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Each of us sooner or later have to deal with
runny nose. However, the nature of its occurrence is different. If a
reasons for its occurrence differ non-infectious nature, then
his treatment is complicated and becomes almost impossible without
seeking qualified medical assistance. Treatment of rhinitis
folk remedies quickly in an adult is quite realistic if it has
place the usual rhinovirus infection.

In any case, do not forget that in the absence of
due to either correct treatment the acute form of the disease is capable
go to the chronic stage. Treatment by folk methods
like traditional medicine, is not without contraindications, but
improper use of drugs may be
harmful to your health.
So how popular
can eliminate a cold?

How to treat a runny nose with folk remedies?

There are many ways and methods of dealing with a cold in
home conditions. For the treatment of adults are mainly used
medicinal plants and essential oils. They not only are detrimental
effects on rhinovirus, but also have a beneficial effect on the mucous
nasal membrane, eliminating damage and swelling that may cause
respiratory problems and difficulties. Here are the most common and
Popular popular recipes against rhinitis:

  1. Промывание солевым раствором — далеко не новый
    method, and its effectiveness is confirmed by the fact that it is widely
    used by traditional medicine. 200 ml of pure water is heated
    to 70–80 degrees, then add 5–7 grams of ordinary salt (1 tsp.
    without slides), the same amount of baking soda and 5 drops of iodine. Further
    the resulting solution is cooled to body temperature and used for
    sinus lavage. Alternatively, you can apply and 2 tablespoons.
    sea ​​salt, in this case, soda and iodine are not needed. Saline
    (hypertonic) solution helps cleanse the sinuses and removes
  2. Прогревание устраняет отек слизистой носа,
    however, it should never be used for acute rhinitis and
    antritis Salt heated in a pan wrapped in a piece of cloth
    and applied to the nose for 10-15 minutes. Similarly happening
    warming up with boiled egg. In general, the procedure contributes to
    activating blood flow, as well as lymph flow, inhibits reproduction

  3. Чтобы стало легче дышать, также прогревают
    . This requires 1 tbsp. salt and basin with hot
    water (about 50 degrees Celsius). After 15 minutes of stay
    feet in a solution on them wear warm socks and for 1 hour fall under
    a blanket.
  4. To breathe without difficulty at night, it is necessary, lying down in
    постель, надеть носки с засыпанным в них горчичным
    . The result is the so-called dry
    compress. For this purpose, suitable and ordinary mustard plaster. This
    The procedure activates the activity of phagocytes.
  5. Можно сделать и спиртовой компресс, для чего
    gauze is wetted in alcohol or vodka and wound on the foot. Then
    put the feet of wool socks all night and take cover with a blanket.
  6. With dryness and burning sensation of the nasal mucosa well helps
    смазывание ноздрей ледяными кубиками с нанесенным
    on them sunflower oil.
  7. Very simple, but effective way – 3 times a day
    смазывать нос изнутри обильно намыленным пальцем,
    Soap should be economic.

IMPORTANT! The use of compresses and warming is unacceptable when
high temperature and the presence of severe inflammatory processes.

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What can drip nose at home?

Home drops with the addition of
fruit and berry, as well as vegetable juices. As a result, you can expect
increased local immunity, nutrient saturation and
vitamins, increased antibacterial action. It’s important that
that such drops do not dry out the nasal mucosa, in contrast to
pharmacy counterparts. However, using them does not hurt
caution to avoid undesirable effects in the form of
allergic reaction.

