First walk: when you can start walking withnewborn baby?

Young mummies, returning from the hospital, immediately
faced with many questions, the most frequent of which is when
should go for the first walk with a newborn. Particular anxiety
Parents whose babies are born in winter are experiencing. They are afraid that children
may catch cold and get sick. When can I arrange a child first
is there a walk in his life? What rules should be followed in different

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  • 1 first walk
    • 1.1 Walking in the summer
    • 1.2 Walking in the fall and spring
    • 1.3 Walking with a child in winter
    • 1.4 General recommendations
  • 2 When you can not walk with a newborn
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прогулка с новорожденным после роддома

Baby, however, like his mother, is extremely important fresh air.
Regular walks increase appetite, improve blood circulation, sleep
the newborn becomes deep and calm. Temperature drops
on the street and at home contribute to the hardening of the child’s body.
Sunlight helps produce vitamin D that prevents
rachitis in babies.

First walk

Although some mothers “go out” with a crumb already at the next
утро после выписки, педиатры-неонатологи рекомендуют
to take walks in the fresh air only from the second week of life
newborn, giving him time to adapt to new
. Begin with 15-minute exercise, each
a day adding ten minutes and bringing the total duration
being away from home up to two or three hours a day. Duration
walks in the autumn-winter period, as a rule, less than in warm

Ability to own thermoregulation in children develops
постепенно, поэтому необходимо одевать их
, чтобы избежать двух крайностей: переохлаждения
and overheating. Observe the “golden” principle: the baby should be dressed
seasonally, but a little warmer than mom – plus another layer of clothes
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walk (summer, autumn, winter) –

To the first walk was a real pleasure for the baby and
Mom, you need to take into account the weather conditions, the health of the crumbs, as well as

Walk in the summer

Many parents mistakenly believe that in the summer months walking with
a child can be immediately after his discharge, without limiting the time
being on the street. However, in the hot summer, especially in the middle of the day,
there is a risk of a baby getting a heat stroke due to overheating
organism. Do not forget that children under three months still
insufficiently mature heat exchange system. Therefore, to summer walks
should be taken seriously and follow the basic rules:

  • Pick clothes from natural materials so that it does not
    irritated the delicate skin of the newborn. Avoid buying mattresses
    for strollers from synthetic fabric.
  • If the temperature reaches 30 degrees, you need to walk
    move to morning and evening so that the summer heat does not interfere
    to kid.
  • Keep your baby’s skin out of direct sunlight. Put on
    his head is a cap to avoid sunstroke.
  • Walk several times a day, focusing on the feeding schedule.
    baby Long walks are not very convenient, because the child needs more
    change clothes, and you will find other worries and troubles.
  • Take a bottle of boiled water or a nipple to the street. If a
    the child will wake up and cry, it will be possible for a while

ЧИТАЕМ ПОДРОБНО: 10 правил прогулок с
a child in the heat of summer

Walk in the fall and spring

In the offseason, the weather is often changeable: bright sun
quickly replaced by torrential rains. In the autumn-spring period
a child can easily catch a cold. To prevent a runny nose and
cough, pediatricians advise to follow simple rules:

  • Do not walk in rainy weather. Special slickers create
    inside the pram a kind of greenhouse effect, negatively affecting
    на здоровье baby The raincoat is comfortable if you need to run to the house in
    time of a sudden downpour.
  • Even if the sun is bright outside, do not rush to undress
    child to avoid hypothermia and cold. Use
    special demi-season overalls, they retain heat well,
    allowing the skin to breathe.
  • If a на улице сухая, солнечная погода, первую прогулку можно
    extend to 15 minutes. Gradually increase the duration
    morning and evening promenade to one and a half hours.

We walk with the child in the winter

The greatest doubts in terms of walking with young children
вызывает именно холодное season. Due to severe frosts and
a piercing wind a child can stay for a long time without fresh
cold air. But you still need to walk, the main thing is to
follow the elementary rules of child safety:

прогулка с новорожденным зимой

  • In winter, it is better to organize the first exit of the child on the street on the 14th
    day after his birth. If a погода позволяет (-5 градусов
    frost), then you need to walk 15 minutes. If a же температура опустилась
    to 15 degrees, then reduce the time of the first walk to 10
  • You can not go out into the yard with a newborn in a severe frost or
    piercing wind. No matter how warmly you wrap the baby, nose and cheeks
    he may freeze. Replace the street exit.
    airing children’s or “walk” on the balcony.
  • The total duration of the winter walk should not exceed
    one and a half hours. Go out twice a day.
  • Особое внимание обращайте на одежду baby Purchase
    overalls transformer. It will not only keep warm, but also allow
    almost instantly change clothes to a baby, without disturbing his sensitive sleep.

General recommendations

  1. Purchase специальную коляску для своего новорожденного: она
    must be on wheels with shock absorbers, with a flat bottom, with
    mattress made of natural materials (how to choose a stroller).
  2. First you need to dress and get ready for a walk mom, and only
    then equip the baby so that it does not overheat and not sweat,
    waiting until you are ready.
  3. Go for a walk in between meals
    a child. This will extend the time of joint campaigns and will not allow the baby
    freeze and also improve his sleep.
  4. Choose a place to walk away from the roads and
    clusters of cars. The most suitable places are square,
    park areas or playground.
  5. Do not forget to put a pair of pacifiers in the “traveling” bag. After all
    if the pussy cries for a long time in the cold air, it can
    get sore throat
  6. If a на улице неважная погода, не лишайте детей возможность
    get some fresh air. A normal walk can be replaced by a sleep on
    glazed balcony or loggia. Of course, you should take care of
    безопасном сне baby Protect it from drafts, make sure that
    neighboring balconies nothing fell on him.

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walk with a child

When you can not walk with a newborn

Despite all the benefits of walking in the fresh air, sometimes they
can cause harm to the baby. If a он заболел, у него поднялась
high temperature, stay at home in any weather, constantly
airing children’s room. By the way, the question of the first exit from home
with a painful or premature baby should only be addressed with
your pediatrician.

Avoid walking in adverse weather conditions:
too hot (above +30) or frosty (below -15) weather, rain or
a harsh cold wind will bring more negativity than good.

Fresh air is vital to a newborn baby and
his mom Regular walks will strengthen the children’s body, as well as
improve your mood and give you the necessary motor
load that will help to quickly come to the desired shape after

Видео: Как долго и при каких условиях нужно гулять с

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