Fall asleep in a minute – no problem! Effectiveway to fight insomnia

Update: February 2019

Everyone has repeatedly faced the problem of insomnia in their lives.
period of occurrence of important events. Could not fall asleep before
difficult exam, new job interview, great
holiday or performance in public. But not everyone knows what is
one effective method to help you sleep in any

Method 4-7-8

If you began to notice that regularly can not easily fall asleep in
waiting for a certain life event worth trying
technique “4-7-8.” Thanks to the funny and unusual name of her very
easy to remember to anyone. It works even after several
days of no sleep. Many people recommend this method.
on meditation and wellness practices.

The study of the 4-7-8 method was actively pursued by Andrew Weyl.
This Harvard Doctor of Medicine has discovered the application of the method in
Indian yogis for meditation and seeking harmony with oneself.
That is why you can safely declare the safety of “4-7-8.”

So, how to quickly fall asleep:

  • 4 – Four seconds, try to breathe calmly, breathing in the air.
  • 7 – Next, hold your breath for seven seconds.
  • 8 – Over the next eight seconds, slowly exhale

Cyclic repetition of all actions in the amount that
It is right for you, it will provide fast sleep and beautiful
state of health in the morning.

Why “4-7-8” works:

An organism under stress or fear begins
produce a large amount of adrenaline and noradrenaline bark
adrenal glands. These known hormones can increase the frequency
respiratory movements, making them less deep (surface type
breathing). Such an increase is physiological, that is, it is present in all
people are normal.

The method for falling asleep per minute has an effect similar to
the action of soothing drugs. Besides,
holding the breath and slowly exhaling after this air, we reduce
heart rate. Thanks to focusing on
counting seconds, you calm down, thoughts come in order,
the feeling of fear or anxiety slowly disappears. As a result of these
processes of the body is rapidly becoming relaxed, as if
You have anesthesia.


Thanks to the active use of the technique, it is possible to significantly improve
sleep quality and speed of falling asleep. This is especially useful when
insomnia before a wedding, business meeting, exam, public

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Simple steps to improving sleep quality:

Recommendations for healthy sleep gives a well-known psychotherapist
Ph.D. Pyatnitsky Nikolai Yurevich. His tips include

  • Must stay up late, the most optimal time –
    until 23:00.
  • Sleep more in winter than in summer. Add to the usual
    bedtime is one more hour. But do not forget to focus on your
    feelings regarding the duration of the night’s rest.
  • Drink before bedtime 1 glass of milk or 0.5 -1 banana. In banana
    a lot of serotonin, which contributes to a peaceful sleep.
  • You should not get involved in the constant intake of drugs
    drugs, for example, melatonin. It can take no more than 2-3
    days (for example, when changing time zones).
  • Before bed, be sure to air the bedroom, it will improve
    the quality of your holiday.
  • After 18:00 the muffled body will be very helpful.
  • Pay attention to a method such as light therapy with
    specialized lamps.

Music for relaxation and soon falling asleep

To relax the body, you can also try the application
sound therapy. It’s based on listening to the song “Weightless.”
Marconi Union groups. The effect of the melody is calming,
relaxation, sound sleep.

Joint research of doctors of the laboratory Mindlab International
determined which tune is perfect for relaxation,
effective sleep challenge. One of these rhythms is
�”Weightless.” It is perfect for synchronizing your heart rate with
brain waves.

According to scientists, when listening to this melody

  • blood pressure decreases
  • slows heart rate, slows breathing
  • decreases the level of stress hormone
  • brain activity decreases
  • there is a feeling of complete relaxation.

The active use of relaxing and harmonizing techniques
including “4-7-8”, will not just rest time.
All events in life will take their place due to less fatigue,
lack of irritability and manifestations of constant stress before
important events.

The “Weightless” arrangement of the Marconi Union group for quick
falling asleep

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