Flabbiness of skin, loose skin: causes thathow to remove loose skin after losing weight

Update: October 2018

Flabbiness of the skin is one of the serious aesthetic problems
which may occur in young women. Not to be confused
wrinkled and flabby skin: these conditions may be accompanied
each other, but appear differently.

Signs of loose skin

  • Reduced turgor, lack of proper elasticity. Skin looks
    sagging and stretched. Sometimes there may be a clear excess of tissue.
    (on the abdomen, neck, chest, back, shoulders, eyelids, nasolabial
  • Pale skin color, sometimes with yellowness.
  • Enlarged pores, sometimes gaping.
  • The wrinkled skin.

Causes of flabbiness

Age women

With age, several interrelated natural occur
the processes leading to flabbiness:

  • slowing down the production of hyaluronic acid playing the most important
    role in moistening;
  • slowing down the growth of collagen and elastin fibers,
    which are skin carcass and maintain elasticity
  • slowing down of metabolic processes, and, as a result, reducing
    trophic tissue and the rate of excretion of metabolic products.

Young women

  • Metabolic disorders due to endocrine diseases
    Systems: hypophysis hypofunction, thyroid disease. In this
    case, there is general flabbiness of the body skin, the causes of which
    laid down in the function of the endocrine glands. All this develops with
    visible health, outside diets and other factors.
  • Overwork, stress, lack of sleep. Usually explicit
    flabbiness of the skin is not observed, but the woman seems to be
    rapidly grows old in a few days (remember yourself after
    several sleepless nights). In this случае патогенез внешних
    change is to find the body in stress
    condition, metabolic disorders and biological
  • The use of substandard cosmetics,
    overdue cosmetics lead to flabbiness of the skin of the face and neck.
    Anti-aging creams of unknown origin often have
    the opposite effect!

In women of childbearing age

Pregnancy and subsequent labor leads to a decrease in skin
turgor with the formation of excess tissue, especially in the abdomen and
thighs This is due to physiological stretching of the skin in the period
carrying the child, as well as the effects of pregnancy hormones,
which increase the stretchability of tissues.

After weight loss

The faster the weight loss, the greater the excess skin
formed on the body. This is especially noticeable on the stomach and thighs. If a
skin sagging after losing weight, the cause is splitting
subcutaneous adipose tissue. The skin just does not have time to fast
shrink following fat splitting, over-stretching, losing
elasticity. Strongly stretched and loose fabric practically
loses the ability to reduce, so in some cases
have to resort to surgical plastic.

Elimination of sagging skin salon methods

It is difficult and sometimes impossible to return the skin to its former appearance. To wait
quick results are not necessary. The main thing is right
Selected ways to correct this condition. Before as
go for a consultation to a cosmetologist in a beauty salon, in
It is mandatory to visit an endocrinologist and exclude
endocrinological pathology!

Modern cosmetology has a long list of external
procedures that allow in one degree or another to improve the condition
skin integument. All methods promise high efficiency, but
it should be understood that the effect in each case will be different, depend
from many factors:

  • initial state of tissues
  • quality and duration of exposure
  • individual body reaction to the procedure, etc.

General contraindications for all methods:

  • oncological diseases;
  • epilepsy;
  • pregnancy;
  • ARVI;
  • blood disorders;
  • skin diseases;
  • skin damage (abrasions, cuts).

Fractional Mesotherapy

Suitable for the correction of facial skin. Mesotherapy is an injection
mezopreparatov in the skin to a depth of about 1.5 mm ultrathin needles.
The composition of mezokokteyley can be vitamins, hyaluronic acid,
peptide glutathione and others. beneficial substances that promote
regeneration and nutrition of tissues. Introduction of hyaluronic monopreparation
acid is called biorevitalization. Many women use
mesotherapy as a fashion, hoping for a significant improvement


  • painlessness
  • lack of strict age restrictions
  • quick buff.

