Fifth week of pregnancy


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The fifth week of pregnancy is the time when the expectant mother may not even know about his interesting position, but doubts and guesses are already starting to appear. Just at that time, a woman the first, earliest signs of pregnancy.

If there is even the slightest suspicion that a woman may be pregnant, you should definitely do a pregnancy test. On in this period, even the most ordinary and inexpensive test will show the availability pregnancy, if any.


5th week of pregnancyFirst of all, the emotional changes. condition of the future mother. Very often tearfulness appears, which the woman herself cannot explain anything.

Characteristic of this period is a frequent change of mood – a woman can laugh, scream, get angry, and all these emotions occur at short intervals, and sometimes at the same time.

Many mothers say that in the fifth week of pregnancy they there was excitement and anxiety, although there were no reasons for this It was. All these phenomena are connected with the fact that right now in the body future mom is undergoing hormonal adjustment.

This condition goes closer to the eighth week, but some women, this period may be delayed. It’s very important in such a situation, so that all family members are sympathetic to this condition, and maximally supported a woman in such a difficult for her period.


In the fifth week, not only the emotional state of a woman suffers such changes – physical signs appear that allow understand that he is in position.

  1. The first and most important sign by which a woman can to understand that she is pregnant is nausea (less often vomiting). Special it manifests itself strongly in the morning immediately after waking up, and gradually decreases over two hours. Some women nausea appears after they eat. To maximize reduce the discomfort associated with such an unpleasant phenomenon, eat need more often and in small portions. Well, avoid too heavy food (fried foods with a lot of oil, spicy and smoked products).
  2. Many women at this time have chest pain. The mammary glands swell strongly, increase in size and cause a lot of trouble, especially when lying down. Woman difficult to roll over, most expectant mothers due to painful sensations can not sleep on the stomach, and sometimes even touch the chest.
  3. Frequent dizziness (in exceptional cases, loss consciousness, fainting). The cause of dizziness in a pregnant woman often a drop in blood sugar is therefore necessary regular and varied food to avoid such unpleasant states.
  4. At this time, the woman always increases the number discharge They can be white or slightly yellow in color, without pungent odor. Any change in color, highlight structure or the appearance of a putrefactive odor is an occasion to urgently consult a doctor. Maybe the woman got some kind of infection, which could be dangerous for embryo development.
  5. In the fifth week, pulling sensations in the lower abdomen may appear, giving to the lumbar region. This is a physiological phenomenon associated it is with an increase in the uterus, which will now grow very quickly. If there is no bloody discharge, then such pulling pains can be considered a variant of the norm, and worry about this is not worth it.

Important! With the appearance of bloody discharge, or discharge brown (including spotting), even in the absence of pulling pains, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible! There is a threat of abortion!


What’s happening

In the fifth week, the future baby is no longer an embryo, but an embryo, in the moment is more like a tadpole. Now active a placenta is formed, thanks to which the child will be able to receive oxygen, as well as the nutrients necessary for its growth and development. In the same period appear amniotic membranes, amniotic fluid begins to stand out. In it, the baby will swim until its appearance on shine.

In the fifth week, your baby’s heart is already starting shrink, which can clearly be heard if a woman is do an ultrasound at this time. The future man at this time the brain, blood vessels, rudiments of the eyes are formed, and also the respiratory system. By the end of the fifth week is already developing neural tube of the baby.

Ultrasound scan

5th week of pregnancyPlanned ultrasound examinations for this period pregnancy is usually not carried out. If everything goes well, then the first once you get to know your baby you can no earlier than 11-12 weeks.

However, if nevertheless a woman needs to have an ultrasound scan on this term, you need to contact only a competent doctor, specializing in prenatal diagnosis. Early An ultrasound scan will help assess the environment surrounding the embryo, and make sure that all systems are installed correctly in accordance with gestational age.


The most important advice to expectant mothers, not only in the fifth week, but and throughout the entire period of bearing the baby – avoid any excitement and stressful situations, as this can most adversely affect the course of pregnancy.

It is very important for pregnant women in the first trimester daily drink folic acid. Regular intake will help reduce your risk. developmental defects of the neural tube of the fetus, which begins develop just at that time.

It is very important to try to change your diet in favor of a healthy and healthy nutrition. This will help not only deal with seizures. nausea, which especially torments expectant mothers in the first three months pregnancy, but also to avoid large weight gain. Also Mom’s varied nutrition will fully provide the fetus with the necessary for life by substances that the baby receives directly from Mom.

Do not forget about the rest. Overwork must be avoided. hard work – now it’s especially important, as a new life just started to emerge, and the whole woman’s body works in literally wear. Slow walks in the fresh air help not only to relax and relieve nervous tension, but also saturate the cells with oxygen, which is so necessary for the future baby.

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