Fitness, exercise does not eliminate the effectssedentary work

Update: February 2019

Everyone knows that sedentary work adversely affects
modern human health:

  • problems with the spine – osteochondrosis, scoliosis
  • metabolic disorders, diabetes, overweight,
  • poor circulation, congestion in the pelvis,
    provoking gynecological diseases, prostatitis, hemorrhoids and
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • increases the risk of oncology and early death.

Therefore, in most of the recommendations for the prevention of diseases in
one of the points is always indicated – an increase in physical activity.
But how to implement it in practice and does it really reduce
негативные последствия sedentary work?

A person who lives in the metropolis and seeks to maintain a healthy way
life, such a call to “increase physical activity” sees in
посещении тренажерных залов, занятий фитнесом, плаванием и etc. И
it’s all after a hard day’s work – after overwork, stress
and being in a sitting position for 8 hours a day … Is it compensated
вред sedentary work выполнением физических упражнений, есть ли от
this effect?

These questions were asked by experts of the Royal London
College (Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neurology). They
studied strategies that are used to reduce the effects
long sitting, and came to the conclusion that increased activity
после работы снижает негативные последствия sedentary work не так
effectively as reducing the time spent sitting.

The study showed that:

  • People seeking to reduce sitting time
    position – get 60% more benefits to maintain
    health, unlike those who do nothing.
  • People who exercise but do not cut
    sitting time – it improves the state of health only

Therefore, scientists recommend focusing more on reducing
time that a person spends in a sitting position. It is necessary
considered as a separate change in behavior, that is, more
move during the day. New research has shown that
There are promising activities that can contribute
reduce sitting time:

  • Work tables, allowing work and sitting, and standing
  • You should keep an independent record of the time spent in
    sit down and shorten it, use signals for this
    to remind you to get up and move.
  • Every 30 minutes of office work should be broken down as follows.
    way: 2 minutes to move (bend down, crouch, walk), 8
    minutes to stand, 20 minutes to sit.

When a person is standing, muscles are activated, allowing you to withdraw
excessive amounts of glucose, so in a standing position it is burned at 1.5
calories more than sitting (4 hours standing
spend 240 calories more than sitting down). TO
example, if you sit more than one hour, calories are not working
muscles, and deposited in the fat depot, as reduced levels
lipoprotein lipase enzyme while sitting. However, stand long
without active movements is also harmful, we need a happy medium.

The findings of the researchers should help people pay attention to
проблему, подумать над вариантами и методами сокращения
duration of sitting both at work and at home in everyday
of life.

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