First compote for babies


  1. Why are compotes and juices needed?
  2. Cooking
  3. Recipe

Sooner or later, any baby is transferred to feeding, requiring the introduction of additional fluid into the diet: juice and compote.

The type and amount of drink each mother determines independently, taking into account the advice of a pediatrician and the characteristics of your baby.

Up to three months, infants are given only peeled water. For the fourth month – pear juice and green juice apples. At six months – berry compotes for babies.

Many parents introduce their child to the taste of this drink. earlier – after three months, but someone hesitates for a long time enter additional drinks in the menu.

Why are compotes and juices needed?

But, in addition to parental will, there are objective factors, dictating the need for additional drinking:

  • Increased air temperature in the room;
  • Extreme dry air;
  • Summer heat;
  • Infant disease accompanied by fever.

Of great importance is the type of feeding. In natural – auxiliary drink is not as necessary as with mixed and artificial feeding.

The most useful drink for infants – compote, where when boiling Fruits pass all their vitamins and minerals. And the first drink which your baby should try is apple.


Very simple ingredients are taken for this drink: pure water and apples. You should not buy water in a plastic container – you can encounter surrogates, it is better to filter the water from under crane. It is unnecessary to remind that the water should have the usual taste, and she shouldn’t smell weird.

Next, we select apples: immature, deformed, ripened and rotting for infants drink will not work. Required try apples before sending them to the pan.

Ruthlessly reject very sweet or excessively acidic: on such a drink, the baby’s body can violently to react.


The selected fruits must be thoroughly washed, peeled, removed core with seeds and cut very finely. Make sure that when slicing apples turned out to be the same: so they are evenly boil, enriching compote with their vitamins.

After boiling, the drink is kept on low heat for half an hour up to 35 minutes. It’s important not to overdo the heat treatment so that apple vitamins are not destroyed. They will gradually saturate water after the end of cooking. Therefore compote throughout several hours to insist.

Sugar is not added to apple compote, if desired using fructose instead. And here it is important to observe the measure so that the drink don’t overwhelm.

Before you drink the baby, strain the compote to pieces of apples did not get into the bottle.

Mom – note: How to make a compote of dried apricots for baby.

Practical advice – since how many infants give compote from dried fruit. Apple compote for babies can be prepared in different ways using more or less fruit. Most famous recipe looks like this:

  • 2 glasses of water;
  • One middle apple.

You decide how rich a drink you need. Just consider that at the first stage of acquaintance of the baby with this drink, it does not have to be very concentrated. Dilute boiled water so that the compote is almost transparent.

For the first compote, infants always take only fresh or dried apples. Other fruits can be added to apple compote after about 10 days, when the child’s stomach for a new drink is already adapted.

After some time, you will be able to freely combine apples with other fruits and berries, making your baby’s diet more tasty and healthy.

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