First week of pregnancy


  1. Features
  2. What happens in the first week?
  3. Signs
  4. Specificity of sensations
  5. How to behave?
  6. Ultrasound specificity

Every expectant mother should know the main points about pregnancy. This will help you get through the entire path a lot easier. Indeed, some things are better to refuse, but something is necessary use to enhance the health of the future baby and women.


First week of pregnancyProfessional midwives usually start the pregnancy count from the first day of the last menstruation. They decided to accept this type of reference, because it’s very difficult clearly identify the specific day of ovulation arrival and date conception.

The first week of pregnancy is unique in its own way and mysterious because sometimes it may not even be determined. It all depends on the period of ovulation and other features. This week is calculated purely theoretically, because there are no other ways to accurately determine.

What happens in the first week?

Curiously, preparation for the fertilization process and development pregnancy in the future starts when it begins to form egg. At this time, there is a change in the hormonal background in women. Also, changes affect the nervous system and much more. All this is characteristic for each cycle.

Countdown of the first week is made in different ways. It may depend from various factors. Can be taken as the so-called reference point different points.

If you use obstetric periods, then the countdown must be carried out from the first for the last menstruation, which occurred in a woman. BUT the real term is assigned from the immediate day of conception. is he usually determined only after research Ultrasound


By and large, the first couple of weeks of pregnancy pass under a kind of secret veil. Often even the expectant mother is not in the know about that she already has a fertilized egg inside her.

This leads to the absence of signs of pregnancy, as those. For this reason, at such an early date, a woman is unlikely can feel traditional nausea or swelling of dairy glands.

The first allotment is a very important period. It can be even call decisive. This is explained by the fact that the development of the fetus in depends a lot on this time. Also at this moment occurs reliable fixation of the embryo inside the uterus.

First week of pregnancyVery early to talk about characteristic signs for a pregnant woman. Usually to them intolerance to a particular food, a variety of smells, nausea in the morning and much more.

But in the first week, discharge may sometimes be recorded. Is not is a cause for panic, because everything is allowed and completely not dangerous. Woman in the first week will not feel any changes relative habitual state.

In the debut week, even a pregnancy test will not work. is he will consistently show a negative result. If If it happens otherwise, then some hormonal disorders are observed. The strip on the test may appear no earlier than the tenth day or even later.

Specificity of sensations

Such an early period does not allow a woman to learn about the fact pregnancy. Usually the first week is a real secret in this plan. Most ladies don’t even know their eggs are fertilized or not.


You can only know about this intuitively or when you were taken targeted attempts to get pregnant. At this time, the body the potential mother is just starting to realize something, make debut attempts to restructure the whole systems for new work.

The body can only assume that something will happen unusual, but the woman knows nothing.

How to behave?

If a woman made a firm decision for herself to become a mother, then It is worthwhile to mentally prepare for pregnancy from the very beginning. Mama must start living differently. It is important to realize the thought and accept the whole possible liability.

The first week of pregnancy is the birth of a new life. Highly it is important to take appropriate measures so that the unborn child is healthy and strong. The development of the future baby depends on many factors.

Experts recommend a woman to refuse first thing from a variety of bad habits. It must be completely excluded in the first weeks of pregnancy any drinking drinks, smoking, both active and passive.

If a woman is forced to consume medication, you need to consult a doctor. This is crucial because some medications can be dangerous to the fetus. Some of them are able to provoke the process of irreversible character in the female body.

Try to eliminate stressful situation. The solution to any problem is exclusively peaceful way plays an important role. It is also necessary to refuse to conduct x-rays of the abdominal cavity. You can allow such research only if absolutely necessary.

It’s important to try to avoid sick people who are potentially may be hazardous to health. If pregnancy occurs in cold season, you need to dress very warmly to minimize the risks of colds and other similar diseases.

The debut weeks of pregnancy should be behaved extremely neatly. May be taken as prophylactic agents garlic, as well as onions.

Strengthening immunity also plays not the last role. After consulting with a specialist, you can start the use of special vitamin complexes. They designed specifically for the first week.

Ultrasound specificity

First week of pregnancyPregnancy occurs in the middle menstrual cycle. After that, the central nervous system begins perestroika hormonal background. Thanks to ultrasound, you can determine more or less exact moment of fertilization.

A professional will be able to see in the pictures all the most important. There there are special spots that experts identify in my own way.

A planned pregnancy is always a joy. Exactly, when a couple makes certain plans about this and you can clearly determine the first week of pregnancy.

If it comes suddenly, then it’s almost unrealistic determine that she has come. The first week is flowing enough calmly, showing almost no signs. But the fairer sex is obliged to take care of herself and her health.

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