Features of the psychology of raising children toof the year

The first year of a child’s life is a stage that has a tremendous impact on
his whole life. Never again will it grow
evolve so fast and never again will it be so
helpless and dependent. His physical and mental health
are completely in the hands of parents, and if with physiology everything
more or less clear – the baby is not sick, his height and weight are normal,
он весел, значит, все в порядке, — то психология
baby до of the year представляет собой тайну за семью

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Психология воспитания детей до of the year

Why is he crying? Maybe he is just naughty? Can,
is manipulating? What if we spoil him? – These questions are haunted
moms and dads.

Relatives vying give advice – “you have grown up!”.

But are we always satisfied with how we were raised?

How many can boast a complete lack of psychological

психология baby до of the year

In search of answers, modern parents turn to
popular articles and research, but here they will
disappointed. Experts pour in theories and hypotheses, however
they have no right answers. In the end the methods
education has to choose, relying on intuition, and yet
up to date information may be useful. Perhaps in order to
justify their views or disagreeing with fresh
tendencies, informedly refuse to follow them.

If the baby is crying

One of the most controversial issues in raising a baby
is a reaction to crying.

Should parents immediately respond and eliminate possible
reasons for dissatisfaction? Or a crying baby can be left in
crib if it is dry and recently eaten. This question exists
two diametrically opposite answers:

  1. Традиционный подход: «поплачет и
    перестанет», «пусть разрабатывает легкие»
    или грубое
    �”Sometimes you have to let go of your mouth.” Fans of this method
    believe that a child from an early age should be actively
    wean away the desire to be on the hands too frequent
    attachment to the chest, awakening in the middle of the night. Worth it
    suffer crying; sooner or later the child will learn that the cries are not
    bring results, and will cease to demand unnecessary or harmful,
    according to the parents.
  2. Child centrist approach. This look
    на психологию baby в возрасте до of the year отрицает
    the need and benefit of crying. Child centrists believe that a child does not
    must cry alone. If parents can not find
    physical reasons for his discomfort, they must eliminate
    psychological. As a rule, babies require bodily
    contact with the mother, because they lived in her body for 9 months and approximately
    as much time they need to get used to the isolated
    the existence of Согласно теориям «естественного
    , необходимо удовлетворять нужду baby в
    carrying on the hands, together with the parents of a dream, long sucking
    Breasts as much as required.

как успокоить плачущего baby

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Traditionalists believe that a child should be born from birth
bring up the ability to be alone, entertain yourself, fall asleep in
alone Otherwise there is a risk of growing infantile,
spineless, unable to adapt in a team,

Традиционная психология воспитания baby до
of the year предусматривает максимальную автономность детей от
parents: own bed or even a separate bedroom from birth,
walks in the stroller, breastfeeding mode and nipple for
meet the sucking reflex. 


A mother can go to work early by replacing herself with a nanny. Adults
go on vacation without children. Failure to comply with these conditions may result
the fact that the child refuses to leave the bed of the parents will
afraid to fall asleep alone, it will be extremely difficult to wean off

психология воспитания baby до of the year

�”Naturalists” are convinced that it is very important for the baby to be in
fully tame and chest, “fed up with” addiction and care,
so that at an older age you bravely rush into the sea of ​​life.

They choose to sleep together, as the baby is next to the mother.
sleeps much stronger, free breastfeeding – without regimen,
without nipples: the baby is applied at will, regardless of
place and time; walks in a sling – the mother carries the child on herself
including going on your own business.

Parents do not let their children go until they themselves declare
his desire to visit his grandmother, for example. According to this
approach, children deprived of constant attention in the infant
age, be sure to try to compensate for this shortcoming,
getting older.

Today, psychology cannot uniquely determine which
из двух подходов к воспитанию детей до of the year более правильный и
meets the characteristics of their psyche. 

The cultivation of infants remains wander in the dark to touch
completely unfamiliar terrain.

Every parent behaves as he sees fit
own fear and risk.

The criterion of truth here can be only one – specific
child. A happy baby is not threatened with mental problems, even
if parents, in the opinion of a highly experienced neighbor, everyone does

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