Flying Minion is a new toy of 2015.Great gift for your child

Cartoon characters loved by many kids
�Despicable Me can now fly in your home! Now there is little
surprise the kids, but flying Minions will surely delight your
baby Unusual toy, released in 2015, quickly gained
worldwide popularity. First, it is interesting to children (a,
however, and adults too!), secondly, it is made of
high quality material. Well, and besides, it is very convenient
to enjoy.


The main advantages of the toy “Flying

  • The principle of its work (flight) is the same as that of the Flying Fairy.
    (Flying Fairy)
  • If you bring your hands to the surface of the toy, then it takes off
    above (due to the built-in infrared sensor that responds to
    palm approach)
  • Relatively long flight time – about 10-12 minutes
  • No need to buy new batteries – the toy has
    built-in battery
  • The device can be charged from a computer or laptop (by
  • �”Protection” from falling from a height when the battery is low: how
    Only the battery charge will be low, the minion will fly much
    lower than usual – it will be a signal that the battery should be
    to charge.

As you can see, the merits of a toy a lot. In kit
�”Flying Minion” includes the following:

  • The device – “Minion”
  • Remote control on / off
  • USB cable for connecting (charging) to a computer

It is worth noting that the battery is charged from the computer at all
not for long: maximum 20-25 minutes. Minion is managed
using the remote. Press the “ON” button and flying cartoon
the hero begins to take off into the air! First he turns on
propeller, and then the device rises.

When the minion lowers your altitude, ask your
baby bring hands to the miracle “animal” – infrared will work
the sensor at the bottom of the device, and our hero again
soars to a certain height. This is due to the fact that
the device receives a thermal impulse after approaching the arm and,
thus rises up. To stop the action
toys, just press “OFF” on the remote.

What is the benefit of a flying minion for

  • The child develops an imagination, which is very important for
  • Orientation in space
  • Motility develops, the child becomes more agile
  • Fun and lots of joy!

летающий миньон-2

летающий миньон

The minions are presented in two versions: Stuart and Dave (the main
cartoon characters). You can run a wonderful toy for children with hands
or from the floor. According to reviews of people who bought the “Flying Minions”,
You can make a conclusion about the benefits of this product for kids. Child
is so keen on flying favorite characters that he forgets about everything
in the world! Get great flying minions and donate
your beloved children a lot of fun and pleasure!

Give a flying minion to your child, and together
with him and a joyful feeling of a miracle, because even in adults observation
flight always causes positive emotions! 

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Here’s how it works:

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