Expert answers to 5 interesting questionsfuture mom

Nine months, until you expect your baby to be born,
filled with thrill, joy, planning and excitement. Your body
changing, emotions become aggravated, and even if it is not your first
pregnancy – you still worry: read articles, forums and
social networks to better prepare.

Recently, the publishing house “Mann, Ivanov and Ferber” came out useful
parenting book “I will be a mother.” It is written by sisters Marina.
Vogl and Dr. Chiara Hunt, founders of preparation courses for
Maternity Bump Class in London. Their goal was not so much practical and
to technically prepare young parents for the birth of a baby, how many
help them to fully experience the joy and happiness of the waiting period,
instill in them calm and confidence. Especially for mummies from
Russian book supplemented with useful information from domestic
experts: tips and advice given by physiotherapists, obstetricians,
anesthetists, breastfeeding specialists and pediatricians.
We answer 5 interesting questions for future mothers, based on
information from the book.

How much should I score during pregnancy?

On average, weight during pregnancy increases by 13.8 kg.
Approximate weight gain for trimesters: 1st trimester – 3 kg; 2nd
trimester – 6.5 kg; 3rd trimester – 4.5 kg (more on the seventh-eighth
months and less at last).

For each woman, the indicator of weight gain is individual, except
Moreover, changes in body weight occur every week. Women with
initially gaining more weight; women with excess
weight – less. Tall women usually gain more weight than
low. In women who have large breast volume,
usually with this increases and body weight. Average woman with
a normal weight should expect its weight gain during
pregnancy will be from 11 to 16 kg.

With a healthy diet you do not need to “eat for two.” AT
the average you need is only 100 kilocalories a day more.
Eat if you are hungry, but let it be healthy food. Not worth it
consider pregnancy an excuse to pounce on “harmful”
products, or generally eat more than your body requires and
child, most women later regret this.

Do you play sports during pregnancy? As far as
should be intense exercise?

ATыносливость и сила пригодятся вам не только во время родов: на
the last months of pregnancy, when you gain weight, you
undoubtedly need extra strength. A load of care
the newborn will compete with any sports

Future moms often put sports at the bottom
endless to-do list, but sports should be in
priority: a healthy, strong mother, able to cope with
the physical burden of motherhood will be able to take better care of

Exercise intensity during pregnancy depends on
your physical form before it. As a rule, at the very beginning you should
perform up to 80% of the workload you were up to
pregnancy and then adjust it. ATсегда доверяйте интуиции:
if while doing some exercises you feel pain,
switch to something else. AT среднем частота сердцебиения
when playing sports should not exceed 140 beats per minute. Or
be guided like this: exercise should be in such a rhythm
without any problems to keep up the conversation with another
by man.



  • Contact sports.
  • ATидов спорта с высоким риском падения — например, лыжного
    sports, riding, cycling.
  • Scuba diving.
  • ATидов спорта с большой нагрузкой, если вы не занимались ими
    before, for example running.
  • Exercises for which you need to lie on your back (after
    16th week of pregnancy).

Please note that from about the 8th week of pregnancy in
Your body begins to produce the hormone relaxin, due to
which muscles, joints and ligaments become softer, that
allows the body to adapt to the growing fetus. It boosts
risk of injury so don’t overdo it on

What shoes should be worn during pregnancy?

AT идеальном мире все беременные сразу же отказываются от высоких
heels and go for safe and comfortable shoes. But in real
life, we do not always tend to the most reasonable option, sometimes
because you want to look beautiful, short or yours

If you prefer to walk in heels, for example at work,
buy low-heeled shoes. Heel should be as much as possible
sustainable – instead of a stud on the strap, select shoes on the platform,
with thicker heels or wedges. Putting on high shoes
heels, have a spare pair of shoes with you. Slender ballet flats are not
the most ideal option during pregnancy, as they are not
provide enough support for the legs. But, most likely,
you won’t be able to squeeze your favorite pair of sandals into a handbag,
so ballet flats are still better than nothing. Try not to
long walk to high heels and sit more. If you
have a long walk, it’s time to think about a comfortable
a pair of shoes. Wear sneakers and, if necessary, change them to
other shoes when you get to your destination.

How to get comfortable in bed?

When a woman’s tummy grows and weight increases, lie in
for a long time she becomes uncomfortable. If you go numb
limbs, try a soft mattress or a duvet
under the sheet. ATозможно, вам будет удобнее, если для живота и
enclosures will be additional support. Many women with
pleasure to use a special pillow for pregnant women, and
others put a duvet or pillow under the belly or back. AT
Ideally, a woman should get used to sleeping on her left side. According to
research, this situation is optimal for the future
mother, and for the child, but you can sleep on the right side.

How to cope with “useful” tips?

The more noticeable the pregnancy is by a stranger – the more advice
recommendations and opinions you hear from others. Often they will
contradictory, inaccurate and unsolicited. Identify one
a person whose opinion will be decisive for you – it may be
a teacher of courses for pregnant women, a good friend or a doctor – and
ignore the other advisers.

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