Flies are more dangerous than you thought

Update: February 2019

Scientific Reports magazine introduced its readers to
the results of a new study on the microbiome of flies.
The Pennsylvania team took up the study of these insects.
University (Philadelphia) and found out that flies are carriers
a huge number of pathogens than we thought.
Among the microbes, even Helicobacter pylori – a key link
in the development of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Of course, people previously knew about the harmfulness of room and
meat flies. But before our time, not a single large-scale
research that actually reflects specific pathogens on the body of flies.
Recall that these insects live extremely “unscrupulous”: polluting
small larvae are feces and already decaying substances, they
become carriers of a mass of harmful bacteria. With
the spread of infection such bacteria can cause massive
outbreaks of infectious diseases and even epidemics.

American experts analyzed the state of the genome
about 120 meat and house flies, which were picked from three
continents. The purpose of the work was to accurately identify microorganisms
present on the body of insects. It turned out that some
flies were hundreds of microbes. Most pathogens
located on the wings and legs.

The genetic information of indoor and meat flies is the same.
about half. �“Urban” flies were more polluted
rather than flies from the countryside and countryside. But scientists
reflected in the results of their work and positive aspects
research. If a prepared flock of flies is released into
a certain range, and then again to catch, you can find out what
the species met by insects during their flight from

The findings of the University of Pennsylvania scientists have not only enriched
human knowledge about the mechanisms of infection by some
pathogenic microbes, but also gave rise to reflection on
use of flies for the benefit of the population. Experts recommend
go hiking and plan picnics away from urban
buildings, as the risk of infection from insects is higher, the more
people is around. After all, people throw out a lot of waste,
being an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and flies. Also
for the first time, scientists found out that these insects are spreading
Helicobacter pylori – a spiral colonizing bacteria
mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum.

University urges to follow the rules of personal hygiene, wash
vegetables and fruits with boiling water, keep the house clean and in
in public places.

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