Eyelash extensions – can be harmful to healthwomen

Update: February 2019

На какие только ухищрения, процедуры и операции не идут women,
to be more young, beautiful, sexy,
compelling. In their pursuit of perfect looks, many
do not realize that the creation of artificial eyelashes can be enough
seriously affect health.

The most harmless consequences when eyelash extensions are loss
own cilia, over time, of course, they grow back, but this
may not always happen. Also the occurrence of inadequate
body reactions to substances that are part of the glue, etc.


In addition, such procedures increase the risk of eye infection,
burns and allergies. Most women nature cheated lush
eyelashes, and after all the look with thick, curled cilia become
much more sexy and attractive, so today is very fashionable
increase eyelashes or use drugs for their growth.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology conducted a study aimed
which has become a health risk assessment with a similar build-up. For
fixing artificial cilia in the glue used for this as
usually used formaldehyde which is quite
allergic substance and in women prone to allergies, can cause
swelling, redness of the eyelids, itching, peeling of the eyelid skin, etc. (see allergies
on the skin around the eyes.). Also to complications from building include:
Наращивание ресниц- опасно

  • permanent or temporary loss of your own eyelashes
  • eye burns
  • eyelid edema
  • allergic reactions
  • eye infections – keratitis, blepharitis

Women who suffer from chronic conjunctivitis
allergic conjunctivitis, this procedure is not recommended.
It is also dangerous for the health to use various magic tools.
for the growth of your own eyelashes, which include Bimatoprost.
This substance is used by ophthalmologists for therapy.
open-angle primary glaucoma, and the use of bimatoprost without
Appointment not only can reduce vision, but also worsen it to
total blindness. In case after eyelash extension you have
having problems with eyesight, immediately contact
to specialists.

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