First feeding: cooking or buying – 9 factsabout food from jars and homemade food

What is better for the first feeding: food from jars or food,
cooked mom? Both options have advantages and
disadvantages – which ones, say invited experts:
Nadezhda Soldatenkova, pediatrician, neonatologist, teacher
Parental School “Jewel”; Evgenia Mukhametova,
pediatrician, pediatric gastroenterologist, candidate of medical sciences,
doctor of the clinic “Fantasy” ..

Первый прикорм ребенка в баночках или готовим сами

1. Pediatrician: puree food does not teach

Pediatrician Nadezhda Soldatenkova, recommends as
complementary foods homemade, because sees a lack of food from the jars in
puree consistency. Baby gets used to sucking her like
грудное молоко, не учась chew (без жевания продукт не
processed by saliva in the mouth, which can cause problems with
digestion). If the food has a texture, if boiled and
crumpled with a fork zucchini fiber and pieces remain, child
interesting to roll her mouth and study. He understands that this is not
грудное молоко, и начинает chew.

2. Pediatrician: lure from jars can cause problems with

If a pussy does not chew puree-shaped lure, it will not
processed saliva in the mouth, which is fraught with indigestion.
Doctors agree that food will still undergo transformation
in the intestines, but fermentation and rotting processes are possible. because of
fermentation gases are produced, and rotting provokes stool disorders and
allergic to products whose composition seems to be quite

3. Gastroenterologist: canned food reduces the risk
of infections

Evgenia Mukhametova, врач-педиатр, детский гастроэнтеролог,
on the contrary, recommends starting to lure with jars. In addition to convenience,
such food is another plus – less risk of intestinal development
infections. This is because the production of products
undergo a thorough heat treatment and quality control, which
extremely difficult to achieve at home.

4. In good baby food there is no harmful

The rules prohibit the use of dyes and potentially
опасных additives для производства детского питания. Famous Brands
value their reputation and strictly comply with these requirements.
Anxiety in moms causes an increased shelf life of children
nutritional, but ascorbic is commonly used as a preservative

5. Natural thickeners have a healing


In the production of baby foods can be used
natural thickeners – alginates, starch,
pectins. Such substances do not harm the digestion and the baby’s body.
Overall, and often even help with regurgitation and bloating.

6. Canned food without sugar is healthier.

To lure really benefit the baby, better
make sure there is no sugar in it. Pediatricians explain this by
that habits, including food, are formed in the first months
baby’s life.

7. A child’s food allergy may be

Babies often have an adverse reaction to food (for example,
rash), but it is not always a true allergy. In the first six months or
even the year of life the digestive system continues to mature,
therefore, any new product may not be completely split and
soak up, causing a pseudo-allergic reaction. With age
digestion improves, food tolerance develops. therefore
after a few months, you can give the child some more product,
which previously caused a rash. If the reaction is repeated, the food is better.
set aside until the crumble is 1 year old.

8. Experience Tutty Larsen: it is convenient to take banks in
the road

Even those who are opposed to eating jars, agree that her
convenient to take with you when you go with a child on a trip
or take it with you to work. This is an excellent solution to the case
when you can not cook crumbs homemade food.

With the eldest son Luka, I actively used food from
jars. I often had to take a child with me to work –
it helped out. But in the end, Luka grew up a little and very fastidious
in food.

The daughter of Martha, on the contrary, was very interested in food, everything was enough
from the table, and quickly switched to adult food. therefore
and with marfa and junior vanya we used food from jars
only by necessity, for example, on the road, but not replaced by them
homemade food.

9. Child’s eating behavior

The kid watches over the parents and gets used to eat as they do.
therefore многие специалисты рекомендуют сажать ребенка за общий стол
и давать ему chew что-то полезное и подходящее ему по возрасту из
adult food.

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Tutta Larsen: cans or cooking?

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