  • high price
  • the need for multiple sessions of procedures to achieve
  • the effect may be completely absent;
  • hematoma formation (often) that may
    get infected;
  • the possibility of allergic reactions;
  • the possibility of infection in the skin;
  • violation of the protective function of the skin;
  • strict list of restrictions after the procedure;
  • временная продолжительность эффекта  (максимум 1

Fractional RF-lifting

RF frequencies in the range of thirty0 MHz – 4 kHz are used in for
tightening the skin of the face, neckline, neck and body, on the arms, after losing weight
and pregnancy. Radiofrequency radiation stimulates
fibroblast cells, which in turn produce a new
elastin and collagen. Activation of fibroblast cells occurs as in
during the procedure, and within 1-3 hours after it.


  • lack of rehabilitation period;
  • suitable for face and body correction;
  • no traumatic and invasive intervention;
  • compatibility with other procedures (mesotherapy,
    photorejuvenation, etc.);
  • long lasting effect for several years;

  • age limit (not up to 18 years);
  • It takes a long time, with a large impact area
    take a few hours;
  • strict list of restrictions after lifting;
  • This radiation, which is embedded in the safe range. But
    safe radiation is not a priori.

Fractional photothermolysis

The action is based on the thermal effect of laser beams at
their penetration into the skin, which activates the production of collagen and
elastin. Reduces the flabbiness of the skin of the feet, hands, body, face.


  • surface exposure (without damage);
  • suitable for the correction of the face and body, including after childbirth and
    losing weight;
  • quick recovery after the procedure;
  • lasting effect for several years.

  • high price
  • age limit (effective until reaching 40 years of age);
  • long, includes 3-4 sessions.


The enormous potential of this type of skin exposure is known.
long. Superficial effect on the dermis leads to activation
blood circulation and lymph flow, improving tissue trophism and excretion
metabolic products, accelerating tissue regeneration, including
collagen and elastin fibers. Reflex effect on
biologically active points leads to the mobilization of internal
organism resources.

An important condition – the massage should be toning, active. AT
In case of working with the body, various massage rollers can be used.
and spikes, vacuum devices that enhance the effect on the skin.


  • availability;
  • lack of invasive exposure and radiation;
  • the possibility of exposure to both skin and skin
  • general positive effect (stimulation of protective forces
    organism, improving performance).

  • not always massage with a certain action is.
    There are many names – anti-aging, lymphatic drainage, plastic, and
    sometimes all this turns out to be a simple stroking;
  • possible swelling after massage;
  • A course of 10-15 procedures is required.

Microcurrent therapy

ATоздействие на поверхность кожного покрова слабыми
electrical pulses (40-1000 microamps). Are activated
cellular metabolism, microcirculation and lymph flow,
синтезирование коллагена и elastin.


  • microcurrents are not felt by the skin;
  • do not cause tissue contractions;
  • act on the skin and on the muscles and blood vessels;
  • soft buff.

  • a course of 10-12 procedures is required;
  • electrostimulation of tissues can lead to dormant activation
  • cardiovascular is added to general contraindications


Light waves acting on the skin activate production
collagen. The method allows to reduce the flabbiness of the skin of the abdomen, thighs,
buttocks, arms, neck and face.


  • non-invasive method (comparable to tanning in a tanning bed);
  • suitable for exposure to all parts of the body.

  • high price;
  • there may be discomfort during the procedure (burning);
  • recovery period required;
  • strict list of restrictions after the method;
  • the effect is short (several months) or completely absent;
  • contraindications – fresh tan, hypersensitivity to
    ultraviolet and other common (see above).

Как подтянуть обвисшую кожу в домашних условиях

Not everyone can afford saloon treatments that are cheap.
do not happen. Domestic ways against flabbiness with due perseverance and
striving for a goal is sometimes no worse than those offered by newfangled
beauticians. What to do yourself if you have slack

ATодный массаж контрастных температур

An active massage that produces water trickles leads to
the strengthening of the collagen framework, and the water of contrasting temperatures
activates blood circulation in the skin. Contrast shower take over
a day for 10-15 minutes, combining with a hard washcloth massage.

Toning masks

Masks of fruits, vegetables, which are applied to problem areas
after shower. Active skin absorbs well.
beneficial substances contained in the gifts of nature.

Yeast, gelatin and protein masks

Effective to fight against loose skin of the neck and face. Gelatin and
protein have a compressive effect on the skin, acting on
the principle of deep massage, and the yeast actively nourish and saturate
ткани витаминами группы AT.

Masks can be alternated in 2-3 days.