  1. Лимонный сок эффективен на начальной
    cold stages when symptoms are just beginning to manifest. is he
    mixed equally with water, after which 5 nozzles drip into each nostril
    drops and blow out. This is done at least three times, in
    the completion of the procedure in the nasal cavity place cotton discs,
    pre-moistened in saline.
  2. Свекольный сок одного корнеплода
    Medium size mixed with 1 tbsp. liquid honey (until completely
    does not dissolve), then instill 3 drops 4 times a day.
    Begin, as a rule, with one drop, and as you get used to
    dosage increase.
  3. Морковь и чеснок: сок одной моркови и
    two garlic cloves stir, add 1 tsp. vegetable
    oils. Instill 2 drops in each nostril 3 times a day.
  4. Алоэ: его мякоть пропускается через
    grater, then the juice is squeezed through gauze, after what is mixed with 1
    tsp honey 2 drops drop 5 times / day. If a у вас имеется
    Allergies – this drug is definitely not for you!
  5. Каланхоэ: его сок смешивается поровну
    with honey (if you are allergic to honey, this is replaced by water), 2 drops each
    apply three times a day. Before it does not hurt to wash the sinuses
    salt solution.

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For home inhalations, adults use medicinal plants, and
also vegetables. Steam inhalations are more common, but they are also used.
dry. The efficiency of steam is enhanced when using
nebulizer, however, the usual teapot with
thick paper funnel. The duration of the procedure as
typically 10–15 minutes.


  1. Dry inhalation with grated onions
    consists in inhalation of onion gruel for 10
    minutes Onions can be replaced with a few cloves of garlic. Inhalation
    it is better to alternate with blowing, so that the volatile production falls on
    purified mucosa.
  2. Fumes of horseradish, crushed and added to boiling water, inhale
    alternately by mouth and nose twice a day for several
    days Effective procedure for the treatment of sinusitis.
  3. In boiling water add eucalyptus, sage, pharmacy chamomile, slightly
    boil and add 1 tbsp. soda
  4. To the boiling water add 1 tbsp. sea ​​salt and soda, then
    пары вдыхаются ртом и носом не менее 10 minutes Can also
    use sea salt and soda separately.
  5. You can try the steam inhalation of chamomile, calendula and
  6. In 300 ml of water, heated to 40 degrees, drop 3-5 drops
    oils of fir, sage or mint.
  7. 1 tbsp. pine buds poured ½ liter of boiling water, stays on
    water bath 10-15 minutes and cooled to 40 degrees with the closed
  8. You can breathe steam directly when cooking potatoes in

IMPORTANT! After the procedures it is important to stay warm, best
поспать 30–60 minutes

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Ointments and oils for rhinitis

To home methods include the preparation of various ointments,
that help get rid of rhinitis even allergic
origin. Для этого нужно смешать по 1 tbsp. of all
ingredients, namely alcohol, milk, honey, onion juice,
масла vegetable и стружки мыла хозяйственного. All this
stirred and heated in a water bath, then cooled. AT
nasal cavity means is delivered using a cotton pad,
enough for 2 minutes on each nostril.

Traditional medicine could not leave unnoticed and essential
onion and garlic oil. In addition to antivirus and
antibacterial action, they also act as
immunomodulators. Special ingredients are prepared from these ingredients.
butter. Для этого 1 стакан vegetable масла нагревается на
водяной бане порядка 40 minutes Onion juice and garlic
squeeze through cheesecloth, mix with warmed butter and cool.

The resulting preparation lubricates the nasal passages. On the mucous
this drug is applied with a cotton swab 4–5 times a day, not more than 7
days Хранить в холодильнике следует не более 30 days Such
essential oil is an excellent remedy for the prevention of acute
respiratory diseases.

ATылечить ринит за пару дней помогает зверобойное butter. Im like
usually either lubricate the nasal cavity every hour or drip over
2-3 drops in both nostrils three times a day.

When accompanied by a cold headaches helps well
lubricating the nose and temples with camphor oil at least twice a day.
Camphor oil is part and rarer means against
chronic rhinitis. К примеру, можно смешать по 1 tsp camphor
and crude sunflower oil, as well as 10 percent tincture
Propolis, shake well, placing in a dark glass container.
The resulting mixture drip daily 3-5 drops in both nostrils
weekly courses with a break of several days to complete
getting rid of the problem. Effective cases are described.
use of menthol and other oils.

If a слегка заложен носа и нет острого насморка, может помочь и
application of special acupressure.

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