milk arrives all in smaller
quantities. This is the easiest and most natural way to reduce

Can I pull the chest?

Not рекомендуется перетягивать грудь для прекращения лактации

Not рекомендуется перетягивать грудь для прекращения

Совсем недавно бытовало мнение, что для остановки лактации грудь
must be tightly bandaged with an elastic bandage or other dressings.
The benefits of this are few, but you can hurt yourself.
Tight bandage violates the flow of blood in the chest. Circulation
getting worse. How much milk has arrived, you also do not feel. it
can lead to milk stagnation in the mammary glands, cause lactostasis
and such a dangerous disease as mastitis.

Read an article on lactostasis

And here’s all about mastitis.

So just put on a comfortable bra. Ok if he
made of cotton fabric, without false “bones”, dense, then
there is something like a corset. it вдобавок поможет уменьшить риск
the formation of stretch marks from crowded breasts, prevent it

Is it possible to reduce lactation with

Foods that can help reduce lactation,
simply no.
But salty, smoked and spicy food
It is undesirable to use, because it can provoke thirst. BUT
drinking plenty of milk will cause a surge of milk when it is almost
disappeared. So try not to use the named products,
limit the amount of liquid, exclude succulent products.

Folk recipes

травы для прекращения лактации

At home, well help reduce the rush of milk
herbal decoctions, primarily from diuretic herbs. To them
относятся брусника, толокнянка, шалфей, петрушка,
Their infusions help excrete women
excess fluid. This reduces milk production.
breast glands.

Приготовить настой из этих трав несложно.
Take two tablespoons of one of the above herbs, pour in
ceramic cup or thermos. Pour 400 ml of boiling water,
close the lid. After two hours you can drink. Drink infusion instead
water. Allowed to drink per day up to 6 glasses of infusion. Soon after
start reception (somewhere on the fourth day) you will feel
significant relief. Breasts will be softer, the flow of milk
will decrease.

Belladonna, horsetail, jasmine, silverweed white, elecampane
are diuretics. They are brewed and taken exactly
instructions written on the package.

Good helps infusion of peppermint. In addition to the diuretic, he
It is also a sedative. 3 tablespoons mint herb
pour, grinding, in a thermos. Add there two and a half
стакана кипящей water. Leave for an hour, strain, drink a day by
300 ml, dividing them into three doses, on an empty stomach.

Keep cooked herds in the refrigerator no more than two.

Reduce and then stop lactation will help you all
the famous herb is sage. Not only does it quickly block production
milk, but also helps to strengthen the immunity of women
Improving its genitourinary system. Cook it out the same way
like diuretic herbs. Take half a cup of tea
three times a day. The effect will see soon enough. After four
day, the amount of milk will be significantly reduced.

If you are nervous, you have to psychologically difficult,
drink some soothing herbs – mint, motherwort, valerian.

Reducing the amount of any liquid (including soups and milk),
You can reduce the flow of milk.


From the popular ways you can still suggest using
various compresses.

  • Compress from camphor. Take camphor oil
    and lubricate them breasts (except nipples) every four hours in
    for three days. Be sure to wrap a warm scarf or scarf.
    If there is a strong distention, tingling, unpleasant
    sensations, take paracetamol.
  • Компресс из капустных листьев. Believed
    that they help to “burn” the milk, make the breast softer. For compress
    возьмите два средних капустных листа, охладите их в
    the fridge. This will enhance the anti-inflammatory properties of the leaves.
    Roll a little with a rolling pin or just knead the sheets in your hands,
    to make a juice. Apply soft leaves to breasts,
    carefully tie it up. Keep the leaves until they fade (no less than
    hours) Do a compress once a day until the condition improves.
    (usually a week is enough).
  • Cold compress. If you feel pain in
    breasts, inflammation, it is recommended to make a cold compress.
    Take ice or frozen food from the refrigerator, which
    convenient to attach to the chest. Wrap it in a towel or soft
    the cloth. Attach to the affected breast. Keep not too long
    maximum of 20 minutes not to get cold.

Видео: Как уменьшить количество грудного молока

Pills stop lactation

If for some reason lactation must be stopped
as soon as possible, and a lot of milk, you have to turn to
official medicine. Currently there are many
drugs and tablets that promote rapid cessation
milk production by the mammary glands. They quickly conquer
popularity as an effective means of “burning” the chest
milk But among practitioners, it is still advisable
their use causes great controversy.

Why not take their own drugs?

All preparations for stopping milk production are made on
based on hormones. And no one can say with certainty that
you get more from them – benefit or harm. Поэтому не
prescribe these medicines yourself.
Each drug
There are restrictions on reception. They can cause harmful effects.
Most of them can not be taken with diabetes, often
high blood pressure, liver, kidney and some other diseases
diseases. Prescribe treatment can only gynecologist or another
specialist. He will determine for you the necessary dose of the drug when
and how to take.

List of popular drugs

таблетки прекращающие лактацию

Today the most popular drugs to stop
lactation are:

  • Parlodel;
  • Bromcreptin;
  • Microfollin;
  • Atsetomepregenol;
  • Turinal;
  • Norkolut;
  • Orgametril;
  • Duphaston;
  • Primolyuta – well;
  • Synestrol;
  • Utrozhestan;
  • Cabergolin;
  • Dostinex;
  • Bromo Camphor

They are produced on the basis of different hormones with different
concentration. The duration of the reception is also different and varies in
one to fourteen days.

The same drugs are prescribed if they are found in the mammary glands.
seals causing pain, feeling of inflammation then
есть тогда, когда присутствуют все признаки мастита (см ссылки

A little about taking medication

  1. Take pills only when it really is.
    caused by necessity.
  2. Consultation with a specialist (gynecologist, pediatric
  3. Do not exceed the dose prescribed by your doctor.
  4. Taking medications, do not forget to express milk
    in order to avoid inflammation.
  5. If you took the medicine, and after that you have worsened
    state of health, inform your doctor. It will change the dosage or
    write out another drug.
  6. When taking medicines, feed the baby with their milk
    can not.
  7. Progestin-based pills are considered less dangerous.
  8. When taking medication can not be much utyagyat chest so as not to
    provoke lactostasis or mastitis.
  9. If you decide to return the baby to breastfeeding, then
    allow time for drug withdrawal
    from your body. Then strain the milk from both breasts. And only
    then proceed to feeding the baby.

After stopping breastfeeding a few drops of milk
can stand out when pressed. But if six or more passed
months, and you find milk in your breast, then this is the reason
consult a gynecologist. The body can signal about
developing disease.

When you stop breastfeeding, the woman experiences
and discomfort, and pain, and worries about the baby.
It is at this time that she needs the presence next to her.
people close to her. After all, a woman needs help and support as
moral and practical.

If during lactation you have a fever,
the chest reddened, seals appeared in it, this is
a sign of mastitis or lactostasis. Do not delay visiting the doctor –

I repeat: because of the risk of side effects
do not self medicating, please contact
to the doctor! And if there is no strong need to apply drugs
better do without pills and use proven
folk remedies.

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