First summer and winter things fornewborn baby

For a meeting from the hospital the newborn was prepared in advance.
minimum set of things. Now the child is at home and necessary
more carefully approach the selection of clothes for baby items
daily care for him and provide a comfortable environment.

Что нужно ребенку в первые месяцы жизни

вещи для ребека

Потребности новорожденных связаны с питанием, ежедневными
hygienic procedures, comfortable clothing. To provide,
it would seem that such small needs parents will have

  1. Clothes for walking on the street and for the home. It is important to remember that
    clothes for babies should be a size larger, from natural
    fabrics, easy to take off and dress, and also have no fasteners
    (ties, buttons) on the back (how to choose the right clothes for
  2. Children’s furniture is desirable environmentally friendly, safe, with
    surfaces, well giving in to daily leaving.
  3. Glassware or high-quality glassware.
    synthetic materials.
  4. Toilet and bathroom amenities.
  5. Additional household items.

Standard set for children of the first months of life

Of course, a set of things for children born in summer and born
in winter, it is somewhat different, but, nevertheless, there is a so-called
standard set for born at any time of the year. It:

  • x / b cap and flannelette – 2 pcs. each,
  • cotton undershirts and flannels – 6 pcs. each,
  • cotton diapers and flannelette – 20 – 25 pcs. each,
  • disposable diapers (if you need a long time
    to leave home or on the road),
  • diapers (advice: do not buy a lot at once, because they can
    do not approach the child and cause skin irritation),
  •  sliders 15 – 20 pcs.,
  • booties 1 pair
  • thin socks 2 – 3 pairs,
  • blouses 2 pcs.,
  • pants 4 – 5 pcs.,
  • 2–3 bed linens (duvet cover, bed sheet,
    pillowcase). Do not recommend a pillow in the first two months
    to use, under the head enough to put bent in four
    bikovoy diaper.
  • blanket, light and warm blanket
  • a set of clothes for walking depends on the temperature on
    the street.

В этом списке одежды представлено то, что нужно ребенку в
first months of life in the summer.
In addition to the above
the list is warm hat, warm romper suit 15 pcs, pants 3-4 pcs
blouses 2-3 pcs., knitted socks 2 pairs, a warm large blanket or
winter envelope with natural or artificial insulation is
то, что нужно ребенку в первые месяцы жизни зимой.

Furniture and equipment

  • crib with orthopedic mattress and internal soft
    обкладкой для защиты младенца от  сквозняков, яркого света и
    strikes against the side walls of the bed (about the beds);
  • baby changing table;
  • locker for children’s things that need to be stored separately
    from adults;
  • stroller;
  • room thermometer;
  • night light;
  • 2-3 graduated bottles (different in volume from 100 to
    300 g), from heat-resistant glass or from high-quality
    plastic materials).

Since the care of a newborn is the most important condition
for normal development and health, you need to know what you need
baby in the first months of life from hygiene supplies:

  • bath;
  • special stand in the baby bath;
  • cloth napkin (at first instead of a washcloth);
  • baby soap and shampoo (pick them based on skin type
    child and tolerability);
  • large towel;
  • thermometer for water;
  • children’s creams, oils, powders.

Optional accessories

  • first-aid kit (brilliant green, hydrogen peroxide, cotton wool, bandages, collecting herbs for
    bathing, enema – 1 pc, pipettes (3 pcs. – for the nose, eyes and ears
  • 2-3 pacifier (if necessary);
  • oilcloth large (for beds) and small (for strollers);
  • disposable sanitary napkins (as required);
  • baby washing powder.

Вот тут полный список вещей для newborn baby на первое

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