External hemorrhoids – treatment, ointment, suppositories, creams,folk remedies

Update: November 2018

Hemorrhoids – a disease that occurs when a violation
кровообращения в венах  заднего прохода, для которого
characterized by the formation of the expansion of veins and nodes. With progression
diseases of these nodes become inflamed and fall either into the anus or
into the intestinal lumen. For hemorrhoids, characteristic symptoms are
pain in the anus and blood discharge during stool.

Doctors classify this disease, dividing it into three forms
development: internal (see internal hemorrhoids – symptoms, treatment),
combined and external hemorrhoids. Treatment and diagnosis of any
its forms should be timely, quick in order to avoid
exacerbations and complications. When a person has an inner
hemorrhoids, its symptoms in most cases are not pronounced,
only occasionally pain or slight discharge

Due to the delicacy of the problem, rare patients are immediately treated.
for consultation and diagnosis to the proctologist, but when
painful symptoms build up and external hemorrhoids occur,
treatment is urgent, urgent and the disease is already
considered to be running.

Symptoms of external hemorrhoids

In remission, when there is no exacerbation of inflammatory
process, patients usually have almost no complaints, but during
The recurrence of a person’s disease is the following symptoms:

  • Blood after emptying feces or toilet paper. With
    small size of the nodes of external hemorrhoids it happens not often,
    however, when the nodes become larger, fecal masses
    травмируют кожу и при дефекации возможно появление blood. Also
    frequent companion of hemorrhoids are anal fissures,
    bleeding which occurs much more frequently.
  • In the anus area there is often a feeling of discomfort,
    severity and itching, irritation. Read more about the causes of itching in the back.
    Pass in our article.
  • With рецидиве, обострении, когда геморроидальные узлы
    become inflamed, pain occurs during bowel movement and after some
    time after that.
  • The patient himself can feel with his hands small bumps that
    located near the anus, they can be different and
    quantity and size.

Treatment of external hemorrhoids with pills

Among oral medications for the treatment of external
Hemorrhoids are the most popular the following drugs:

  • Ginkor Fort – tablets for the treatment of acute external hemorrhoids,
    They are used at any form and stage of the disease, since this
    the drug has a capillary protective effect, improves
    microcirculation in the rectum, is venotonic
    means. With острой стадии воспалительного процесса облегчает
    symptoms, prevents the formation of new hemorrhoids,
    strengthens blood vessels.
  • Detraleks (similar to Venarus, Venodiol is cheaper) – is used for
    symptomatic treatment of external hemorrhoids. This remedy also
    possesses venotonic and venoprotective properties. A drug
    reduces venous congestion and distensibility of veins, increases
    capillary resistance.
  • Antrasennin – a laxative herbal
    origin, which is used for constipation, frequent satellites
    external hemorrhoids. Laxative treatment should be
    very careful, because with their long use,
    natural bowel motility changes, the body gets used
    to the action of any means in the future constipation will be more frequent
    and permanent.
  • Litovit B is a dietary supplement that is recommended to be used as
    additional source of essential oils, vitamin C,
  • Askleyan A is also a dietary supplement of plant origin,
    contributing to the normalization of capillary circulation.
  • Пайлекс —  эти таблетки при наружном геморрое оказывают
    antiedematous, wound healing, antioxidant, venotonic,
    antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action. it
    multicomponent herbal remedy, reduces venous stasis,
    hyperemia, swelling and other symptoms of the inflammatory process
    in both chronic and acute hemorrhoids in the stage

Treatment of thrombosed external hemorrhoids with ointments, suppositories

With лечении геморроя использовать любые фармакологические
funds should only be prescribed by a doctor, they should only be
supplement to a rational, proper diet and healthy way
of life. Use candles and ointments should be short courses, not
more than 10 days, then you need to take a break (see ointment from
hemorrhoids). Especially careful to be hormonal
ointments and candles, their uncontrolled use entails
long-term negative health effects.

  • Proctosedil Proctosedil

Ointment for the treatment of external hemorrhoids, internal,
combined, which consists of a glucocorticosteroid,
antibiotic, sodium salt of heparin, so this drug has
pronounced anesthetic, antithrombotic,
anti-inflammatory, antibacterial action.

