Extract the juice of celandine from warts – removal,excretion

Update: October 2018

Almost every person is familiar with such skin
as a wart, or they are found in themselves,
or they can be seen with friends, close people. Moreover, their
the formation does not depend on age, they appear as in children,
and in adults with the same frequency. In this article we will tell
about the possible ways of using the celandine from warts.

Most dermatologists claim that the occurrence
warts caused by the presence in the body of HPV – papillomavirus
person The majority of the population is infected with this virus because it
easily transmitted and contact – household, and sexually. But,
with a strong immune response, no virus can vigorously
be activated, but when the body’s defenses are weakened,
a sharp decrease in immunity, papilloma virus can easily
to multiply and form on the skin of any localization
papillomas, warts, most often on the arms, legs, face, neck. (cm
Plantar warts, Warts on hands)

Moreover, even if such tumors do not interfere,
deliver special discomfort, they must be removed,
since over time they can grow in size, and
spread through the body, forming whole colonies.

When there is such an unpleasant aesthetic defect in the visible
place, a person naturally thinks how to remove a wart –
chemically, celandine, by surgery or other
in a way. (cm Как удалить бородавку и Как вывести бородавку в
home). Today there are lots of methods
getting rid of papillomas and warts:

  • Laser – laser wart removal is quite expensive.
  • Жидкий азот — excretion warts жидким азотом достаточно
    болезненная procedure, может в дальнейшем давать рецидивы на месте
    carrying out the procedure, as well as leaving marks on the skin
  • Chemicals – the use of special pharmacy
    drugs, potassium and sodium hydroxide (Super Clean),
    phenol and metacresol (Verrukacid), a mixture of propane and dimethyl ether
    (Cryopharma, Wartner Cryo), nitric, oxalic, acetic, milky
    acids (Solkoderm)
  • Celandine – can also be used and known since ancient times
    folk remedy – the natural plant properties of this

If the patient categorically does not want to remove warts
special medical methods before using
folk methods or any other means follows
consult a doctor, make sure that it is really
papilloma or wart, the formation of non-oncological nature. AT
our time of oncological tensions it is always necessary to remember
possible development of malignant neoplasms on the skin in any

Properties of celandine for wart removal – advantages and

This medicinal plant is used in traditional medicine in
as a powerful toxic substance for treating many skin
diseases – eczema, dermatitis, and celandine during oncology
used as a type of plant poisons that destroy
cancer cells, since its composition contains more than 20
various poisonous substances. This weed in popular practice
also called warthog, since our ancestors had no other
opportunities to cope with skin lesions, vulgar,
flat warts, except how to use what gives

The advantages of this method of breeding specific growths on
body, arms, legs:

  • Чистотел AT отличие от медицинских манипуляций и
    medicines, using pure fresh celandine juice
    – it is a painless method of removal, neither burning nor severe pain
    does not cause
  • Celandine natural, natural source of substances, detrimental
    affecting neoplasms
  • If you use fresh juice of celandine during its flowering –
    this is a free treatment option since this weed
    grows on all summer cottages, on the edge of the forest, on

Disadvantages of cauterizing warts with celandine:

  • Grass should only be collected and used during the period.
    active flowering – May-June, otherwise the effect will not be
  • It is easier for a city dweller to find pharmaceutical, ready-made facilities for
    getting rid of tumors, rather than looking for weeds in the period
  • If you use concentrated pharmaceutical extracts
    celandine, possible pain when applied to
  • Для выведения  warts натуральным соком чистотела
    takes a long time
  • The wounds formed during this process take a long time to heal and in some
    cases may leave scars or slight marks
  • Celandine – a weed, which sensitive people
    There may be allergic reactions. In persons who suffer
    pollinosis, allergic rhinitis, allergy to tree flowering and
    herbs (so-called, allergy to poplar fluff), most likely
    Allergies will also occur on celandine.

Read more about contraindications and beneficial properties.

Methods of treatment, removal of warts celandine

Treatment celandine warts can be done by several
ways, we will give the most affordable and simple removal options
warts celandine using juice, extract, ointment:

  • Fresh juice

If you have constant access to a growing plant in
May-June, you can use the juice directly from the cut of the grass stem in
root itself, there is the greatest amount. For
procedures, should be 4 p / day drip this juice on the wart, while
It will not disappear within 3 weeks. At the same time, papilloma should
blacken and eventually disappear. As soon as the stem of the plant
bright orange juice is cut off, which is
strong remedy. Below we give a recipe how to prepare such
juice, if there is no permanent access to the plant.

  • Glycerin juice – a kind of cream

If you mix fresh juice of celandine with glycerin, you can
use the resulting mass for a longer time. This is the most
convenient application method, the advantage of which is also
longer shelf life is very important because
такую мазь можно приготовить в период flowering, а использовать даже
while fresh plant is not available. Besides
warts, such an ointment can be treated and acne, and eczema,
dermatitis (dermatitis cream for children).

