Eye care for a newborn baby

уход за глазками новорожденного

Care of the eyes of a newborn is one of the moments.
compulsory morning toilet. To avoid any infections,
it is important to implement it correctly.

Regular eye care

After sleep, babies sometimes have white in the corner of their eyes.
ball, it is natural. No need to panic, just wipe with a cotton
swab the accumulated mucus. Swab should be moistened with boiled water.

Wipe eyes need to move from the outside corner to

This method should be processed eyes twice a day. If a
after wiping eyes remained very wet, wipe dry,
clean napkin.

правильный уход за глазками новорожденного

Wipe eyes need to move from the outside corner to

Уход за глазками при конъюнктивите

Conjunctivitis is an inflammation that can be divided into two.
kind of. Infectious – this is when the baby raised dirt in his eyes. Viral
– accompanied by colds (ARVI, ORZ or

If a заметили, что у ребенка слипаются веки, гной собирается в
corner of the eye constantly, then it is conjunctivitis. He is treated easily,
enough for three days to bury special children
antibiotic drops. If a у мамы малыша есть молоко, то
you can drip breast milk, or wipe with a cloth moistened
in milk. You can just splash into the corner of the eye and promaknut.


Well helps washing with a solution of chamomile, potassium permanganate or
furatsilina. It is necessary to drip both eyes, even if one festers. If a
treatment does not help, you should not pull, and seek medical attention
a specialist. Antibacterial ointments are used in advanced stages.
and antibiotic solution.

This infection is transferred, so it is best to avoid contact with
sick children.

Dacryocystitis Care

When diagnosing dacryocystitis, home treatment is usually prescribed –
wash eyes with anti-infection agents and massage the tears
channel. The attending physician must show how to do this type of massage.
right. If a домашнее лечение не помогает, то промывают слезной
channel in the hospital. As a rule, this disease passes for two
of the week.

To prevent infections in the eyes of the newborn,
it is better to properly care for them initially. For
disease prevention need to maintain cleanliness in the house,
maintain special care in the crib. Infants have immunity
weak and any infection can prevent eye diseases.
If a появился гной в глазках, не надо пускать это на
drift, consult a doctor immediately.
Should not engage
self-treatment and “grandmother’s methods”. From parental attention
directly depends on the health of the child.

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