Fetal health is highly affected by stress.at the woman

Update: February 2019

University of New Mexico (USA) and University of Gottingen
Georg-Augusta (Germany) conducted a joint study on the impact
stress during pregnancy on the growth and development of the fetus.
The experiment was led by Dr. Andreas Berghenel, and
the results were published on the official website of the American

Previously, studies have been conducted, indicating
the exact relationship between the state of the future mother and the health of her fetus. TO
For example, bad addictions, poor environmental conditions affect
both positive and negative on the child in
maternal womb. This effect also affects genetic
structures that cannot be identified during the prenatal
screening by ultrasound.


American and German researchers turned their attention
stress factor in pregnant women, namely whether
significant period of gestation in which the expectant mother will be
subject to stress. Scientists have conducted their experiments on
mammals. It was found that stress reduces
the amount of energy consumed by the fruit, which is manifested by a delay
its prenatal development right up to birth and weaning from
breastfeeding. The moment the baby stops being
dependent on the mother’s body, its development and growth come to
normal performance.

If the stress factor intervened in early gestation,
the consequences for the fetus are more serious. For example,
there is a reduction in the longevity of the baby in the future and
an increase in the rate of its growth during school. Wherein
stopping breastfeeding is not significantly affected
on the situation.

Researchers confidently claim that the results of their work
explain many phenomena already familiar to everyone: the reasons for earlier
menarche (first menstruation) and pregnancy in girls
from asocial families, the emergence of overweight and other
chronic diseases already later in adulthood. Special
scientists have tried to draw public attention to the fact that
the negative effect is completely independent of the causes of stress

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