  • Gelatin – 1 tsp. Edible gelatin mixed with 100 ml
    cream, leave in the refrigerator until swelling, then put on
    water bath to dissolve the gelatin, cooled to tolerance
    skin and add a teaspoon of honey and olive oil. Put on
    neck and face with a thin layer, after drying the first layer is applied
    the second, then in a similar way and the third. ATыдерживают маску thirty
    minutes in the supine position and without changing facial expressions. Wash away warm
    then cold water.
  • Protein – protein 1 eggs beat up strong foam with a drop
    lemon juice and applied to the skin in a dense layer, stand 20
    минут и смывают теплой, then cold water.
  • Дрожжевая – в thirty мл подогретого молока разводят треть пачки
    свежих дрожжей (thirty гр) и дают им подняться, затем наносят состав на
    skin for 20 minutes. Wash off with cool water.

ATанны с отваром татарника колючего (чертополоха)

It has an active tonic effect and is positioned as
The best remedy for flabby skin of plant origin. 200
grams of dry grass plants pour 2 liters of boiling water and cook on a small
heat 20 minutes. Strained broth is added to the bath and take it
15-20 minutes. 10 procedures are shown (1-2 times per week).

Wraps with mummy, honey, blue clay, kelp,
lifting creams

The film enhances the effect of the composition applied to the skin and
promotes better absorption of substances into the skin. Wrapping follows
do after bath or shower on steamed skin and not stand
less than an hour, regularly repeating the procedure once a week.

Fitness, hula-hoop, belly dance, body flex, yoga

How to remove sagging skin on the abdomen and thighs? Regularly twist
weighted hoop 15 minutes a day. Sports make
to shrink and come to tone not only muscles, but also located
above it is the skin. Activation of metabolism and blood circulation, saturation
skin cells with oxygen during sports positively
сказываются на appearance What type of physical activity to choose
(fitness, yoga, bodyflex, belly dance, etc.) choose – decide
each, depending on the state of health and opportunities. If a
summarize how to remove skin laxity at home – should
deal with this problem daily. Make a certain
schedule, writing and assigning a specific method for each day
effects: bath, mask, wrap, gym, etc.
This is a daily work that will definitely bear fruit.

Prevention of skin flabbiness

With the emerging flabbiness of the skin or a tendency to
Such a problem should be adhered to by a complex of preventive
toning activities not burdensome, but effective.

  • Contrasting washing and shower. Such training improves
    elastic properties and firmness of the skin frame. The only
    feature – washing with cool water should be longer than
    use warm water. Example: 10 seconds warm wash, 20 seconds
    cool rinsing, etc.
  • Wiping, which can be replaced with washing: a cotton swab,
    moistened in saline solution (per 200 ml of water 1 tsp of sea salt),
    light and quick pats to walk on the skin of the neck and face.
  • ATытирание полотенцем должно осуществляться по принципу
    promakivaniya, without intensive stretching movements on the skin.
  • Applying daily cream is carried out accurate pressing
    movements, without smearing and rubbing cosmetic
  • Toning masks для лица и шеи. Lemon and cucumber – 2
    Excellent product to enhance skin turgor. Products can
    mix with each other, but it is better to use them for the season: lemon
    in winter, and cucumber in summer. The mask recipe is elementary – the pulp of a lemon or
    cucumber chop and apply on the skin, in the case of lemon before the mask on
    A thin layer of fat cream is applied to the skin. ATыдерживать на лице 10
    (lemon) and 15 (cucumber) minutes with a frequency of 2 times a week,
    preferably done in the morning.
  • Sports, fitness, swimming – any kind,
    suggesting physical activity.
  • Насыщение рациона продуктами, содержащими витамины Е, С, А, AT1
    (fruits, berries, vegetables, cereals, nuts, sesame), polyunsaturated
    fatty acids (seafood). К приему  синтетических
    vitamins worth treating with caution (see harm and benefit
    vitamins in tablets).
  • Saturation of the ration with collagen products. Will be wrong
    claim that natural collagens are 100% digestible
    body and embedded in the structure of tissues. They contribute
    restoration of collagen fibers, activating their regeneration.
    There are three unique products that contain bromelain and
    Papain – papaya, pineapple and kiwi. Daily use of data
    fresh fruit can prolong youth and resilience

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