Five things that can affect the levelhormones

Update: February 2019

Нормальный уровень hormones обеспечивает слаженную работу всего
organism. It turned out that a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition
and physical activity are not a guarantee of hormonal
balance. Every day we are confronted with factors that can affect
на выработку hormones.

Cosmetic products

Some cosmetic products contain chemicals
endocrine disrupting function. People suffering
diseases of the thyroid and other endocrine glands, it is impossible
use formaldehyde, lead and cosmetics
oxybenzone. Substances may be found in popular
cosmetic products: lipstick, eye shadows, nail polish,
sunscreen, etc.


The usual touch (hug, handshake, massage) is able
affect the hormone-releasing oxytocin receptors.
Experimental psychologist from the Indian University Depot Matt
Gertenstein noted that touch can reduce the production
hormones стресса. The mechanism of action is akin to the body’s response to
pleasant smells and tastes: the cerebral cortex as it “revives” and
works more actively.

Влияние на гормоны


Overuse of smartphones can suppress synthesis
hormones. The light emitted by electronic screens (called
голубой свет), подавляет выработку hormones в 2 раза сильнее, чем
any other.

Blue light inhibits melatonin synthesis in the body, a hormone,
regulating circadian rhythms – the human biological clock. how
result, the body accumulates neurotoxin, which increases
the likelihood of developing depression.

Hand antiseptics

Excess antibacterial disinfectant when washing
hands is able to weaken the immune system and upset the balance between
useful and harmful microflora.

Triclosan, the main component of antiseptics, according to scientists
negatively affects thyroid hormones and can lead to
the development of hypothyroidism. The role of antiseptics is not excluded.
в развитии рака щитовидной железы.


Anita Mitra, gynecologist at the National Health Service
UK claims travel changes to levels
melatonin and cortisol in the body. Even minor changes.
daily regimen affect the hormonal level. And the flight to
another time zone completely changes the normal mode.

A change in melatonin level adversely affects the level
testosterone in men and the menstrual cycle in women.

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