Eye drops from conjunctivitis

Update: October 2018

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Few of us have ever encountered such a disease as
conjunctivitis. This is an inflammation of the eyes, accompanied by severe itching,
pain and swelling of the eyes, increased involuntary tearing,
photophobia, the skin around the eyes becomes dry. Eye whites
they turn red, there is a feeling of sand poured into the eyes,
appear purulent discharge. If you have these symptoms,
Do not try to treat conjunctivitis at home without
prior consultation with your doctor. Any
medicines, whether eye drops or ointments should
be prescribed only by a doctor. Conjunctivitis can happen:

  • Бактериальный – когдакапли от конъюнктивита воспаление происходит от размножения
    various bacteria in the conjunctiva of the eye, streptococci, staphylococcus and
  • Viral – most often it is caused by adenoviruses, enteroviruses and
    Coxsack viruses, herpes.
  • Allergic – happens when an allergic reaction occurs
    eye mucosa to various irritants – chemicals,
    household chemicals, cosmetics, medicines, pollen,
    animal hair and other. This kind of conjunctivitis always appears.
    together with allergic rhinitis, sometimes atopic dermatitis,
    less commonly with asthmatic bronchitis or bronchial asthma.

The first two types are infectious, so always observe
caution when communicating with people who show signs
sore eyes. Depending on what causes inflammation and
eye drops from conjunctivitis are selected.


How to treat conjunctivitis in adults

  • Bacterial conjunctivitis (purulent discharge from the eyes) – he
    easily treated with antibiotics, in the form of ointments, drops, and in
    some cases and tablets. Mandatory course of at least seven days
    prescribed by a doctor, do not interrupt treatment even when itching and swelling
    will pass. Drops buried 3-4 times a day in the inner corner
  • Viral conjunctivitis – antiviral eye drops and
    general antiviral drugs.
  • Allergic conjunctivitis disappears as soon as it stops.
    the effect of an allergen on the eye mucosa. If you can get away from
    source of allergy, avoid contact with the allergen and stop
    allergic attack, then the inflammation also retreat. If the source
    allergies are not clear, and the condition worsens significantly, it is necessary
    take antihistamines. If the allergy is mild, then
    you can help yourself using artificial tears and cold

Eye drops for the treatment of conjunctivitis

When the bacterial origin of the disease is used
antibiotics for conjunctivitis are eye drops for conjunctivitis:
Капли Тобрекс – 0,3% раствор, в состав входит
antibiotic tobramycin. The average price for 2018 is 180 rubles.
Левомицетин — в состав входит хлорамфеникол 0.25%.
The average price in points of sale from 15-20 rubles.
Ципромед –0,3 % раствор, содержит антибиотик
ciprofloxacin, is also used in complex treatment for viral
the origin of the disease. Price up to 140 -160 rubles.
Офтаквикс – 0,3% раствор левофлоксацина, цена 200
–230 rub. Альбуцид – в состав входит
sulfacetamide, the price (average) in pharmacies 30 rubles.
Нормакс – в состав входит норфлоксацин, цена в
an average of 150-200 rubles. Флоксал – 0,3 % раствор,
antibiotic – ofloxacin, price 190-220 rubles.

Drops from viral conjunctivitis:

Актипол — 0,07%-ный раствор пара-аминобензойной
acids, 270-370 rubles. Офтальмоферон – в состав
human interferon and diphenhydramine, 290-310 rubles. average
цена Полудан – в состав входит кислота
polyriboadenyl, 120-130 rub. Офтан иду
active ingredient idoxuridine

Allergic conjunctivitis drops:

Аллергодил – в состав входит азеластин, цена
400-450 rubles Кромогексал – это кромоглициевая
acid in the form of disodium salt, the price is about 100 rubles.
Опатанол – в состав входит олопатадин, в среднем
450-480 rubles Лекролин – в составе кромоглициевая
acid, the price is within 100 rubles.

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