  • Posterized ointment and candles Постеризан

This is a combined drug, which enteric intestinal
a wand that boosts local immunity increases
resistance of the skin around the anus and rectal mucosa to
pathogenic microflora. These candles and ointments stimulate cellular
immunity, its lymphocytic system, enhancing phagocytic
leukocyte activity and also increases the tone and permeability
blood vessels, restores the regeneration of damaged

  • Relief Advance, Relief Ultra  

The most popular and effective candles and ointments from the outside
hemorrhoids. Included in these local medicines
Shark liver oil comes in which has local
wound healing, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effect.
Also в составе присутствует Фенилэфрина гидрохлорид, обладающий
local vasoconstrictor action, which reduces itching and swelling
tissue with hemorrhoids.

  • Hepatrombin G Гепатромбин

Treatment of external hemorrhoids with ointments and gels Gepatrombin is considered
very effective because this combination drug consists
from heparin, allantoin and dexpanthenol. Heparin is known and widely
the used precursor to thrombus formation is also
decongestant that improves local blood flow in a straight line
the gut. Allantoin has anti-inflammatory effects, improves
cell proliferation, stimulates metabolic processes in tissues.
Dexpanthenol promotes tissue epithelialization and improves absorption.

  • Aurobin Aurobin

Для лечения наружного геморроя мазь Aurobin следует использовать
only as prescribed by a doctor, since hormonal
remedy – prednisone. Also в качестве обезболивающего компонента
Lidocaine is included, which quickly relieves burning, pain,
Dexpanthenol, which quickly heals the affected tissues and
Triclosan, which has a pronounced antimicrobial action,
destroying both microbes and fungi.

  • Methyluracil Methyluracil

it стимулятор репарации тканей, поэтому эти свечи иногда
prescribed with a combination of external hemorrhoids and fissures in the posterior
in order to speed their healing, as well as
anti-inflammatory, hemopoietic, immunostimulating

  • Heparin ointment Heparinовая

Used for thrombosis of hemorrhoidal veins. With остром
hemorrhoids of this ointment lubricate the coarse calico and impose on
hemorrhoids or injected like a swab into the rectum. Heparin
gradually has an antithrombotic effect and reduces
inflammatory process. Part of the benzyl ether
nicotinic acid helps to absorb heparin because
expands the superficial vessels, and has an analgesic effect
part of anesthesin.

  • Anuzole Anuzole

Candles with zinc sulfate, extract of belladonna and bismuth leaves
bismuth oxide and tribromophenolate. It has analgesic,
противовоспалительным действием,  антисептическим,
drying effect. Used when anus cracks and

The choice of drugs depending on the main symptom

  • If the main problem at the moment is pain in the node, then
    You can choose candles with lidocaine, anesthesin, such as Emla,
    Relief Advance.
  • With не осложненном геморрое можно использовать антикоагулянты,
    such as nigepan or heparin ointment.
  • When hemorrhoids are complicated by inflammation, the doctor may
    appoint NSAIDs – Diclofenac, Pyroxekam, Ibuprofen (see the list of all
    NPVS pain ointment and pain shots)
  • If the surrounding skin joins the inflammatory process,
    then designate mafenida acetate ointment, Levomekol
    (Dioxomethyl tetrahydropyrimidine and chloramphenicol).
  • With кровотечениях следует использовать комбинированные
    drugs that include venotonic,
    anti-inflammatory, vasoconstrictor, painkillers –
    Prokto-glevenol, Relief, and also styptic means,
    hemostatics – Adrokson.

Fight against constipation with hemorrhoids – diet

Weight lifting, long straining, sedentary lifestyle,
постоянные запоры — прямой путь к развитию hemorrhoids. One of
The main methods of preventing relapse is to prevent
constipation. You can never tolerate and delay the chair at the first
urging should immediately empty the intestines.

