Fitball exercise with a newborn baby (+a lot of video instructions)

Fortunately, the times are already over when it was thought that up to 4-6
months baby most of the day should lie motionless in tight
tightened diaper. Modern doctors are of the opinion that
for harmonious physical development, a child needs not only
freedom of movement from birth, but also special exercises. Besides
standard training program that all moms get in
�“The cabinet of a healthy child” will not be superfluous to exercise on
специальном мяче — фитболе для infants


What is the use of fitball

В доме, где появился малыш, мяч фитбол пригодится и
for health, and for entertainment. Grown up children love
jump on it like on a jumper, and with newborn children on
fitball you can do gymnastics. Classes on
фитболе полезны не только детям с неврологическими проблемами,
how often mothers think young. For healthy children
такая зарядка необходима по многим причинам.

  1. Contributes to the removal of muscle hypertonia characteristic of
  2. Strengthens and develops the muscles of the limbs, back, abdominal
  3. It has a massage effect and stimulates the internal
  4. Improves digestion and prevents colic.
  5. Helps learn to coordinate movements and develops
    vestibular apparatus.

Doing right

Гимнастика на фитболе имеет такое количество плюсов и
so effective that it will simply not be sensible to neglect it.
In order for the exercises to bring joy to mom and baby, you need
observe some conditions.

мяч фитбол

  • It is best to do gymnastics in the morning while the baby is on
    peak activity and in a good mood.
  • Before starting the exercises, make sure that the baby is calm and nothing.
    does not cause him inconvenience.
  • From the moment of feeding to the exercises you need to pause a minimum
    for 1.5 hours.
  • If the baby is naughty and resists – do not insist. Not
    All children are immediately enthusiastic about the exercises on fitball.
    Let the child get used to and get used to.
  • The first training should be short, 4-5 minutes, and then
    class time is gradually increasing.

Существуют основные упражнения на фитболе для новорожденных
infants Mastering the charge on the miracle ball is better to start with them, and
then you can give free rein to your body and come up with the child
different ways to practice fitball.

Fitball exercise for kids

Classes on фитболе с новорожденным

So, cover the fitball with a soft diaper so that the baby is
nice to touch his naked hands, legs or cheek, and

занятия с грудничком на фитболе (упражнения)

Exercise 1. Swing on the tummy

We put the baby on fitball belly down. We put one hand
on his back, the other hold both legs and start carefully
jiggle back and forth, left and right.

Exercise 2. Swing on the back

At its core, this exercise repeats the previous one, only
the baby is lying on its back. Performing this exercise, you need to follow,
so that the head of the baby does not fall back.

Exercise 3. Spring

We put the baby on the tummy and, pressing on the tummy or
ass, make fitball spring under the body of the crumbs. During
doing this exercise is important to hold the legs. By analogy with
swing, spring baby can not only face down, but also
turning over on his back.

Exercise 4. Pushing

The baby lies on the back on the couch or table. We bring fitball
to the feet and press a little. The child instinctively begins
push the ball down.

Exercise 5. Jumping

Sitting on the floor, we clamp fitball between the legs so that he could not
roll away. We put the baby on fitball, and, holding from the side
backs, show how you can spring and jump. Usually this
exercise causes a lot of laughter and joy.

Exercise 6. We roll a wheelbarrow

Baby laid on fitball belly down so that he rested
handles in the ball. We take the child by the legs as if we are rolling a wheelbarrow, and
slightly shake back and forth.

Exercise 7. We get a toy

The baby is lying on the tummy. Holding the legs, we cant
baby forward so that he could get his hands to the floor. it
exercise becomes much more interesting if on the floor before the crumbs
Spread out toys that can be easily grip.

Exercise 9. Download press

Baby put on the back. Holding the forearm,
raise the crumbs to a sitting position and then lower

Exercise 10. Learn to stand

A good way to practice upright walking for children who
already know how to stand at the support. Actually, the essence of the exercise is
to give the child to stand with a fitball, be sure
hedging it.

For a children’s body fitball is two in one: dynamic
тренажер и расслабляющий массаж. The same exercises
performed with different intensity, can activate or
calm down. Many moms have a soothing effect even
for rocking baby before bedtime. 


гимнастика и упражнения на фитболе с грудным ребенком

Какой фитбол выбрать

Fitball can be bought in the store with children’s goods, and in
special sports department. Для того, чтобы решить, какой
fitball is best to choose, you need to understand how they differ.

разные размеры фитболов

В первую очередь фитболы имеют разный размер от 45
up to 75 cm. in diameter. The most versatile ball is 75 cm.
because it can be used both by children and adults. If y
there are no plans for gymnastics for adults, you can choose a smaller ball
diameter. For kids there is a good gymnastic ball option with
horns or handle.

The surface of the fitball can be smooth and can be covered
spikes. Smooth exercise is definitely needed for exercises with a newborn.
surface without any relief.

фитбол с рожками

фитбол с рожками

Показатель качественного фитбола – наличие
anti-rupture function. Learn that the ball has this
function, it is possible by marking ABS (Anti-Burst System) or BRQ
(Burst Resistant Quality).

Зная, как выбрать фитбол, вы не растеряетесь перед полкой в
the store. A good bonus to the ball is the pump, especially if
fitball large size. It is almost always included, but
if it is not, it is better to find an opportunity to purchase it. it заметно
will reduce the time for inflating the ball, and the pump works
more efficient.

Стоимость фитбола в основном зависит от бренда
manufacturer and size. On the ball of the most popular size 75
см. цена колеблется от 490р. up to 1000r. Buy fitball
лучше в специализированном the store. There’s less chance of running into
poor quality thing.

Choose fitball, read descriptions and reviews can in
online store OBSTETRICS

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Exercises. Watch video instructions. Part 1:

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