Fast water contributes to longevity as neededdrink water

Update: February 2019

There is a simple, but at the same time effective way to extend
Life is the secret of longevity, which has been known since antiquity. Everything
know this recipe and even unknowingly apply without knowing about
its benefits. This is the drink of ordinary water.

As a person gets older, the body more
it is dehydrated, therefore it is regularly necessary to feed it, supply
life-giving water. With its lack of body blood becomes
thick, pressure rises, skin elasticity decreases,
wrinkles are formed, pains in the joints, headaches appear. BUT
the way to get rid of all this and improve your body is simple –
нужно drink water.

Drinking water: but how, when and how much?

Water is the main component of our body. She also
is a carrier of energy and information and is needed to move
energy through the body. She absorbs all the information
transforms it and passes on. If you send a solid
negative, the liquid will be negatively charged, with positive
Vodichka emotions fix it. For strengthening and improvement
the body needs positively charged water. For this you can
just read a prayer over a glass of water. So, how to
drink water:

  • Когда — йоги рекомендуют drink water утром, как только проснулись
    and then there is not half an hour.
  • How many – based on the capabilities of the body, you can glass, you can
    two. As much as your body tells you.
  • Temperature – water should be hot-hot, degrees

You need to start small, you can even a couple of sips. Then dose
need to gradually increase. The main thing is to do it regularly, then
it will become a habit and become the norm. See which water is best to drink –
bottled, plumbing, filtered.

Why should water be just such a temperature?

It is called “fast water.” Many believe that water
absorbed in the stomach, and it is not. Suction also happens in
small intestine. BUT в желудке происходит пищеварительный процесс,
water there will only interfere, dilute gastric juice and food in
the result is poorly digested. The human stomach is designed in such a way
that only water can immediately get into the small intestine, as her
no need to digest, unlike teas, compotes, carbonated
drinks and other things. BUT почему теплая?

  • Because if it is cold, the stomach will be forced
    heat it to a suitable temperature, and only then
    skip the intestines.
  • According to the Chinese, the heating of water and cold food occurs in
    energy expense of the kidneys, so cold should be avoided, because
    kidney energy is not worth wasting, it must be protected and
    to multiply.

Вывод: нужно пить просто воду, теплую и
on an empty stomach, so that there is no food in the stomach and not to eat for half an hour. Wherein
you have to say thanks and fill the water
positive emotions.

Water drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, to fill the deficit formed
for a long night, and also quickly eliminate toxins, residues
undigested food will improve bowel emptying. Besides
prepare the gastrointestinal tract for eating: through
half an hour you can safely have breakfast, and all the food eaten well
digest.  BUT правильно настроенная работа ЖКТ является
recipe for longevity and health. That’s the whole secret.

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