Keeping a healthy diet for hemorrhoids is a guarantee of absence
constipation and prolonged disease remission. Include in your
daily ration maximum amount of those vegetables, products
who are weak:

  • Фрукты — чернослив, курагу или свежие
    apricots, apples, peaches, tangerines, figs
  • Хлеб — цельные злаки и зерна в хлебных
    black bread
  • Овощи — свеклу, тыкву, кабачок, брокколи,
  • Соки — сливовый, абрикосовый сок, все овощные
    juices with pulp
  • Вино — только белое

Use in limited quantities or completely eliminate
products that attach specifically to your intestines, because each
the body is individual and someone, for example, beets or pear
weak, while others cause constipation. Therefore, below we give
An exemplary list of foods that most often cause constipation:

  • Мясные и молочные продукты
    boiled lean meat, strong meat broth, raw eggs, protein
    boiled eggs, hard-boiled, cottage cheese
  • Крупы — манка, рисовый отвар, rice
  • Макаронные изделия из твёрдых пшеничных
  • Фрукты — айва, гранат, груши неспелые и
    dried, persimmon, dried blueberries, mountain ash, black currants, raisins and
    grapes, all astringent fruits
  • Овощи — картофельное пюре, баклажаны,
  • Хлеб — галетные печенья, белый хлеб, сухари,
  • Сладости — ирис, шоколад, шоколадные
  • Отвары растений — аптечная ромашка, кора дуба,
    mint, cherry fruit
  • Желатин, крахмал — то есть желе, холодец,
  • Напитки — крепкий черный кофе и чай, компот из
    dried fruits

Treatment of external hemorrhoids folk remedies

  • Filling magnesium deficiency. With недостатке этого микроэлемента
    convulsions appear, hemorrhoids appear, bruises on
    tele. You can compensate for its deficiency by using the following
    products: nuts, tomatoes, green leaves of vegetables, chicory, olives,
    parsley, pumpkin, plum, oats, rye bread, bran, raw egg
    yolk, potatoes.
  • Восполнение дефицита витамина К, поскольку
    также недостаток этого витамина сказывается на развитии hemorrhoids.
    Vitamin K is synthesized in the intestine itself, so if a person has
    persistent constipation, therefore, this vitamin is not produced in
    volume and should be filled with products in which it
    enough: all plants are green, as well as soybean oil,
    cabbage, liver, spinach, walnuts, tomatoes.
  • Replenishing vitamin C and B deficiencies. These vitamins are not
    accumulate in the body, so they are most often always in
    the body is in short supply. Старайтесь  кушать как можно больше
    the following products: raw fruits and vegetables, potatoes, berries,
    cabbage, green onions, sorrel, tomatoes, sweet peppers, strawberries,
    black currant, all citrus, kiwi.
  • Восполнение дефицита витамина Р. itт витамин также при
    недостатке влияет на развитие hemorrhoids. Sources of vitamin P:
    wild rose, buckwheat, green tea, black currant, oranges,
  • Облепиховое масло —  One of эффективных методов лечения
    external hemorrhoids folk remedies, according to many
    Patients are sea buckthorn oil tampons. it можно
    produce by applying a cotton pad moistened in oil to
    anus or inserting completely into the rectum at night.
    Also можно использовать готовые аптечные свечи с облепиховым
  • Potato Candles – Peeled Potatoes, Cut
    suppository, with a diameter of 7-10 mm, 4-5 cm long, the edges of the candle
    round out. Insert these candles should be on all night for
    10 days. With наружном геморрое лечение картофелем можно производить
    and in the form of lotions from potato juice, for this you can also
    wet the cotton pad in the juice and apply to hemorrhoids
    for 20 minutes.
  • Read more about how to treat hemorrhoids at home
    read in our article.

Also весьма полезна при наружном геморрое гимнастика сфинктера,
it should be done every day, it’s just 3 not difficult

  • The exercise is done supine, squeeze the buttocks, counting
    slowly to 5, with the maximum direct
    the gut. Also следует расслабится на счете до 5. Повторы упражнения
    15 times.
  • Lie on your stomach, put your hands under your chin – alternately
    raise one straight leg, 10 times left, 10 times right.
  • Lie on the right side, bend the right arm at the elbow under the head,
    while the left arm is also bent, but in front of the chest, the right leg
    bend too. On 4 counts, lift the left leg and bend at the knee,
    straighten, retracted, then lower. Similar exercise
    do on the left side 10 times.

If you suffer from this ailment, and know of any effective
means and methods of treatment of external hemorrhoids, your review will be
interesting to our readers, you can leave it in

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