Flatulence: the causes and treatment of elevatedgas formation

Update: October 2018

Hearing the word flatulence, many people experience some inconvenience
and psychological discomfort. The fact is that this phenomenon is very
prevalent among the population because the modern pace of life and
eating on the go, overeating and eating heavy foods are
the most significant causes of increased gas formation and their
pathological delay in the digestive tract in healthy people.

In the human intestine is a complex process of digestion.
food, which is accompanied by gas formation due to disintegration
complex substances to simple. In addition, we periodically
we swallow air that enters the stomach and then moves on
on the digestive tract. Another source of gases is blood. Thus, the gases
are formed in all and leave our body naturally through
the rectum (its terminal section) in a volume of about 600 ml
every day. The specific smell of intestinal gases is associated with the presence in
special aromatic compounds such as skatole, indole,
hydrogen sulfide – decomposition products of organic compounds.

Flatulence, in fact, is a pathological gas formation
up to 3 liters per day, when the body does not have time to withdraw and
dispose of the formed exchange products in the form of gaseous

Intestinal gases are foam with many tiny bubbles,
shrouded in viscous mucus. This kind of mucous-gas mixture
a thin layer covers the intestinal mucosa, makes it difficult and violates
parietal digestion, inhibits enzymatic activity and
natural absorption of nutrients. In this article, we
More about the flatulence, the causes and treatment of this

Causes of flatulence

Causes of increased gas formation in the intestines is very

  • A frequent root cause of this pathology is a violation
    enzyme system

The lack of enzymes causes a hit in the terminal
sections of the digestive tract of a large number of undigested
food residues, which, in turn, activates the reactions of decay
and fermentation of undigested food with the release of gases. Have small
children’s enzyme system is imperfect, so they often experience
intestinal problems in the form of flatulence. Enzyme disorders
systems occur in adults due to unbalanced nutrition.

  • Violation of intestinal microflora

The imbalance of the microflora of the colon is the second
prevalence cause of flatulence (see dysbiosis symptoms
intestine). Under normal conditions, the bulk of the resulting
gases are absorbed by intestinal bacteria – intestinal gases are they
used for their own life. Imbalance
between microorganisms that produce gases and bacteria, their
absorb, causes flatulence (see how to treat dysbiosis

  • Surgical intervention in the abdominal cavity

The third cause of flatulence is intestinal stretching.
walls due to a decrease in motor activity of the gastrointestinal tract after
previous surgical interventions on the abdominal cavity.
Surgery almost completely lead to
violation of intestinal motility. Slowing natural movement
food masses provokes increased fermentation and putrefactive
процессов, а значит, и повышенного gas formation. Moreover,
gases that accumulate in the lumen of the sedentary intestine cause
unpleasant paroxysmal pain. Adhesions in the intestines and
tumors mechanically hamper the passage of food masses and thereby
provoke flatulence.

  • GI pathology

Diseases such as gastritis, duodenitis, pancreatitis, hepatitis
may also be accompanied by flatulence.

  • Food

Food quality is a common cause.
flatulence in healthy people. The first positions in the list of provocateurs
flatulence is occupied by pulses and foods rich in coarse-fiber
fiber. Strongly carbonated drinks also lead to accumulation.
excess gas in the intestines. Products, the digestion of which
accompanied by active fermentation reactions (lamb) and
fluids in which their own enzymatic and
fermentation reactions (kvass, beer) lead to flatulence.

  • Stress

Spasm of smooth muscles and slowing intestinal motility
possible also on the background of nervous disorders and significant
emotional overload, so these reasons can also
cause flatulence.

Symptoms and classification of flatulence

Flatulence is classified according to the reasons its

  • flatulence on the background of a diet rich in cellulose, and also due to
    consumption of legumes;
  • flatulence due to digestive disorders due to
    GI pathology;
  • intestinal dysbiosis;
  • flatulence on the background of mechanical disturbances of peristalsis
    (tumors, adhesions in the pelvis, intoxication);
  • flatulence in circulatory disorders general and local
  • neuropsychiatric disorders and psycho-emotional
  • when raised to a height when gases expand and
    increase pressure in the intestines.

Manifested flatulence bloating or paroxysmal and
cramping pains. Bloating and pain may be accompanied
belching, nausea, decreased appetite, delayed stool or

There are two options for the course of flatulence

In the first case, the main manifestations of flatulence is an increase in
abdominal volume due to accumulation of gas and difficulty passing
accumulated gas due to colonic spasm. Man at the same time
feels discomfort, pain and a feeling of distention in the abdomen.

The second variant is distinguished by regular, but enhanced discharge.
gaseous products from the intestines.

This phenomenon significantly reduces the quality of life and
limits stay in society. Pain syndrome is different
weak expression, more worried rumbling and transfusion
the contents of the intestines, which is clearly audible even from a distance.

Flatulence is also characteristic of flatulence:

  • burning in the region of the heart
  • heart rhythm disorder
  • decrease in mood
  • sleep disorder
  • general weakness
  • headaches
  • arrhythmias

Treatment of flatulence

Treatment usually involves several consecutive

  • correction of diet and diet;
  • treatment of disease resulting in flatulence;
  • restoration of motor function of the digestive tract by appointment
    drugs from the prokinetic group (metoclopramide, tegaserod,
  • correction of intestinal biocenosis by assigning biologics –
    Acylact, Hilak Forte, Bifidumbacterin, Imofuni Riflora (see list
    probiotics, analogs Linex);
  • removal of gases accumulated in the intestinal lumen.

In the treatment of flatulence are actively used adsorbents, which
reduce the absorption of gases and other toxic compounds
origin, and also contribute to the removal of gases (white clay,
Dimethicone, simethicone, polyphepanum, polysorb, activated carbon,
Filtrum STI).

When diagnosing absolute or partial deficiency
the production of digestive enzymes disrupts the process
digesting the main components of food. As auxiliary and
replacement therapy, in this case, enzymatic
drugs – pepsin, natural gastric juice, pancreatin, mezim,

To reduce the painful manifestations of flatulence are assigned
antispasmodics (drotaverine, no-shpa).

In the treatment of flatulence, which arose against the background of nervous shocks and
stress, appoint sedatives and sedatives.

Folk remedies in the treatment of flatulence

Some plants have carminative effects: infusions of fruits
cumin, dill, coriander, plantain seeds, fennel, mint leaves,
Chamomile flowers, decoctions of wormwood, St. John’s wort and yarrow.

To cope with the problem and help such unusual ways:

  • warmed with butter or pork fat smeared abundantly
    stomach during acute manifestations;
  • they make homemade coal from poplar splinters — burn them and then
    The resulting embers are consumed before and after meals by 3 teaspoons.

Helps meteorism warm – warm water is poured into the heating pad
and applied to the stomach.

Meals with flatulence

Food rationalization includes the exclusion of food,
rich in coarse fiber (sorrel, cabbage, grapes, gooseberry),
whole milk, legumes and products with fermentation reactions
(beer, kvass, sparkling water). Meat should be consumed only in
boiled form, bakery products – from wheat flour coarse
Grind and with bran.

You should eat only compatible products. For example,
eating meat and then sweets leads to increased
gas formation. At the same time it is recommended to enrich the diet
fermented milk products, boiled vegetables and fruits,
crumbly cereals, walnuts. If flatulence bothers you
constantly, do not hide this problem and be treated
symptomatic drugs. Only a doctor can set
the root cause of flatulence and assign the correct and adequate

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