Family quarrels harm the health of their husbands more thanwives

Update: February 2019

Quarrels between spouses – a common phenomenon. Some psychologists
It is argued that it is even useful for improving communication between a husband and
wivesой. Judith Wright, Family Relations Expert
from Chicago, notes: “The controversial opinions have their advantages.
Disputes help relationships develop, improve spouses. Wrestling –
the best tool for learning.

Researchers at the University of Michigan (University of
Michigan) and the University of Nevada (University of Nevada) did
another conclusion: long-term, unresolved conflicts are seriously reflected
on the health of spouses. Preliminary results are announced in
Colorado at the International Research Association Conference

Scientists have studied the relationship of 373 heterosexual couples for 16
years after marriage. The purpose of the work was to monitor
the long-term implications of persistent disagreement regarding
children, money, relatives, etc. Param who participated in
research, asked questions, evaluated the degree of nervousness,
sleep quality, frequency and intensity of headaches, as well as
clarified how health influenced their work.


Установлено: постоянные конфликты в семье,
происходившие на протяwivesии длительного времени, отрицательно
affect the health of both spouses. Moreover, the husbands noted
higher risk of health consequences of conflicts than
wives. Предыдущими исследователями выдвинуто предполоwivesие, что мужья
the benefits of a good marriage are more used.

The paper addressed the issue of the number of topics for disputes in
families, and how their numbers affected health. A large number of
сильнее сказывалось на здоровье мужей, тогда как на здоровье wives
This factor had no effect.

Rosie Shroud, co-author of the study, compared frequent
conflicts in the family with bad habits (smoking and alcohol)
health effects. And the most dangerous conflict
is in case spouses are hostile towards each other,
do not find a common solution and argue on the same topic
constantly. Результат —  раздражительность, плохое психическое
health, constant production of stress hormones, anorexia
and much more. All of this can hit health
long term.

In 2016, a study was conducted that proved the relationship of frequent
marital disputes with muscle pain and heart disease. AT
2013, anxious family relationships associated with disorders
immune system.

Family is the most important unit of society. But for well-being and
health is important, what character have family relationships. Controversy
should be a reason for making a general right decision, and not
for conflict and enmity!

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