How to make an extract, celandine juice?

The juice

To prepare the juice of celandine, you should gather the grass together.
with a root, wash and give a little dry, so that moisture on the grass does not
left. Then mince 2 times the resulting
squeeze the pulp as much as possible through any dense fabric, pour out
the resulting juice in a bottle of dark glass, plug the cork. Through
week the juice will start to wander, from now on it should be every day
release the gas out of the bottle, so do it until
stop the fermentation process – about a week. After such a juice already
can use. If you keep such a bottle in the fridge, it
shelf life is extended.


For the preparation of the extract from celandine, to increase the duration
shelf life, you can add to the resulting juice alcohol or vodka, from
calculating 100 ml. Juice – 50 ml. Vodka or 1 liter of juice – half a liter
vodka. This is done so that it can be all year round.
carry out the treatment of warts at home.

Precautions when removing warts celandine:

  • To avoid severe burns when juicing
    gloves should be used.
  • If the body has a lot of warts, do not immediately
    process everything, for one 3 week course you can not smear more
    5-6 pieces, because the load on the body increases with action
    poisonous substances.
  • ATо избежании возникновения сильных аллергических проявлений,
    you should first test the effect of the juice or extract on the fold
    elbow In the absence of allergies – itching, burning, rash, swelling,
    redness of the skin, you can proceed to treatment.

Ready pharmacy tools with celandine

Of course, a city dweller with daily hassle, very
тяжело выбрать время, да еще в определенный период flowering, чтобы
look for a plant in nature, make natural juice and
use it for treatment, easier to buy celandine in a pharmacy in
as a ready means for removing warts. But there are some
underwater rocks. Often people, seeking to apply for treatment
natural remedies are tricked by
manufacturers. For example, in pharmacy chains today are offered
various options means called Super Cleaner, which is not
является экстрактом лекарственного plants. And wart removal
Superpurelty is essentially an acid burn.
or alkali.

Если ATы приобретаете в аптеке прозрачную жидкость под названием
Super Clean Spin – know that this is not celandine extract!
Состав этого средства: натрия и калия гидроокись и
(цена 20-30 руб).

These drugs have no relation to the medicinal herb and
use them very carefully (can not handle
warts on the face, décolleté, neck, genitals) because they
могут разъедать skin и вызывать ожоги, однако по отзывам многих,
who used it is a very effective tool. But under
The name of the mountain celandine offers a natural extract
It has a dark brown color, and has less effect,
rather than strong alkaline solutions.

Manufacturers of Super Cleaner use the name grass for –
щелочного раствора.

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How to remove a wart with a celandine by chemical treatment?
Since these are very strong chemicals, use them
follow the instructions, before applying the solution must
обработать skin вокруг папилломы или бородавки любым жирным кремом,
in order to avoid burns.

  • Instructions for use Super celandine to get rid of

You must first steam the wart before processing
or just soak, then apply with a special applicator
the minimum amount of fluid trying to get only on
neoplasm before occurrence burning sensations. AT течении 15
minutes do not make any movements with the treated area, unless
the place did not darken and there was no burning, repeat the application of the solution,
until education changes color. Then rinse the place
water treatment.

After 2-3 days, skin peeling should occur in the area
treatment, and by 5-10 days cleansing of the skin from the wart. Если procedure
did not bring effect with a large amount of education or not successful
processing, the procedure should be repeated 1-2 times to obtain
effect. Handle the solution very carefully when
случайном попадании жидкости на skin или слизистые, следует
immediately flush the damaged area for 10-15 minutes

Mountain celandine Mountain celandine

Состав: свежий натуральный сок чистотела,
kakalia is spear-shaped, rhododendron is golden, gentian.
Действие:  Besides того, что препарат разлагает
клетки warts, папиллом, он обладает противовирусным действием
in relation to the pathogen. Показания:  Для
коррекции косметических дефектов кожи, удаления warts, сухих
corns and papillomas. Использование: AT инструкции к
The following method is indicated for celandine use:
warts — аккуратно с помощью спички ил палочки, кончик которой
less wart, applied solution on papilloma or wart.
If there is a skin defect on the body, then wait 10-12 minutes, if it is on the neck or
The face is 7-10 minutes, and so 1 r / day for 2-3 days. Before the procedure
warm the wart well and remove as much as possible
ороговевшую skin. For dry callus or papilloma procedure
should be 2 p / day 2-10 days in a row. Special
Mountain celandine достаточно эффективен, но
in contact with mucous membranes and eyes is very dangerous, with
the procedure should be extremely careful. Also he
has a pungent smell.

Price: in pharmacies from 50-100 rubles.

Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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