First-meal kashi

Каша – важный и необходимый продукт детского power supply. More
педиатров склоняются к тому, чтобы прикорм начинался именно с porridge
Полезный по своему воздействию на пищеварительную систему и
micronutrient-rich this product must be in
basis of the baby menu. First-meal kashi можно приготовить
alone or purchased in packs. With the introduction of such
complementary foods parents should know what period to start
give the baby a mess and how to do it without problems.

The content of the article

  • 1 From what age to give
  • 2 Rules for the introduction of porridge
    • 2.1 How to give
  • 3 Varieties of children’s cereals
    • 3.1 Cooking yourself
    • 3.2 Children’s cereals rating

прикорм детскими кашами

From what age to give

Including cereals in baby food can be from 6 months
. Bottle-fed babies
may start to get lure at 5 months.

Experts say that the time of introduction of cereals in the diet
child depends on the individual pace of his development, physical
condition, lack of allergic reactions. If the baby is bad
gaining weight, then you need to start with porridge, if weight pushes well, then
с овощных пюре (ссылки на правила ниже).

Before you indulge your crumb porridge, parents should
consult with the district pediatrician. The doctor will advise with
which porridge is better to start, in what volume to offer, what to pay for

вводим первый прикорм

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  • First feeding breastfed babies
  • The first feeding of children on artificial feeding

Rules for the introduction of porridge

To lure not turned into trouble from
digestive system, it is important to follow the basic rules:

  • For the first complementary foods should give preference
    безмолочным однокомпонентным кашам, не имеющим в
    Gluten, sugar, GMO, fructose and other artificial
  • Most babies tolerate rice and buckwheat favorably.
    Once the baby has learned them, you can expand its corn menu
    and wheat porridge;
  • It is recommended to start feeding with “packaging” options,
    Available for sale in pharmacies and children’s supermarkets.
    Why? Этому есть ряд объяснений: их состав
    balanced; they are calculated for a specific age; they
    hypoallergenic; they are quick and convenient to cook, pre
    reading the instructions and recommendations;
  • With good digestion of dairy-free cereals and the absence of allergies
    after 4-7 weeks, you can enter gluten-free dairy, food
    whose value is much higher.

How to give

Baby cereals offered to a child for the first time should be
5-процентными (5 г крупы на 100 мл воды). This condition
necessary in order to consistency porridge for the first complementary foods
was optimal.

It is necessary to give a porridge from a teaspoon. It is advisable to use
rubberized spoons that are specifically designed for gentle
baby gums. The best time for feeding is breakfast.

отказывается о прикорма


It happens that a child refuses to eat lure from a spoon, maybe
refuse cereals, so we wrote an article for you like this

Here, we wrote how to teach a child to eat from a spoon –

The introduction of complementary foods usually starts from 0.5-1 t. ​​L. rice or
buckwheat porridge. The consistency of gruel should resemble mashed potatoes.
It is important to ensure that the product offered to the child does not exist.
lumps. After feeding, the child is offered breast or milk

Every day, increase the volume of the baby porridge offered by 1
a teaspoon. On the second day, complementary foods should be offered to the child. 2
h. l., on the third day – 3 tsp. and so on, until a single portion is
will be 150 g. A one-time reception in 7-8 months should be equal to
160-170 g, in 8-9 months – about 170-180 g. Closer to the year a one-time
The portion should be 200 g. Do not forget that every child
индивидуален и по-разному принимает определённые продукты power supply.
This also applies to the volume that a baby can master in one

Within 7-10 days the consumed volume is gradually adjusted to
100-150 g. For 2 weeks it is recommended to give the child one.
kind of pap. Over time, the consistency should be 10% (10
g cereals per 100 ml of water). Only with good portability and
in the absence of allergic reactions and other troubles
proceed to the introduction of the following form.

Varieties of children’s cereals

The most suitable option for the first feeding – non-dairy.
porridge. They do not contain sugar, milk, starch, gluten and other
additives. The composition of dairy-free cereals is ideally adapted to
strong for digestion of solid foods

Гречневая каша. Due to the protein content
iron, magnesium, vitamins B1 and B2 buckwheat is considered a valuable cereal and
должна быть обязательным продуктом в рационе питания child

(Cooking buckwheat porridge)

Рисовая porridge. A product rich in wholesome
dietary fiber. Many parents mistakenly think that
rice consumption can cause constipation in children. However this
not this way. Rice flour, which is used for making
baby food, does not contain crushed rice and does not provoke

(Cooking rice porridge)

Corn каша. By the number of nutrients
substances surpasses even rice. Rich in protein, iron and

Овсяная каша. Considered helpful due to
vegetable protein and minerals (calcium, iron,
magnesium, vitamins B1, B2, PP). Number contained in oatmeal
fat and fiber is 6 times higher than their content in other

(Cooking porridge)

Experts in the field of baby food recommend
вводить каши в следующем порядке:
 рисовая; 2 – buckwheat; 3 – corn; four –
wheat; 5 – oatmeal.

For each species it is advisable to adhere to the established
regimen – 2 weeks. Only after that, with normal
assimilation, you can proceed to the introduction of another porridge.

Most modern mommies use for feeding
products in packs.

  1. Во-первых, это быстро, просто и удобно.
  2. Во-вторых, производители детского питания
    deliver proven, high-quality and balanced products,
    fully adapted for the child’s body.
  3. В-третьих, можно выбрать гипоаллергенные,
    gluten-free and dairy-free cereals, which significantly reduce the risk
    development of allergies in the baby.

However, some moms prefer to cook a gruel for
your child yourself.

Cooking yourself

Deciding to cook porridge at home, it is important to know how to
cook. The following tips will help:

  • Porridge for baby food is boiled only in water!
  • Before cooking, the grits are ground with a blender or
    coffee grinders.
  • Grains are taken at the rate of 5-10 g per 100 ml of water.
  • Optimum consistency after can be achieved by adding to the mush
    infant formula or breast milk.
  • Add sugar and salt is not necessary.

(3 cm recipes above)

Children’s cereals rating

Show-windows of children’s supermarkets dazzle with a variety of products
power supply. Often parents are lost and do not know which brand of cereal is better.
choose. Given below rating of porridge will help to orient in

  1. �”Nestle”.
  2. �”Gerber”.
  3. �”Neinz”.
  4.  �”Hipp”.
  5. �”Friso”.
  6. �”Baby”.
  7. �”Spelenok”.

(О каждой фирме напишем отдельные обзоры)

Before you make a choice in favor of a product
nutrition, it is desirable to carefully review the composition. So,
some manufacturers add dry baby food
milk, flavorings, emulsifiers, fructose, sucrose, vanillin and
other substances that can cause allergies in the child.

An important guideline will be how the baby takes this new meal.
and how his body reacts to it. If everything is in order – the reasons
No worries!

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Another video about cereals:

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