Fluconazole during pregnancy in 1 trimester -very dangerous this is a proven fact

Update: February 2019

Many women ask doctors the question – can I take
Fluconazole during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester? In the instructions to
drug clearly indicated that it is impossible. What do medical
research on this issue, because this tool is considered one of
most affordable and effective.

Studies at the State Serum Institute
in Denmark, were aimed at studying the impact on fetal development
The most popular drug for thrush is Fluconozol. It turned out
что использование в первые недели беременности этого
antifungal drug in gynecology, for the treatment of
молочницы  у женщины, приводит к повышению риска развития
heart defects in a child.


This tool has long established itself as a fast-acting,
very effective antifungal drug in pills.
Pregnancy is a period when a woman has
physiological reduction of immunity, therefore the period of gestation
child is one of the causes of thrush in women.
Women take fluconazole as a first aid measure, and
very often at the time when the future mother does not yet know that
expecting a baby. It was in the first weeks of gestation, in the first trimester,
when the heart and all organs of the baby are formed, many are very dangerous
medicines. Danish scientists reviewed data
children born in 1996-2011 took into account their overall condition
health and features of the course of pregnancy, especially
the prevalence of congenital malformations is analyzed.
It turned out that taking fluconazole during pregnancy,
especially in the first trimester, it increased the risk of formation of
малыша тетрады Фалло — врожденного сложного порока сердца.

Флуконазол при беременности принимать нельзя

Prior to this study, the relationship with
gestational age of fluconazole with embryo 14
congenital abnormalities such as cleft palate, malformations
skeleton, etc. According to the results of the Danish study, these data are also
have been confirmed. Doctors and scientists remind that is unacceptable
use of this antifungal during pregnancy
(см. чем лечить молочницу при беременности).

Only with a generalized form of fungal infection,
life-threatening woman, let’s say his reception. When thrush
women should be prescribed by a gynecologist
self-medicate, especially if there is no certainty
no pregnancy. Women should not risk before
treatment should ensure that conception did not occur, and during
therapy should either eliminate sex or use

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